Secret Stage Top Fives: Halloween Costumes

It's that time of year again, and you'll be sure to see people in clever costumes throughout the rest of the week. Halloween can bring out the some of the most creative people crafting unique and interesting outfits to celebrate the occasion. Most of us here at Secret Stage are a big fan of Halloween, and here are our picks for our favorite Halloween costumes:


5. A Giant Capital A - "There seems to be a bit of Lore between one of my sisters and her friends, that has since been passed on to mine as well. You would hear a very loud "AYYYYYYYYYY" every so often, and it encourages everyone to them raise their drink in the air and join followed by taking a drink. One year a friend of ours came to one of my sister's parties dressed as a capital A."

4. Great Saiyaman - "One year I decided to get creative and throw together a costume of this geeky Dragonball Z icon."

3. Mrs. Doubtfire - "There's a bar here in Rochester Hills that hosts a Halloween party thrown by a tattoo shop I used to spend a lot of time at, and you would see a lot of great costumes, but one that stuck out was a good friend of mine who did a PERFECT Mrs. Doubtfire. He even had the voice down. He deserves the highest of all fives."

2. Transformer - "There was a kid I went to high school with who cut up a cardboard box and made himself a Transformer. So when he kneeled down on the ground, he could turn back into a car."

1. Spider-Man - "Last year (and maybe still) I went through a phase where I wanted to buy the most realistic Spider-Man suit possible and ended up with two. I've had quite the obsession with wearing it anytime I could. I've done photo shoots in it with my car, I've gone skateboarding in it, I've even worn it to places indoors where kids can trick-or-treat in a safer environment and they really think I'm Spider-Man. It's by-far the coolest feeling ever."


5. Vampire – “This is only on here because I went as a vampire a bunch of times as a kid.”

4. Jason – “Again, it was easy to just throw on a hockey mask and some tattered clothes, so I went as Jason a few times.”

3. Clever Couple Costumes – “I’m terrible at coming up with ideas, so it’s nice when my girlfriend has an idea for a couple costume so I can just tag along.”

2. Old Man – “One year I went as an old man and tried to stay in character all night. It was nice to be able to walk at my own pace, not be pressured to engage in conversation, and pretty much be able to do whatever I wanted.

1. Puns – “I love/hate stupid puns. When they’re visual and it takes that extra step to get the joke, they’re even better.”


5. All Out Cosplay - "I don't have the skill to make a costume like a Hunter from Destiny, and buying one would be cheating, but I am always impressed with the quality of cosplay costumes I see people wearing at cons."

4. Knight - "Way before I was born, my uncle told my grandpa that he wanted to be a knight for Halloween. So he made him a chest plate, helmet, sword, and shield, all out of bondo, except the sward, that's aluminum. The chest plate and shield had a lion and the letter "V" for his name Victor. Unfortunatelly the shield was loaned to a friend and never returned so I had to make my own out of wood, but it was still pretty cool."

3. Army Man - "I've done this more times than I can remember. As a kid I would put on all my camouflage army surplus clothes (I had a lot) and grab a toy gun and go get some candy. Over the years it got more and more complex with the addition of helmets, gas masks, and ammo pouches, until eventually I made my costume in my number 2 spot."

2. Killzone Helghast - "For this costume I took the gas mask I already had and added some tubes and colored the eye glass orange to make it look a bit like the Helghast masks. I also bought a FAMAS airsoft gun, taped on a painted paper towel roll to look like the under barrel shotgun, and printed out a strip of paper to glue to a pop can to make it look like the helix style magazine the Helghast rifle uses. All in all it looked pretty cool and I was proud of my costume that year.

1. Fallout Wasteland Wanderer - "If I was still young enough to trick or treat this would be my costume this year. But like I've done in the past, I waited too long to order stuff. The Vault 111 hoodie I bought still hasn't shipped as of writing this, and the pip boy edition Fallout 4 doesn't get to me until the day the game launches, so I would end up looking like just another army man again."


5. Pretty Much any Pregnancy Costume - "I just enjoy the idea of taking advantage of your situation. They are very often in good humor, or just creative like the alien busting out of the pregnant stomach."

4. Zombie Lumberjack - "This one is a classic for me. I've been too lazy to go get a costume or really make one, so I'm like, "hey, I have tons of flannels, beanies, and a pair of boots." So it's pretty much my favorite fall back."

