Secret Stage Top Fives: Musical Genres

Music, as Chris Kevin likes to point out, is ever present in our daily lives. As an art form, music can go in a multitude of different directions, and occasionally some new ones. And like anything else, wars could be waged over what musical genre is tops. At Secret Stage, we all have very different opinions on what sounds good, and here are our favorites:


HM. Easy Listening? - "I'm not sure what the exact genre would be, but music from the 20's-early 60's. There's something raw and relaxing about this style. The meld of jazz and classical elements shaped the music scene as it is today and I'm thankful for that."

5. Country - "I grew up with country so there is no substitute for some twangy vocals and a bluesy guitar rhythm. I'm not a fan of the modern pop-country mix, but 90's & 00's country is great not to mention classics like Johnny Cash, Hank Williams, Willie Nelson, Loretta Lynn, Dolly Parton etc."

4. Pop - "I think it's pretty difficult to go through life without having a basic knowledge of popular music since most artists in this genre are considered celebrities, but I also like a good catchy rhythm. This genre has pumping out catchy shit down to a science so I'll find a few artists I like from time to time. However, this genre ruins a lot of what music should be about, which is actual talent and feeling, so I try to stay away from it most of the time."

3. Alt/Indie - "I listen to a LOT of alternative/indie bands. It's perfect for when I want to just chill and rock/metal might be a bit too aggressive. I also really like acoustic stuff and chill EDM which is kind of in this category. So the diversity of sound is great!"

2. Rock - "This is the genre that inspired everything I live for. I started by jacking my mom's classic rock CD's, then getting into 80's metal and 90's grunge through my brothers, then finding other subgenres on my own until eventually, I came to work in rock radio. I can't imagine my life without this genre of music. It also inspired my favorite genre (see #1)."

1. Metal - "I can honestly say I wouldn't be where I am today, let alone alive, without this genre. Being at a metal show feels like home to me and it inspired me to follow my love of music for a career. Metal is a way of life more than it is a genre of music and if you ask any true metalhead that, they'll agree. There are so many different types for different moods... prog, death, hardcore, classic, black, metalcore... It is the best. Hands down, no contest."


5. Romantic Era German and French Art Music – “Anything played by an orchestra is widely referred to as ‘classical’ music, but some music in this category (and ‘jazz’, for that matter) differs as much as a heavy metal song and an accordion polka. I specifically enjoy Chopin, Beethoven, Brahms, and a lot of German art song composers, such as Schubert and Schumann.”

4. Electronic Dance Music – “This is a new genre, and already artists are pushing the boundary of “what is music?” It’s been happening since music has been around, and it’s what makes for an evolving art.”

3. Motown – “Being from the Detroit area, it’s hard to get away from Motown music. While it was a historically significant time for the business of music, it also brought to the spotlight many amazing, skilled musicians.”

2. Rap – “There are a lot of rap artists who are continually finding new ways to send a message, but in doing so find new ways to structure their music. Whether this is a new rhyme scheme, a new way of blending lyrics and rhythm, or something bigger, artists in the rap genre are pushing boundaries of what music can be.”

1. Rock – “I grew up listening to all different kinds of rock music; styles, complexity, and philosophies range in this vast category, but I’ve always connected with music that is innovative and questions the status quo, really making you think about what is normal and why things are the way they are (and if they should be this way), which artists in the rock genre continue to do. There’s also a connotation with rock music that you play music for music’s sake, and those who like what you do jump on board, and those who don’t, who cares?”


5. Alternative Rock - "I think this is a very good broad genre that hits a wide audience. That's part of why I like it, cause I find it very relatable. Also I had La Dispute in mind when picking this, which isn't your usual alternative rock band."

4. Blues Rock/Folk - this has really been on my radar lately. I was pretty into The Head and The Heart, and Mumford and Sons. I find it very calming, and just kind of chill relaxation music. But a song I've listened to probably 10 times in the last week, is A Ball and A Biscuit by The White Stripes. Any time I hear that like old fashion, bluesy folk sound, I'm instantly into it. 

3. EDM/ Techno/ Hardcore - "Sorry, I know this is multiple, but it's something that has too many sub genres for me to narrow down. But this music for me is very high energy, hype music. Very into Issues, or Ive recently been turned into Die Antwoord. I find it to be good snowboard jams, or just good getting crazy music."

2. Country - "Sadly, most of who I seem to talk to, disagrees with this genre as a whole. I like it, cause it is pretty diverse, more than people give it credit.  For me, it's great summer music, or party music, or just relaxing and hanging out music, or sad music on those days where nothing is going right. I find it very relatable, and I like how it can span from types like Conway Twitty, to Johnny Cash, to this new school stuff like Luke Bryan."

1. Funk Metal - "I chose this solely on the reason that my favorite band of all time falls in this genre, Incubus. Like most bands they have them at one out there album, but everything else is just good jams to me. No matter what type of day I'm having, I'm in a good mood when they play, and I've seen them 3 times, and who's to say how many more."


