Secret Stage Top Fives: Sweet Treats

Last week, Halloween descended upon us, and in its wake, treats have been littered everywhere you look. Sweets are a hard thing to get right; everybody wants one, but tastes differ greatly from person to person. Whether it's gummy, chocolatey, a big slice of pie, or a rich scoop of ice cream, there's something for everybody. With all of the fun-size candies floating around Secret Stage, we gauged our favorite sweet treats:


HM. Twizzlers - "Get out of here with your fucking Red Vines. That's not licorice. Twizzlers are a classic and when I want candy but don't want to feel super guilty about it, I go with these bad boys. If I'm feeling wild, I may get the pull apart strawberry ones. Those are the bomb."

5. Air Heads - "They're so cheap yet so delicious. Same goes for Laffy Taffy which is why I'm oh so casually shouting it out right now. But Air Heads are that one candy I can buy a bag of and have it last for months because a little goes a long way."

4. Ghirardelli Dark & Sea Salt Caramel Chocolate Squares - "Listen. I can be a classy bitch sometimes. Or at least a semi-classy bitch. In making this list, I thought of the candy I find myself buying on the regular and this is one of those things I toss in my cart at least once every few months. Try them and tell me it isn't blissful AF."

3. Twix - "As shown by my #4 pick, I love me some chocolate. Thus, I wanted to include my favorite "traditional" chocolate bar. I also love Reese's, Snickers and Kit-Kat... don't get me wrong. But I need to be in a certain mood for those where as Twix is always dope."

2. Swedish Fish - "I'm not typically a fan of fruit snacks or gummy bears or any gummy that isn't coated in sour shit (see #1). However, these have to contain some sort of addictive drug because I find myself buying them ALL THE TIME. They're also fish so I pretend they're swimming in my belly which is fun. I swear I'm an adult."

1. Sour Patch Kids - "First they're sour. Then they're sweet. Their slogan should be enough justification. I regularly pound a bag of these lil guys and then lick the bag clean of it's sugary sour goodness. I like to think of it as a tasty equivalent to drinking the blood of your enemies."


5. Sour Skittles - "As a kid we used to see how many of these you could fit into your mouth without spitting them out. My favorite part about these is eating the super sour dust at the bottom of the bag."

4. Sugar Daddy - "Honestly, caramel should be my favorite candy. What is better than caramel on a stick."

3. Caramello - "I always go with caramel. This has chocolate and caramel and is in a small bite size serving."

2. Now and Later - "This was one of my favorites as a child. I would always try and bite these rather than letting them get soft first. Never seemed to work out and actually ripper out one of my fillings."

1. Caramel Apple Sucker - "This has to be my favorite candy for my favorite season. I also love caramel apples."


5. Good & Plenty - "I like these quite a bit. But I really put them on the lost because so many people I know hate black licorice, so I don't need to worry about anyone eating my candy."

4. Reese's Peanut Butter Cup - "I do like Reese's cups, but I like the smaller ones better. I feel like there should be more chocolate, so the mini-cups have a better ratio in my opinion."

3. Mounds Bar - "Sometimes you feel like a nut, sometimes you don't. Except I never feel like a nut so I'll always choose a Mounds bar over an Almond Joy."

2. Heath Bar - "I like caramel, and in candy bar form I like it even more. This is one of my favorite things to put in a blizzard at DQ."

1. KitKat bar - "It was hard to choose between the number one and number two spot. I like to eat both of them after they've been frozen, but these are better both frozen and room temp."


5. Fun Dip - "This is by far my favorite for the concept of, dip the sugar stick into more sugar. It nostalgic, it can be a bit messy, it's colorful, and also delicious."

4. KitKat Bar - "So good! It's a classic candy bar. The perfect mixture of chocolate and wafer cookie. You always get the perfect crunch sensation."

3. Riesen - "This chocolate and caramel candy chew is like an extra special treat. It's a perfect rich, dark chocolate, and wit the caramel, it's kind of tough to chew at first, but that's one of the qualities I really like about it."

2. Sour Gummy Worms - "I love sour candies! I definitely prefer a chewy type candy, so that mixed with sour, you can't go wrong. I haven't found the perfect brand for sour gummy worms, cause some of them aren't even close to 'sour'. So if someone reads this and has suggestions, I'm all ears."

1. Reese's Peanut Butter Cup - "This one takes the cake with ease. With all the variations from the shaped seasonal ones, to fast breaks, and the pieces, it's always the right combination of chocolate and peanut butter."


5. Laffy Taffy - "Most definitely my favorite candy."

4. Klondike Bar - "Always good to end your day on, I think frozen treats are usually my favorite."

3.German Chocolate Cake - "My mom always makes this for my Dad on his birthday and it's always delicious."

2. Chocolate Malt - "Especially the ones from diners, chocolate shakes got nothing on 'em."

1. Blue Moon Ice Cream - "My mom's favorite growing up. I remember always getting it at Young State Park in Northern Michigan as a kid, and it's one of those tastes that is very nostalgic to me."


HM. Donuts - "Specifically, the fabled Maple Bar. I love that lump of fried dough and maple icing. I'll eat them for breakfast, and I'll eat them in the dead of night. No shame."

5. Sour Patch Kids - "The best of the fruity candies, which I've always been partial to. The ix of flavors and oversaturation of sour powder is a must have whenever I'm seeing a movie."

4. Peanut Butter Cookies - "It was tough narrowing down my favorite cookie (molasses comes to mind right away, for instance), but I'll always go back to my first love, the peanut butter cookie. Rich, creamy, sprinkled with just enough sugar to satisfy."

3. Cookie Dough Ice Cream - "I shouldn't eat ice cream. It doesn't make me feel so good. And most of the time, I'll resist. But if the Cookie Dough is calling, I'm not far behind."

2. Cheesecake - "Maybe an odd choice for some, but cheesecake is the earliest dessert I remember being all about. Drizzle it with a sauce, bake some oreos in, doesn't matter. So damn good."

1. Reese's Peanut Butter Cup - "So, those that know me are aware that I don't really do chocolate. It's just not for me. A little too rich, and sometimes too bitter. So for a chocolate to be my NUMBER ONE choice, it's got to be special. The way the peanut butter blends with that thin chocolate coating is a magical experience. Set me up with a Big Cup and I'll be a happy man."


5. Double Fudge Brownies - "Gooey brownies and melty chocolate chips are bomb. Especially with a cup of milk. I love chocolate so so much and gooey brownies are one of the best ways to eat it."

4. Hershey Pie - "Burger King has this super awesome Hershey pie. It has chocolate mousse, Oreo crust, whipped cream and chocolate chips."

3. Mint Chocolate Moose Tracks Ice Cream - "I was so excited when I found out that my two all-time favorite ice creams got together and made something magical."

2. Pie Crust - "All kinds of pie crust. It's my favorite part of the pie. Whenever my dad used to get pies he would eat all the filling and I'd just eat the crust with whipped cream."

1. Heath Bars - "It's the only candy in which my favorite part is when it sticks to my teeth. And it tastes super awesome so it's a win-win."


What are some of your favorite sweets? Comment below!