Secret Stage Top Fives: Binge-Watching TV (The Netflix and Chill List)

Winter is coming, and as we hit mid-November, we at Secret Stage are beginning to nestle into the warmth of our homes more and more as the seasons begin to shift. Few things sound better right now then cozying up on the couch in front of a roaring fire. Adding our favorite shows on Netflix, Hulu, and YouTube can certainly help us relax during the hectic shopping season. All of us here at Secret Stage have fond memories of binge-walking, and here are our favorites: 


HM. Pokémon - "How excited were you all when it was put on Netflix? You know we ALL binge-watched it."

5. Dexter - "Dexter was a desperate attempt to fill the void that my #1 this week left me. I felt the concept of the show was very interesting and the more you learn about Dexter the more you want to watch."

4. Dragon Ball Z - "As soon as this was available to me, I was on it. Owning DVDs or using the Internet. The reason I'm mentioning it is because I binge watch this show in its entirety once a year."

3. Orange Is The New Black - "Everyone talked about it for weeks, and I loved Laura and her character in That 70's Show. I heard she was in OITNB and that's all it took. Shortly there after, the show does a good job at helping you learn about each character, and then presents problems in which they have to deal with them and how that affects them, and it was always very gripping."

2. How I Met Your Mother  - "Marshall Eriksen and Barney Stinson. That could almost be my entire reason right there. It's hilarious from episode to episode, and I've gone through it twice now on Netflix."

1. Breaking Bad - "I can't even describe how pathetic I was with this show. Staying up nights at a time just to find out what was happening or what would happen next. It's a (in my opinion) perfect example of what suspense truly is. Each character has very interesting back stories, and their own problems to deal with. At the same time, there's 1 thing you're wondering the whole time; When will Hank find out his brother-in-law is Heisenberg? Excellent show!"


5. Orange Is The New Black - "I, like the rest of the world, always binge the latest season when it comes onto Netflix. It's just a great show and if you don't watch episodes back to back, you spend your day wondering what happens in the next episode because of the damn cliffhangers."

4. Once Upon A Time - " I've always been a fan of fairy tales and Disney, so when this show came on the air I fell in love. I then moved, stopped paying for cable and thus, stopped watching this show. They put the newest seasons up on Netflix not too long ago and I got through 2 seasons in about a week. It can be cheesy at times, but the creativity and costume/makeup is phenomenal."

3. Parks and Rec - "The cast, the different character plots and the connection you feel to the show after a few seasons is what made me binge this show in less than a month. I highly recommend doing the same if you like smart-dumb humor. Hopefully that makes sense."

2. South Park - "When every season found it's way to Netflix, I made it my mission to watch every single episode before they took it off. This show always does a great job of taking current events and turning them into a joke, so binge watching them was like reliving the oughts."

1. Rick and Morty - "I recently got into this show and with only two seasons, it was easy to fly through them. I love dark humor so when one episode ended, it wasn't enough for me. It's one of the only shows I've binge watched that had me doing that without cliffhangers but instead, simply because I loved the content and wanted more right away."


5. Supernatural - "I think for me it's because there is so much content over ten seasons. Also, I'm really into supernatural themed things, like monsters or super powers. Plus the humor is pretty darn good."

4. Game of Thrones - "Although I'm only a few seasons deep, this series is a must. I can binge on it because there is always something going on, especially with the layout, where they constantly switch between the kingdoms, and there is always action in at least one of those kingdoms. It's hard to stop watching. 

3. Breaking Bad - "I loved watching this multiple times, because you feel differently about the characters when you watch again. You see things you missed, and you continue to see the genius, and sometimes lack, of Walter White. You constantly think he is going to be caught and wonder how it is most likely the end."

2. The Voice - "The singing and the (probably staged) back stories get me. I like to watch these people pour the all into making their dreams work and come true. I, like most, pick my favorites, so it's easy to keep watching, cause you want to know if they make it to the end."

1. Bob's Burgers - "This takes the cake because one episode doesn't necessarily go with the next. It's always funny, and it's great when I don't have anything else to catch up on. This is something I can watch all of the time, and I hope they keep running and making new episodes."


5. Orange Is The New Black - "I wasn't really sure about this show when it first came to Netflix, but my friend said it was really funny and entertaining. I watched one episode and was already hooked. I think I watched the first season in like a day and a half."

4. Reno 911 - "My dad used to be a cop and said that Reno 911 had so many similarities to what it's actually like so I figured I'd check it out. I thought it was so funny that I spent my whole summer watching and rewatching episodes. It was a show that I tried making all my friends watch but they all thought it was stupid. So my sister and I just watched it by ourselves."