5. Classical - "I don't think anyone really needs a reason to like classical music. I like most all of it, but Bach's Fugue prices on organ are some of my favorites."

4. Heavy House - "I don't listen to it much any more, but for a while there was an hour long podcast by UKF that I would listen to all the time."

3. Classic Rock - "It's no secret the my two favorite music groups are Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd. There really don't need to be any explanation to that. I liked them since the first time I heard them as a kid."

2. Older Dubstep - "I can't describe what makes a song fit into a genre when it comes to electronic music nowadays. But back when Dubstep was relatively new I really liked artists like Flux Pavilion, Bassnectar, Dr P, and my personal favorite, Eptic. But now whenever I listen to a new song on the UKF channel, I never listen to it all the way through because I don't like it, and I couldn't even tell you why."

1. Chill Trap/Future Bass - "I'll be honest, the only reason I know what to call this is because it is a Playlist on the Trap and Bass youtube chanel. A couple years ago trap and bass would have been my number one, but when you really think about it most of those songs are just rap songs without the rap, and that gets repetitive. But the songs that I like always have a good melody, usually carried by the bass line, and are really catchy. Not just a single bass note and a drum machine I'm the background."


5. Electronic - "I love good bass lines or something catchy when I'm driving around, because of the system in my car. It's also having something fast pace for work."

4. Folk - "Something about singing in harmony just really pulls me into certain music and I find this a lot with folkier types of music. Simple guitar and a nice voice."

3. Orchestra/Classical - "This is something I like to listen to later at night."

2. Blues Rock - "Bands like The White Stripes or The Black Keys that have the bluesy feel."

1. Metal - "To clarify, bands like Volumes and Meshuggah. On the other side of the spectrum, my two other favorites are bands like Pantera and early Metallica."


5. Indie Pop - "Indie pop is one that gives me the energetic dance feels. It's like super happy music and fun music. Indie Pop Dance Party is probably one of the best stations on pandora, just so that everyone knows."

4. Electronic - "On my list for one specific group; Die Antwoord. Whenever I listen to them, I feel like I have so much energy and it makes me want to dance all over the place."

3. Indie Rock - "There are quite a few bands that I listen to often that are indie rock. Another one of those that you can just kind of groove to I guess."

2. Swing - "Jazzy swing is another one I like a lot. It's also a lot of fun to play on the upright. Its very calming music and I like that."

1. Rockabilly - "Rockabilly is tip top fav. It makes me want to learn how to swing dance and wear pin up dresses. I used to play upright bass and that was the most fun music to play."


5. Dubstep - "I realize that Dubstep is a part of EDM but I wanted to throw this in because this was a pretty big part of my life. I really got into Dubstep and it allowed to to have some great summers and meet some awesome people! I know some people don't have a taste for it, but I think Nick can agree that it is a great musical choice!"

4. Death Metal - "A lot like metal it is nostalgic for me. Taking me back to shenanigans with the crew and just driving with Zach and blasting music!"

3. Classic Rock - "The whole time I was growing up, my parents would play classic rock. From bands like Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd, to bands like Queen and Bad Company. Listening to this brings me back to a much simpler time in life."

2. Metal - "This genre is almost nostalgic for me. I remember when Zach, Jordan and I would rock out to our favorite metal bands and just have fun!"

1. EDM (Electric Dance Music) - This has to be my favorite kind of music. There are a lot of genres of music that pump me up but none of them can also calm me down at the same time. It's strange; I can put it on to pre-game for a party or to fall asleep to. It's also one of the best concerts I have ever been to."


5. Bluegrass - "There's something about watching a group go nuts on a banjo and a double bass. There isn't a single other style of music I'd like to be able to play more. My favorite is when you get a wee bit of the Irish sound in there. So crisp."

4. Thrash Metal - "Don't get me wrong, I love metal. There are some standout bands I love that don't fit into Thrash (see Black Sabbath), but generally that's my go-to. Masterful downstrokes on the guitars, furious solos, and beating the hell out the bass drum is what I want to hear."

3. Hard Rock - "Just as Keenan heard the classics growing up, my mom had a very distinct taste in rock music that was passed down to me. AC/DC, Aerosmith, and Van Halen often filled the halls, and as I got a little bit older I graduated to Queen, Deep Purple, and Led Zeppelin."

2. Grunge - "It would have been hard for me to avoid grunge as a West Coast kid. I didn't realize how weird it was that I was so familiar with that music until high school. But I love it, fuzz and all."

1. Pop Punk - "As the century turned, I hit adolescence. Naturally, I gravitated towards the rebellious music of the time, and that led me down a rabbit hole dug by the likes of Green Day, Blink 182, and others that I still find myself listening to every day. Rarely do I tolerate whiny vocals, but when coupled with a roller-coaster of guitar notes, a slick bassline and some overly-produced drums, I'm all about it. "