Secret Stage Top Fives: Marvel Supervillains

 Image Credit:  Patrick Brown

Image Credit: Patrick Brown

On the 3rd day of Marvel Week...we're going a bit darker. Today, those of us at Secret Stage are ranking our top 5 villains! A hero is only as cool as their villains that put them in their place, and usually require a lot of ingenuity to defeat! Here's what everybody here thinks of the bad guys at Marvel:


5. Odin

4. Mystique

3. Green Goblin

2. Venom

1. Magneto - "Same reason I like Professor X. While I don’t agree with his means of achieving his goals, it’s interesting to see why he makes the decisions he does."


5. Magneto - "His ability to generate and control magnetic fields is badass. Also, he has good intentions trying to save the mutant race, just poor execution in killing everyone else."

4. Doctor Doom - "He was modeled after Death and is a sorcerer. That should be all you need to know he's dope."

3. Thanos - "His existence essentially led to the creation of both the Avengers and the Guardians Of The Galaxy. You have to be pretty powerful to do that."

2. Loki - "He may not be as powerful as Thanos, but he's the 'god of mischief' and I love it. Definitely one of the more relatable villains."

1. Venom - "I love that he is a symbiote that requires a host and thus, turned Spider-Man against himself. I think their battle even after Venom found a new host really shed light on how difficult it is to battle yourself. Very unique and worth my top slot."


5. Doctor Octopus - "Mainly 'cause the whole "Superior Spider-Man" series. I find it fascinating, and makes for a really cool collection to read."

4. Ronan the Accuser - "That infinity hammer is real sick."

3. Hobgoblin - "I think he has some of the best gadgets, and weapons, and it's a complex intricate character. You almost feel bad for him at first."

2. Thanos - "Seems very difficult to defeat. And well... he has his own two part movie, so he is kind of a big deal."

1. Magneto - "All around badass. I think in theory he is very, very difficult to defeat. You have to have the perfectly executed, well-thought out plan."


5. Venom

4. Mystique

3. Loki

2. Green Goblin

1. Ultron - "I haven't read any comics, so this is based on the recent Avengers movie that came out.  I like that he was a product of an experiment that didnt go as planned. Rather than being a peacekeeping program as Tony and Bruce had planned, he became something that wanted to destroy humanity."


Honorable Mention: The Hulk - "Hear me out. The Hulk is a legendary hero, but he definitely has his moments as a villain. And when he does, it takes everybody and their Aunt May to bring him down. And while he's usually tricked or manipulated into whatever situation pits him against his super-powered friends, it's always a rush to see him taking on the other Avengers."

5. Loki - "Loki is, at his core, a trickster. And on such a large scale that his trickery led to the formation of the freakin' Avengers! He's not usually in the heat of battle, but this guy certainly knows how to make the puppets dance."

4. The Mandarin - "The Mandarin is incredibly intelligent, in such a way that he's a great foil for Tony Stark and the Avengers. He's got ten magic rings! Who wouldn't want that? They do all sorts of things. It's just a damn shame that he hasn't had as good of a transition to the silver screen like everybody else on this list."

3. Doctor Doom - "Ah, the quintessential Marvel villain. Doom is a force to be reckoned with, be you the Fantastic Four, the Avengers, Spider-Man, or the forces that are rearranging the Marvel Universe right now during the Secret Wars event; Doom doesn't go down easy. And he rules his own country. So there's that."

2. Doctor Octopus - "I may be cheating here, but this is the guy who brought together the Sinister Six (Ock, Vulture, Mysterio, Sandman, Electro, and Kraven the Hunter). Not bad, right? On top of that, he's the only guy on this list who got to be Spider-Man, and he did it his own, semi-corrupt way."

1. Magneto - "Magneto is man with good intention. He, like his contemporary Charles Xavier, wants peace for mutants. The problem is, years of prosecution have really skewed his viewpoint on the value of non-mutant lives. You want to sympathize with him, but he just can't keep it together. But as an intellectual rival of Professor X, he always provides a very interesting read."


5. Doctor Doom

4. Doctor Octopus

3. Ultron

2. Winter Soldier

1. Whiplash - "He seems pretty justified in his revenge. He was also always a level-headed dude that knew what he wanted and wasn't way over the top."


5. Doctor Octopus

4. Galactus

3. Mystique

2. Ultron

1. Venom/Carnage - "I used to love Venom because when I was younger I thought it was so cool to see what it could be like if Spider-Man wasn't always one of the good guys. I also love how just fucking raw carnage is."