Secret Stage Top Fives: Star Wars Settings

Right from the start, the Star Wars films have a visual treat, largely in part to the alien locations seen throughout the series. The eye-popping scenery has consistently fed nerdy imaginations across the globe, and it's even picks up the slack quite a bit in some of the lesser-loved films. As Star Wars Week at Secret Stage continues, the team details their favorites locations throughout the series:


5. Alderaan - “I feel like Alderaan was the most like Earth, which gives the viewer more of an emotional connection when it was ultimately destroyed by the Death Star. But I mostly enjoy it for it’s famous puns. 'Honey, you’re looking for love in Alderaan places.'”

4. Hutt Castle - “I know there’s really nothing special about Hutt’s Castle, but the fact is that Jabba can flick a switch so that a concealed door opens, dropping a guest to their death by Rancor. Sweet.”

3. The Death Star - “It’s the imperial Battle station designed to enforce law and order throughout the Empire. It can destroy planets. Get with it.”

2. Mos Eisley Cantina - “Even though this cantina is on Tatooine, I wanted to state this place specifically, it’s kind of an iconic scene (mostly because that’s where we meet Han) the music playing has been a parody in so many things.”

1. Tatooine - “Tatooine makes my number one because I always find origin stories to be the most interesting. It’s the home of Anakin and Luke Skywalker, who are obviously huge parts of the Star Wars Universe, and knowing that they both started there is interesting to me. Also, in the nicest way possible, it’s kind of the “under dog” of the planets, and I think it’s kind of funny.”


HM. Mortis - "I just want to say that choosing an HM between this, Dathomir, Mon Cala, Hoth, Kamino, Dagobah, Mustafar, Naboo and the Crystal Caves of Ilum was insanely difficult. But the moment this came to mind, I knew it was the one. It's an ethereal realm in Wild Space that was home to a family of Force wielders who maintained the balance of the Force. Dope."

5. Tatooine - "A desert planet with 2 suns. Desolate, but also the home planet of the Chosen One. It became one of the most popular settings in the series because of this. You've got Luke and Ben residing here, C3PO & R2-D2 being traded to Uncle Owen, and Jabba with his palace. The Cantina here is a big home for bounty hunters and where we find Han Solo. You simply can't have Star Wars without Tatooine."

4. Coruscant - "Perhaps the most important planet in the galaxy being the galactic capital, it's super cool in that it's entirety is an urban sprawl of Galactic City. You also have one of my favorite buildings in the series here, the Senate Building. It contains the Galactic Senate Chamber and watching the Galactic Senate hold meetings here is always dope."

3. Endor - "I've always felt a strong connection to nature. Thus, the forested moon of Endor, is in my opinion, is one of the most breathtaking settings in the series. In addition to that, it's where we witness the downfall of the Deathstar II and celebrate the rebel victory. Ewoks are a bonus. They're adorable. Deadly, but adorable no less."

2. Mandalore - "It's a beautiful place with a mix of modern architecture and nature. Yes there was a lot of conflict here, but that's part of why it's such an interesting planet. It survived the brutality of early Mandalorians, flourished during the pacifist regime and held strong when the Shadow Collective took it over. A planet as strong as it's people."

1. The Galaxy - "This may be a cop out, but since the title is STAR WARS, I wanted to include space itself. The galaxy is technically separated into regions: Deep Core, Core Worlds, Colonies, Inner Rim, Expansion Region, Mid Rim and Outer Rim Territories. But, regardless of the region, the space battles are always epic. You've got sick vehicles like the Millennium Falcon, X-Wings, TIE Fighters, Star Destroyers, etc. that made space the coolest place in the whole series and rightfully so."


HM. The Millennium Falcon - "The Star Wars saga has several iconic starships, but none as prominent and pivotal as the Falcon. As viewers, we learn quite a bit about the Force in A New Hope, we see Han and Leia start to grow closer in Empire Strikes Back, and we see Lando frantically shut down the Empire in Return of the Jedi. Easily one of the things I anticipate seeing most in The Force Awakens tonight."