3.American Horror Story - "There were a few months that my sister and I basically lived in my parents basement. During that time we would try and watch movies and shows that would scare us so much. Don't really know why we wanted to scare ourselves that much but we did. We found American horror story on Netflix and ended up loving it. Her and I would only watch it at night but we'd stay up all night long."

2. The Office - "Me and all my siblings had a summer where none of us really went outside. It was when my dad first got Netflix on the Xbox 360. Just like Reno 911,(Which was the summer after this one) we spent all summer watching the office. We all gained a decent amount of weight because we would wake up, sit on the couch, and eat cheese puffs literally all day. It was pretty fun. More recently, Jordan and I have been rewatching the office. Not so much binge watching but we'll watch quite a few episodes a couple times a week."

1. How I Met Your Mother - "Jordan introduced me to this show. We started like have way through the series because he wanted me to see a specific episode and we just continued from there after that. We were a few episodes shy from finishing it before we started it from the beginning a few weeks ago. I didn't want to see the last episode before I saw the first one. So anyways that's the current show that we were binge watching but now kind of watching casually."


5. Louie - "I discovered Louie on Netflix sometime after the 3rd season of the show. I've always liked Louis C.K.'s comedy, and I gave the show a shot. Before I knew it, my brother and I were anxiously awaiting the 4th season. The show both rewards dropping into a random episode and noticing callbacks to previous events here and there."

4. Red vs. Blue - "Three times in my life, I've binge-watched all of the Red vs. Blue videos available at the time. I've essentially grown up with the webseries. In middle school, I was able to watch through the first 5 seasons and their crude humor. When the show came back, I was so busy with other things, but in the summer after high school, I caught back up through Season 9. Finally, I watched the first 12 seasons again in a long two-week span on Netflix. I'd absolutely recommend the newer seasons for those that might have dropped off early on."

3. Community - "I missed the glorious first two seasons of Community when they originally aired, but I was able to watch those first 49 episodes right in a row. Absolutely the way to watch that show. Much better than worrying if the show would return week to week."

2. Futurama - "Futurama is the most recent show I've watched on this list. Nearly episode was finely crafted with callback and smart humor a plenty. I'm glad the entire was in one convenient location to watch, as it's aired all over throughout the years." 

1. It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia - "For years, I was told to give Always Sunny a try. I foolishly didn't listen, but when I finally did, I had episode after episode to violently laugh at all in a row. I've watched through the series twice in the last two years, and I'm always waiting for more.


5. Durarara - "I had seen part of an episode a while ago on Adult Swim, but never looked too much into it. But when I saw that there was a second season on Netflix in addition to the first I figured I'd give it a watch. It actually pulled me away from Fallout 3 until I finished season two."

4. Samurai Champloo - "It was a while ago now, when I was still at school. But it was much the same as it was with Durarara: no video games were played until I had finished the series."

3. Sword Art Online - "This turned out to be a two part binge watch experience. I watched part one all at once and loved it. Then later on I saw a commercial on TV for some anime streaming service and I saw a clip of someone with a light sabre deflecting bullets in front of a girl folding a large rifle. I said to myself, that looks like my kind of show, and then I noticed in the corner it was labeled SAO II. It was on Netflix, and despite being in Japanese (I don't like subtitles, if I wanted to read anime, I'd by a Manga) I watched it all, and loved it."

2. Attack on Titan - "I don't remember where I first saw something about AoT, but for whatever it was I liked it enough to watch it all in Japanese. I really don't line having to cinstantly pause and rewind to see what they said because there were three lines of text on the screen for all of 5 seconds, but I watched it all in one go despite the rapid diolog throughout."

1. Eden of the East - "This was probably my most extensive binge watch. With a series and two movies some on netflix, some not, I watching them all in rapid succession, and then watching it all again with my family while on vacation. Totally worth it. I'll probably end up buying it all on Blu-ray some day."


5. Pokemon Indigo Series - "This show is super nostalgic for me! Growing up i would tune in every week, also I had a ton of cards and almost everyone of the games.
Still a series i watch and play to this day."

4. That 70's Show - "This show takes me back to my teenage years. Watching this with my sister, I always understood the adult references. This show has a great story
and can make you laugh. One that I love to watch start to finish"

3. American Dad - "This show is one of my favorite mainstream cartoons. I think the relationships between the characters make this show what it is. The comedy between
Roger and Steve is hilarious."

2. Rick and Morty - "Even though this show is new and only has 2 seasons, I have watched those 2 seasons probably 50 times! This is one of the best cartoons I have seen to date. The brilliant amount of adult humor, and the relationship between Rick and Morty make this show amazing! Plus, the space-time travel is awesome!"

1. Futurama - "This show is by far, hands down the BEST cartoon I can sit down and watch. I feel like it actually has a story to follow with character development and relationships building throughout the whole series. Bender is probably my favorite character. I unfortunately never got into this show until it was just about over."