Secret Stage Top Fives: Marvel Superheroes

It's Marvel Week here at Secret Stage, and we thought it would fun for this week's SS Ranks to be Marvel themed. Not only that, but we're doing FIVE of them this week. To kick it off, we went with the obvious; our favorite superheroes from the Marvel Universe.


5. 3-D Man

4. Lifeguard

3. Iron Man

2. Spider-Man

1. Professor X - "It’s interesting to see how he and Magneto both deal with similar issues with different schools of thought."


5. Hulk - "Honestly, mostly because he is pretty undefeatable."

4. Star Lord - "I like that he is smart gadget guy, no powers. Just smarts, and integrity. Also, they portray him as a pretty humorous guy, and who doesn't like humor?"

3. Baymax - "Awesome, hilarious, "cough" cute "cough"whole hearted. Hits those kid feels, and not like the others on this list. The others, are very much,  'That's cool I want those powers', this is more nostalgic, and make me feel like a kid."

2. Iron Man - "I like that he was humbled by becoming Iron Man. Obviously not entirely, but it definitely changed him, and made him slightly less selfish. I dig that he used his own intelligence to create the super hero, no mutations, not born with it, not an alien. Plus, I think I connect with Tony Stark's cocky attitude."

1. Thor - "I like the whole premise. No freak accidents, he is somewhat defeatable, and he's able to be fatigued. I personally like his weapon, and that he is, almost, selectively the only one who can wield it. And the control of lightning is always a plus. And the slight resemblance between the two of us, doesn't hurt."


5. Gambit

4. Captain America

3. Jean Grey

2. Iron Man

1. Spider-Man - "I'm another one of those guys who has Spider-Man as their number one, and here's my reason; he was the first hero who was made available to me, he was on lunch boxes and other kids backpacks, and even had a show on TV. My mom used to buy me the cheap reprints of the comics with the paper and I would read them all. When I was in first grade I was bullied for not learning as fast as the other kids and I felt cool because Peter Parker was a kid who was picked on and stood up to his bully. He was the first hero that I understood, and it was quite an early age, too. He was also the first hero that I really saw and enjoyed on the big screen as Toby McGuire and I was so excited."


5. Wolverine

4. Iron Man

3. Peter Quill (Star Lord)

2. Spider-Man

1. Deadpool - "His sarcastic and vulgar sense of humor has always resonated with me. In addition to the fact that he's a bonafide badass, the constantly changing backstory and breaking of the fourth wall gives him a sense of realness that no other hero really has. Gotta love the Merc with a Mouth :)"


5. Iron Man - "Iron Man is the only classic Avenger on this list, which probably speaks to how much I care about that set of characters. That said, Iron Man stands out. He's everything that turns you off of a person; egotistical, hotheaded, an alcoholic, and so on and so forth. But he's wrapped up in this charismatic manner and sense of humor that makes you love him. I disagree with him politically, but I can appreciate his heroism...when it makes an appearance."

4. Daredevil - "Jordan gives me shit for this, but Daredevil is awesome. He's one of the most action-oriented Marvel characters; I even refer to him as Marvel's answer to Batman. He's got a dark side, but he's fair, and he gets things done."

3. Kitty Pryde - "Kitty Pryde is a character I never would have thought I'd like. There's nothing wrong with her, but he began as a background character. After reading Joss Whedon's Astonishing X-Men run, that absolutely changed. That led me down a rabbit hole of comics both new and old; from her badass role in Days of Future Past, up to becoming Headmistress of the Xavier School and her relationship with Peter Quill."

2. Wolverine - "Wolverine might be the most troubled character in the Marvel Universe, and this makes him incredibly interesting. He's a major player in the X-Men, the modern Avengers, and absolutely holds his own as a solo hero. No one strikes a balance between savage and samurai like Wolverine."

1. Spider-Man - "Ah, where do I start with the Webhead? There is simply no other character I would rather read. I share a lot of qualities with Peter Parker, from his demeanor to his love of science. Spider-Man easily has the best set of villains of ANY superhero, Marvel or otherwise. And watching that kid deal with 'Parker Luck' cracks me up."


5. Thor

4. Spider-Man

3. Wolverine

2. Groot

1. Iron Man - "He is just a guy that want to do good and doesn't let his lack of super powers get in the way. (Pretty much the same reason I like Batman, though Batman is more of a badass...)"[Editor's Note: This is not true.]


5. Blade

4. Beast

3. Black Panther

2. Iron Man

1. Wolverine - "I grew up around X-Men and Wolverine is by far my favorite. He has been through so much and I feel like he has one of the longest and most interesting history."