5. Cloud City, Bespin - "As a child, Cloud City was one of my favorites. I marveled as the platform towered over the skies of the planet, and the interior design of the station. The reddish tones and contrasting Carbon-Freezing Chamber will forever be etched into my brain."

4. Dagobah - "Of any location's backstory, Dagobah's is my favorite. Long ago, a powerful Dark Jedi died there, unleashing evil energy into the surrounding cave that we see Luke face in Empire. When Yoda is looking to lay low, he finds the perfect balance of living and evil energies to mask his presence in the Force. It definitely fits Yoda's modest lifestyle."

3. The Death Star - "The Death Star sets out to be one thing: menacing. As I've said before, I think seeing the battle station incite so much fear in the Rebellion, as well as destroy a planet, set the tone well, but it's when our heroes are forced aboard that you see just how incredible the structure is. The interior design screams the Imperial way of life, and it feels oh so good when the thing finally goes BOOM."

2. Echo Base, Hoth - "As if I need to explain why Hoth should make this list. The single best large-scale battle takes place right on the icy fields of Hoth, as the now iconic AT-AT walkers march towards the Rebels fleeing Echo Base. It shows the desperation of the Rebellion just by being there, and paints the Empire as a force prepared for anything. And hey, Vader never looks more menacing than when he's pictured next to all of the snow."

1. Endor - "I've always connected with Endor for the same reasons I love the Redwoods they were filmed in: the dense forest teaming with life just makes me happy. Visually, the greens are browns are striking, and the sound mix really makes the viewer feel like they're somewhere else. If I could visit anywhere in the Star Wars universe, it would be right here."


5. Death Star - "A lot of important things happened in the hallways and corridors of the Death Star. Some of the more iconic scenes happen there too."

4. Naboo - "Unlike the Death Star, this location isn't on my list because of what happened there. It is here because unlike all the water planets, forest planets, ice planets, or volcano planets, Naboo is just a planet, with normal landscapes. It is a place I wouldn't mind living."

3. Hoth - "So I know for some people an ice planet would be as bad as a dessert planet, but I like the cold. And that along with the iconic battle that happened there gets it on my list."

2. Cloud City - "If only Lando hadn't ratted out Han the place would be perfect. A self-sufficient city in the sky free from the Empire? Sound good to me."

1. Endor - "Arguably the most important battle happened on Endor. Unfortunately it involved Ewoks, but that is besides the point. It is also the visual of the place that got it to my number one spot. I thought it was filmed in the red wood forest, and that is a place I've always wanted to go, but it was actually filmed in Del Norte County, California. Maybe I'll have to go visit some day."


5. Galactic Senate - "One of the few consistent settings, that's in most of the films. There are hidden "easter eggs", like the E.T. characters, which are always fun to discover. I also think it's iconically recognizable, that any that have seen any of the films could identify."

4. Dagobah - "For me, and not being overly into the original trilogy, this is what I often think of first. This is the essential, crucial training grounds for Luke, who was to become the main hero. So this is what I think of, for Luke to come into that role."

3. Tatooine - "So many important scenes happen here. This is where you're fist introduced to Anakin, the one day Vader. My personal favorite, the pod racing I'm so very jealous of, and when Anakin travels back to "take care of some business", ultimately leading him in his dark path."

2. Geonosis - "I love this scene for how great the action is. With Padme and the two boys chained to pillars, they're forced to defend against really awesome giant monsters. The full power and diversity of the Jedi, including all the essentials, such as Mace Windu. Can't go wrong."

1. Naboo - "This has to take top, cause it's really the only place we get to see Darth Maul's awesome skill. You have the reveal of the coveted double-sided light saber, the death of the iconic Qui-Gon Jinn, and not to mention the saddening death of Maul. Not a single complaint about this locale."