Chris Hernandez

Chris was born in El Paso Texas but moved to the wonderful state of Oregon when he was 12 years old. Even though he is back living in Texas, he still considers himself a Pacific Northwesterner (Real word). Not really liking the college route he decided to pursue a career in Film. He loves everything about film and can talk about movies for days. 

He became interested in podcasting ever since he heard Smodcast hosted by Kevin Smith & Scott Mosier. A friend of his was also interested in starting a podcast and so they did. Chris then decided to go off and start his own show, Casting for Two was born. Other than that, his hobbies include playing video games, being a semi-professional yarn mandala maker, and long walks on the beach.

You can contact Chris on Twitter either @MrCmh (Personal) or @Castingfortwo (Podcast)!