Secret Stage Top Fives: Alcohol

New Year's Eve is upon us, and with the birth of the new year comes partying. A lot of partying. So while the team has been away with family and friends, we did manage to compile one final Top Five for 2015: our favorite kinds of alcohol. Be safe, drink responsibly, and hang out with Secret Stage again in 2016.


5. Absinthe – “I’ve only had wormwood absinthe once, but it was smooth and complex, which is how I like my liquor (although the fumes burned my eyes).”

4. Rum – “Mostly dark rum, but I’ll have some Bacardi now and then. Most of the time with rum you know what to expect, but it’s versatile as far as mixed drinks go. Pirates drank it. It’s good stuff.”

3. Jägermeister – “This is really hit-or-miss with a lot of people. First off, I don’t believe in the “I won’t drink X because I had a bad experience with it” garbage (which is often what I hear when I tell people I like Jäger). Your dumb decisions as a teenager don’t affect a drink’s quality. I like Jäger.

2. Whiskey – “As far as liquor goes, whiskey my favorite. Within the category there is so much variety and I’ve definitely found a few favorites (Maker’s Mark being one, Fireball not being one).”

1. Beer - “Stouts, IPAs, Browns, Reds, Sours, Lagers. I like them all. Since I’ve been 21 I’ve been into craft beer. The options are limitless when it comes to beer, and it will always be something I enjoy.”


5. Jack Daniels - "Especially the Tennessee Honey blend, it's super sweet and smooth."

4. Fireball - "Fireball is great mixer, especially in cider type beverages (like the one mentioned below) It makes it taste like cinnamon apple sauce, and it's dangerous as fuck."

3. Woodchuck - "I am a huge cider fan, these things are so refreshing, much better than Angry Orchard or any of those."

2. Blue Moon - "My usual go to is Heineken because I can generally get it everywhere, but lately I've been digging Blue Moon. It's just so crisp and I love the orangey after taste."

1. Jäger - "My absolute number one. I grew up eating black licorice a lot since my mother really liked it, and one of my sisters really likes Jäger so it was always around when I starting drinking and after awhile I just really took a liking to it."


HM. Wine - "Unfortunately, I don't drink wine very often. But I love it when I do. It can spice up a nice Italian dinner or liven up a casual or romantic get-together. I've gotten more accustomed to reds over time, and they tend to be my go-to."

5. Vodka - "For a while, Absolut and Sprite was a must have at any party I went to. Every so often now though, I'll want to deviate a little bit from my mainstays and get a nice vodka/Coke."

4. Rum - "Spiced or not, Rum came into my life about two years ago, and I've always felt it to be less heavy than something like whiskey. It's especially nice in the summer months."

3. Tequila - "Ah. Tequila. Much can be said about this one. Rarely do I bust it out, but when I do, you know it's a party. Throw it in orange juice, a margarita, or just in a shot glass, and I'm all about it."

2. Beer - "One of the commonalities of all but one of us at Secret Stage is a love for beer. There's simply so many different makers and styles. Stouts are one of my favorites, especially this time of year, but I also enjoy IPAs all year long. I have some beers that I'll go back to, but generally I'm trying to get something new."

1. Whiskey - "Nothing brings the rich, voluminous flavor of an alcoholic beverage the way whiskey does. It'll drink it sour. I'll drink it with Dr. Pepper. I'll drink it like a real winner; completely on its own. Whether it's got honey, it's Irish, or it has that signature Tennessee flavor (yes, I know it's technically bourbon), there is no better drink to celebrate with.  


5. Tequila - “I rarely take shots of straight liquor, but the one that I do enjoy from time to time is a classic shot with salt and lime.”

4. Vodka - “I don’t drink vodka very often any more. It used to be my go-to, but it would usually end in a bad hangover. So now it is pretty much reserved for when I want to get drunk, but that is even more rare than tequila shots. But since it goes with pretty much anything, it makes my list.”

3. Jäger - “I’ve always liked black licorice, so I don’t know why it took me so long to try Jäger. I don’t even remember what possessed me to buy the first bottle, but once I had it I started looking for recipes. I found one call “Dr. Jäger” that was simply Dr. Pepper and Jäger, and it is really good. So that is what I have been drinking lately when I don’t want beer.”

2. Spiced Rum - “Although I have been drinking Jäger more than Rum recently, Captain and Coke has been a go-to for me for a while. I later switched to Bacardi Oakheart, but they are both good. I also like them with Dr. Pepper.”

1. Beer - “It feels like a disservice to just leave it at ‘beer’ since there are more types and styles than I can name. But since Zach said the list couldn’t just be beers, I will just make it my number one. I used to hate beer, but that is probably because the first one I tried was one of the cheapest, lightest beers. But I later tried things like Killians and goose Island 312, and from there found my way to stouts and porters. After that, from my beer list on Untapped, it looks like Keenan got me into IPAs since the first one I tried came from his home town when he came to visit this time last year. Since then I’ve been hooked on IPAs and I’m always looking for new ones to try.”


5. Beer – “Porters and Stouts are going to be my favorite beers. I enjoy the Darker and thicker beers. Coffee being my favorite flavor of these, drinking beer is a very social thing to do for me. This dates back to my younger days of partying.”

4. Rum – “Dark rums like Captain Morgan Black and Kraken. This is my staple drink for the time. Mixing rum with apple cider for tailgating and football games is the best. “

3. Wine – “I enjoy sweeter to semi-dry white wines. I mostly enjoy having them with a nice dinner. Although I do find them relaxing to have around the house from time to time.”

2. Gin – “ Bombay being like the only gin that I drink. I enjoy these with just some tonic water and a lemon and mint. Good for any time of the year.”  

1. Whiskey – “ Jack Daniels Honey and Knob Creek being my favorite whiskeys/bourbon. I enjoy either the honey flavors or a nice dark caramel flavor. I find these drinks to be very nice after a hard day at work or when I am just relaxing playing some video games.”


HM. Moonshine - "Listen. I was weird about this stuff too before I moved to WV. But, if you've never had homemade apple pie moonshine, you are missing out. It can be made in a variety of other flavors, but be careful. This shit sneaks up on you and suddenly, the most basic of functions become impossible."

5. Whiskey - "If I'm doing shots, I want whiskey. I also enjoy sipping on a nice scotch or bourbon from time to time. The only reason this is ranked so low these days is because Whiskey is the culprit for my most regrettable drinking experiences. Also gets me black out drunk pretty fast and the hangovers aren't pretty either."

4. Hard Cider - "When I first started drinking alcohol, this was better than beer to me. I love the tart flavor of cider and it's much sweeter than beer, so it's a good beginners drink. I just get tired of how limited cider tends to be now. Still great though!"

3. Wine - "I battle with finding my favorite type of wine, especially with reds. But get me a bottle of Riesling or White Zinfandel and I'm happy. Great way to end a long day, accompany a book in the bath or just sip while playing video games."

2. Gin - "Most of my friends say I drink like an old man because my favorite cocktail is a gin and tonic. It's refreshing, light, and a good drink for when you want to get a bit more tipsy than usual without going overboard."

1. Beer - "This is my go to when I go out because you can always find cheap ass beer. But it's also great for when you want to try some craft brews or drink consistently without getting tanked. It's also nice all year round because of the variety of flavors depending on the season. Good stuff that, beer!"