3. Spartan Costume Made From PBR Cardboard Containers - "My cousin made this one year, fully equipped with half a six pack holder on the belt loop. It was one of the more creative and iconic ones I've personally seen and been impressed with."

2. Teams From Legends of the Hidden Temple - "First, this was my favorite game show on tv as a kid. Plus it's perfect for a single, couple, or group costume. Oh, nostalgia."

1. Skeleton - "So last year, and the last time I'll shave my beard down to the skin, I had a someone do the new crazy of painting my whole face up like a skeleton. I was very happy with the turn out. I love how creative it can be, how it's almost like an illusion."


5. Kimberly Hart/Pink Ranger (Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers) - "I wanted to change my name to Kimberly I loved her so much as a kid. There is one photo that remains in my Dad's house to this day of me as the Pink Ranger and every time I see it, I smile. I was a cool kid."

4. Diane Nguyen (Bojack Horseman) - "This is lower on my list because I haven't actually put this together yet. But I had the idea for this year's costume and I'm insanely pumped to wear it to some sort of party."

3. Buttercup (The Powerpuff Girls) - "Now I'll admit. My friends and I lacked a Bubbles which was unfortunate, but I did have a HIM and a Blossom to accompany my badass Buttercup. We bought t-shirts, cut them up, and resewed them into their signature dresses. Then I added combat boots and a leather jacket since Buttercup was tough as shit. Blossom had a big ole bow and HIM wore a red dress, feather boa and we drew on a soul patch. It was hilarious and awesome."

2. Dark Forest Fairy - "This one is pretty generic because I just threw it together at the last minute last year. But all things considered, I think I nailed it! My makeup was really dark and over the top, I bought some fabric and black leaves/vines from a craft store to make my dress a bit more woodsy and then threw on a pair of wings. Simple, but well executed."

1. Joey Jordison (Slipknot) - "This was the first instance where I really took the time to make my own costume. I painted my own mask, found a jacket at a thrift shop, used a stick holder for the sticks etc. I also used it to win a contest with Roadrunner Records for a bunch of free cd's and stuff so, it was well received. Side note: Jordan was Chris Fehn with me that year, but APPARENTLY he isn't as proud."


5. Jay and Silent Bob - "This costume hasn't happened yet but another favorite is I guess the costume idea of me and my boss being jay and silent bob. I look A LOT like jay with my hair behind my ears and a beanie on and Ross looks extremely similar to silent bob. I think it'd be a real funny costume."

4. Dragon - "Another costume that I really loved was another one of my little brother's. My grandma found this chubby dragon costume that was covered in shiny scales and had a giant tail. That was another one he wore a lot. It was cute."

3. Dog - "My little brother got this dog costume when he was really really small and he wore it 24/7. It was the cutest thing (maybe a video to come)."

2. Chinchilla - "In fourth grade, I was a chinchilla for Halloween and I thought it was pretty awesome. I was the only one in my school that was a chinchilla and everyone asked. In a kind of lame way, I felt cool because everyone wanted to know about costume."

1. Elvis - "My favorite costume. I was Elvis for Halloween in 2nd grade. My mom made my costume and it was the coolest costumes ever. Covered in sparkley stuff and I had the wig and glasses. Everyone thought I was a boy because my costume was so good."


5. Axl Rose - "Last year, I was Axl Rose, complete with short shorts, a leather jacket, and the bandana. I certainly got a lot of looks that night."

4. Cowboy Riding a Bull - "This was a great one. I just up my top half as a cowboy, and carried around this inflatable bull that was powered by this little air pump. It wasn't exactly easy to move around, but it was worth the laughs."

3. Jedi - "A staple of my childhood costumes. I'd get the robes, the cloak, and it gae me plenty of excuse to swing a lightsaber around."

2. Ed McMahon - "One of my more creative ideas as a kid, I threw together a suit and balding cap, drew up a giant Publisher's Clearing House check, and took to the streets to trick-or-treat."

1. Michael Jackson - "My all-time favorite would be my Michael Jackson costume, based around his later career. I carefully pieced together the fedora, the white socks, and the sparkling glove, but what really sold it was the mannerisms. I spent weeks practicing dance for that damn costume."