Secret Stage Top Fives: Marvel Costumes

Our next Marvel Week Rankings will go over costumes in the Marvel Universe! From the bright and colorful to the to sleek and mechanical, thousands of different outfits have made their way into the comics and movies over the years. Here are the ones that Secret Stage likes best.


5. Magneto - "Big fan of the Crimson/burgundy color. It's very simple, and is one of the few helmeted costumes that I like how the helmet looks."

4. Star Lord - "Honestly, I like that it's mostly everyday normal clothes, but with a twist. All the gadgets, and the fact that they all seem to be homemade."

3. Iron Man - "The capability to fly; it's super iconic and easily recognized, and versatile. The many different types of suits, from the briefcase suit, to the iron patriot, to the hulkbuster, the versatility is probably the best of all."

2. Thor - "Anyone who has seen me, or my tattoos, can probably tell you that I'm into medieval/ Viking stuff. So he fits right in there."

1. Carnage - "It's just beastly, and screams badass! Will instantly invoke fear or at least a second guess in his enemy."


5. Green Goblin - "As simple as the green and purple suit is, I think it captures the chaotic spirit of the Goblin really well. Much better than that Ultimate Green Goblin monstrosity."

4. Hulkbuster (Iron Man) - "I think the Age of Ultron film did this suit the most justice. On one hand, it depicts Tony's need to control everything and everybody, but on the other, shows how well he can create for any given scenario."

3. Planet Hulk Armor (The Hulk) - "Simply put, Hulk isn't the toughest kid on the playground in Planet Hulk, and these simple armor pieces convey that even he needs a little help sometimes."

2. Iron Spider (Spider-Man) - "Come on. Stark managed to create a protective suit for Spidey while retaining all of the flexibility and versatility that he needs. And it's got three grabby-arms to do stuff with! It just had that pesky killswitch that Tony installed just in case the Webhead switched he did."

1. The Amazing Bag-Man (Spider-Man) - " When Spider-Man lost the black suit, he had to make do with what he could find. Apparently, that constitutes a spare Fantastic Four jumpsuit and a paper bag, complete with a "Kick Me" sign on the back. But hey, Spider-Man is Spider-Man, and he doesn't need much.


5. Doctor Doom - "Let me just say that while Spider-Man was almost my number 5 simply for having a very iconic costume, I think Dr. Doom kills it with every single one of his looks. Definitely screams "I'm a villain and will f*&k your day up."

4. Mohawk Storm (Storm) - "Not long flowing locks Storm. As a rock chick, I love how badass she looks with the leather vest and sweet hair."

3. Deadpool - "I really like the way they mixed the mercenary look with all the knives/belts with his skintight suit."

2. Star Lord - "That helmet. 'Nuff said."

1. Iron Man - "I think that some of my other picks may LOOK cooler, but Tony Stark is nothing without his suit. Therefore, he wins by default."


5. Deadpool

4. Iron Man

3. Professor X

2. The Hulk

1. Black Panther - "I’m a fan of the minimal, functional costumes."


5. Hulk

4. Spider-Man

3. The Punisher

2. Wolverine

1. Iron Man - "It's a badass mechanical suit but it doesn't really hinder his everyday attire. But mostly because it is just so badass."


5. Loki

4. Silver Samurai

3. WWII Captain America

2. Deadpool

1. Iron Man - "The more badass his powers need to be for a situation the more badass his costume is."