Secret Stage Top Fives: Reasons We Love Star Wars

Today marks the final day of Star Wars Week at Secret Stage, and while you won't find any spoilers here, we decided to get together for one final Top Five: The things that make us LOVE the Star Wars saga. There are simply so many factors that attract viewers, it gets hard to pin its success on any one thing. Here's what the team loves most:


5. The Imagery - "Yesterday, we went over our favorite locations in the series, and much of mine had to do with how stunning they appear on screen. But expand that further to include all of the stylized technology and spacecraft, and you've got my attention."

4. The Plot Twists - "The Empire Strikes Back, I often say, is my favorite film because of how well it hides information in plain sight before pulling the curtain away. Luke's parentage aside, discovering for the first time the true identity of Master Yoda is something special, and teaches a powerful lesson at the same time."

3. The Music - "Easily recognizable and almost universally iconic in popular culture. Several pieces stick in your brain forever. The title music, the Skywalker theme, the Imperial March...hell, even the Cantina music holds a special piece in my heart. It's been one of the most consistent elements of the 7 films."

2. The Practical Effects - "In places, the more recent films use CGI well, but I love to see real looking special effects, and the best way to pull that off is to create it with real-world elements. The sets, the dogfighting in space, and even our newest Droid friend, BB-8, are all practical effects, and it certainly stands up today."

1. The Extended Universe - "While most of it was wiped out when Disney acquired the franchise, the old canon will forever contain some of my favorite Star Wars stories outside of the films themselves. They often add a layer of backstory that would otherwise be overlooked."


5.Nostalgia - “Although Star Wars wasn’t a huge part of my childhood, I can remember it being a part of everyone else’s. I can remember my mom taking me to the store to buy my friend’s birthday presents and they always turned out to be different Star Wars action figures. Seeing Star Wars merchandise takes me back to my childhood and brings the excitement of seeing the “toy aisle” from across the store.”

4. Video Game Adaptations - “Whether it’s Legos, podracing, lightsaber dueling, or team slayer, theres so much that can be done, and because of the depth of the story, the games only have more of an opportunity to be something unique.”

3. That Classic Vibe - “Do you really want to be the guy or gal that has never seen Star Wars? No! They were such a big deal, and everyone should have the experience to find out why.”

2. Relatability- “These movies aren’t just space fighting movies, There’s action, romance, adventure and it’s all done so differently that it’s charming.”

1. Innovation - “Something to appreciate above all, is how absolutely innovative these movies are. When these movies came out, there was nothing out there like them. Whether we’re talking about light saber battles, or even Darth Vader’s character. Everything was very authentic and original.”


5. The Technology - "The ability to travel through hyperspace, weapons like laser blasters & light sabers, cloning tech... I could go on for hours. The Star Wars universe is packed with some of the coolest technology in the whole of science fiction."

4. The Locations - "Of all our Star Wars Week lists, settings was by far the hardest for me. Crazy planets, cool vehicles and massive space stations are abundant in the galaxy. If you can imagine it, it most likely exists which is awesome."

3. The Characters - "Obviously the characters are a huge part of why we love Star Wars. It's so easy to become invested in the ones you love and hate the ones who hurt them. Despite leading very different lives, we relate to these people to the point they feel almost real."

2. The Story - " As you'll see in my number one, the Star Wars universe is MASSIVE. There are so many different stories to be told and I love every single one. If you've never spent hours researching backstories of characters and places from the series, try it sometime and thank me later."

1. The Scale - "One of the most beautiful things about Star Wars is it's sheer size. You could spend a chunk of your life researching the series and still miss something. It leaves you with a constant sense of wonder and even when one thing ends, there is something else you can get caught up in. Star Wars is always there for me and I love it dearly."


5. Droids - “I don’t think Lucas knew at the time, but the droids in these films were ahead of their time. The people who make real robots compare them to the capabilities of droids from the movies. And although there are things that droids still do better than our robots, like a flexible spine and that little issue of AI, we have surpassed most of what we see droids do in the movie.”

4. Effects - “I was really disappointed with the ‘remastered’ original trilogy. Adding some of those things in might have been ok if the production level had been on the same level as they were when the movie was made. I think the claymation tauntauns and ATSTs looked great, especially compared to the CGI. Coupled with the other visual effects and the great sound effect it really made the movie seem great.”

3. Locations - “Although it did get a little silly with all of their ‘biome’ planets, IE: ice planet (Hoth), desert planet (Tatooine),  all of them looked great. Filming in real locations is sometimes tricky, but they did a great job with it.”

2. Story - “Nowadays the story lines of movies just seem a little dull. I will admit, just looking at one movie without the others might make it seem like it is a little… shallow. But the saga as a whole tells such a fantastic story that it really sets itself apart from any other movie franchise.”

1. Characters - “The thing I really love about these movies is that there is never just a generic characters in lead roles. No generic good guy, bad guy, or heros. Look at Han. As much as Lucas wants to make him a perfect John Wayne good guy, he isn’t. We all know he shot first, and how would such a good guy get into debt to a guy like Jabba? and although Luke is pretty close to a regular old good guy hero, (loses his guardians, gets powers, joins the good side, etc.) but he has the connection to his father that sets him apart. If that connection wasn’t there, he would have just helped everyone on Endor and blown up the Death Star without saving anyone from the dark side, and it would have been a worse movie for it.”


5. Vastness of Content - "There is so much, to the point, where I feel like there is something for everyone. There are people that don't like the saga, but I don't feel those people have it a fair chance. There is great battle scenes for the guys, love stories for the ladies, and enough unknown for the nerdier people to come up with their own myths and predictions."

4. One Liners and Quotes - "This movie is so full of great quotable dialogue. I love a good movie, that is easy to reference, and this has that ten fold. The one liners are signs of a good film too, "These are not the droids you're looking for", 'Luke, I am your father.' And I could go on. You can always judge a movie by the qualities of it's one liners."

3. The Force - "WHO WOULDN'T WANT THE FORCE? The whole concept is great, and they put it in a way, that it's not a super power. And I'm a fan of how the powers vary depending on whether you choose good or evil."

2. The Characters - "I think they do a good job with creating characters for everyone. They make awesome bad guys, that makes you like them a little more than you should. Also, the variety of characters, that most people can probably find at least one they relate to."

1. Lightsabers - "In accordance with our podcast this week, they are so versatile. Not only is it a creative, and powerful weapon. But it could be used for so much more than just weapon purposes, such as butter knives, carving for hunters, etc. I know most of us played with them as children, so nostalgically, I still want one as an adult."