6 Months of Secret Stage Productions

On June 3rd of this year, we began recording our first podcast, The Secret Stage Show #1. Just last night, we recorded episode 27. It's hard to believe that we've only been doing this for half of a year; it's become such a facet in our lives in the short time we've been pouring ourselves into this. I had been kicking around the idea of starting a YouTube Channel, or podcast, or blog, or SOMETHING for a few months. There were some unfocused, false starts, but when Greg Miller, Colin Moriarty, Tim Gettys, and Nick Scarpino left IGN to form Kinda Funny, I saw something specific that I wanted. I wanted a sense of community. Since then, that's been the goal.

The team of 5 (Zachary, Nick, Chris, Jordan, and Dan) sat down to record that first show on June 3rd, but by the end of the month, the team leveled out at 8. With the help of Hales, Allison, and Keenan, June saw the launch of two additional podcasts, with Zach and Hales Make a Podcast and the Secret Stage Stage Gaming Podcast joining the fold. Things have really come a long way since then. The Secret Stage Show used to release in parts, and we didn't even have our own website until mid-June! But we've since branched out all over social media, slowly establishing ourselves and what we want to do. Our first YouTube video launched in October, and the Secret Stage Plays series has become a staple in our lineup since. 6 months in, we've hit a rhythm. 

And we're not looking to stop anytime soon. Our Twitch channel will be home to regular livestreams as well as hosting those from members of the team. Beginning on the 14th, each of our productions will go to a galaxy far, far away for Star Wars Week. In March, we'll be attending our first public event. Even with all of that, there's plenty more we're not quite ready to talk about just yet.

We've really enjoyed making this content for the last few months, but it's been even cooler sharing that with you. It's been a wild ride as we've joined Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter (over 9,000 strong there!). Hell, we're even on Snapchat. From guest spots on other podcasts, to partnering with indie game devs to making new friends daily, Secret Stage is shaping up to be exactly what we want it to. We thank you so much for all of the support, and we're excited to see were things go in the next 6 months.