Secret Stage Top Fives: Pixar Films


Last week, Pixar released their 15th feature film, Inside Out. Pixar holds a special place for a lot of us at Secret Stage, and for good reason; Pixar films have collectively brought in over $8 billion in box office revenue and nearly all of their films hover in the high 90s on Rotten Tomatoes. In fact, only four fall below 90, and even three of those are still at or above 74% (Sorry Cars 2, but you're at 39% as of the time of this writing). Most importantly, we've grown up with Pixar ever since they blew us away Toy Story back in 1995. So in honor of their recent release, we're going to do our first Secret Stage Top Fives on Pixar. Here are everybody's top Pixar movies:


5. Up

4. Finding Nemo

3. Brave

2. The Toy Story Trilogy (because she can't pick just one!)

1. WALL-E - "A harrowing film that shows the distress we put on ourselves and our planet while still showing the value of love/friendship. To be that powerful with so few words in the script shows true craftsmanship."


5. Toy Story 3

4. Ratatoille 

3. Monsters, Inc. (Starting with 3 because she's cloudy on the the rest!)

2. Finding Nemo

1. The Incredibles - "I think its a fun movie and even though he really doesn't play a huge role in the movie, baby jack jack is a big reason as to why I like the movie."


5. Brave - "IDK, I just know I like it more than the rest of the list."

4. Ratatouille - "Represents that you don't have to do what everyone else does, and not to judge a book by its cover."

3. Up - "It's sad, and funny, and has a villain, and shows that the right people can bring out the best in you."

2. Monsters, Inc. - "It just stood out as extra funny to me for the list that we have."

1. The Incredibles - "I dig super powers, and the family aspect."


5. The Incredibles

4. Monsters, Inc.


2. Toy Story 2

1. A Bug's Life "Easily the most interesting Pixar film in that established a continuity between the Toy Story and all future Pixar movies, had a story both kids and adults can enjoy, and really fleshed the idea of a society made up of insects. Oh, and the Marxism."


5. Up

4. The Incredibles

3. Monsters, Inc.

2. The Toy Story Trilogy

1. Finding Nemo - "Lots of plotlines/characters with different motives, character development (dude with the scar, sharks, Dory and other main characters), looked good for 2003 (water / sea anemonemonemonemones), rewatch value because there’s so much happening, relatable themes, teaches parents and adults (having to let your kids grow up), all of which are staples of Pixar."


5. Toy Story

4. The Incredibles

3. Cars

2. Finding Nemo

1. WALL-E - "I just really liked it. I'm a sucker for after-human type stuff. I also really liked just how much was explained using no words."