Secret Stage Top Fives: Money to Burn

Money. Grab that cash with both hands and make a stash. Love it or hate it, money has a large presence in each of our lives. We're constantly paying for the necessities, be it food or clothing or even just having a place to live. But what about when you get that lucky break and have a little extra cash to burn? It's always nice to treat yo'self, and here are the top five things each of Secret Stage guys like to blow their wads on.


5. Guns and Accessories (BIG SURPRISE) - "Although buying a new gun is extremely rare for me, I have developed a taste for rare or exotic firearms. The latest addition to my collection cost more than my car. In addition to the firearm itself, ammo isn't cheap, and accessories for them usually are not either if you want quality parts."

4. Car Parts - "Whether it is go-fast parts, replacing broken parts, or even regular maintenance, car parts are rarely cheap. And with a car from the 90s, the problems just keep on coming."

3. Video Games and Accessories - "Although I don't buy games frequently, I usually buy them when they are still pretty new, which means still close to full price. Then there is DLC to go with it, not to mention things like a second controller, battery packs, etc."

2. Pre-Made Food - "Living in the dorms for 3.5 years has made me extremely lazy when it comes to making food. So I will find myself spending money on things like fast food (and gas to get there) when making dinner seems like too much of a hassle."

1. Beer - "Every time I go to the store I have to go look at the beer selection. It is rare I don't see something that looks good, and even more rare that I leave empty handed."


5. Good Times Stuff (Booze, Party Favors, Party Games) - "It's probably cause I'm going on vacation this weekend, and spent a bunch of money on this. But I like this, cause I know it comes with a purpose, and it usually implies that  good times and good memories are soon to happen."

4. Gifts - "It's not to sound selfless, I just genuinely love thinking of, and trying to find that perfect gift. One that the recipient will love, know I put thought into, and/or realize, shoot dang, you were listening/ or you remember that!?"

3. Tattoos - "I'm actually currently saving towards one next month. I guess it's not the money part that I like, cause it's an expensive habit. I thinks it's the feeling, and also knowing that I have another great piece of art checked off the list, and it's on me forever."

2. Beard Oils - "First, I think it's the customer service I was talking about on the [Secret Stage Show] that I get from them. Plus, I love new scents for my face, how soft my beard gets, and telling everyone about it. I actually just converted Jordan.

1. Online Clothing and Accessories - "Couldn't tell you why, but lately I've ordered multiple tee shirts, bracelets, and watches; all sorts of wardrobe things. I think it's the convenience, which is ironic considering that I work in retail."


5. Gasoline - "Of course I would love to pay less for gas, but I actually enjoy driving places and don't mind spending the extra money to do it."

4. Clothing - "I like to feel nice and look nice, too. So spending that extra money on clothes that I like doesn't bother me."

3. Quality of Living - "I understand that I could find somewhere cheaper to live and save a little bit of extra money, but I am willing to pay more to live somewhere that is a little nicer than average."

2. Video Gaming - "I am willing to shell out my soul for Nintendo."

1. Tattoos - "Some of my best friends work in shops and the experiences I've had hanging out and getting tattooed are some of my favorite memories. I have a huge respect for the tattoo trade and will continue to invest money into it."


5. Shoes - "Another thing that I'm surrounded by at work all day everyday."

4. Clothes - "I work in my favorite store so I'm surrounded by all the things I want to buy. Which is why I spend so much money on clothes."

3. Art supplies - "I have a problem with buying all kinds of art supplies.  I'll have some really awesome ideas for a project and I'll go out and buy new tools for it."

2. Food - "I love food, and I love going out and trying new kinds!"

1. Tattoos - "I just really like getting them and every time I do, it's super exciting."


5. Movies at the Cinema - "Movies are a massive part of my entertainment budget, and I want to make sure that I see a film with the best presentation quality I can. Rarely will I spend a dime on a Blu-Ray, but I'll go to the movies once a week if I can."

4. Whiskey and Beer - "I enjoy a lot of kinds of food and drink, but I'm always willing to shell out a little more try a new whiskey or beer and broaden my taste. Good or bad, it's worth knowing for next time."

3. Bronze Age Comic Books - "Something about the merger between the bright colors and the realistic storylines really gets my attention. It's absolutely my favorite era in superhero comics."

2. New Tech - "I'll be the first to admit it; I'm a sucker for new technology. Be it a new laptop, phone, or something entirely different, I'm first in line to pick it up."

1. Video Games, Consoles, and Memorabilia - "As a student of video game history, I enjoy adding to my video game collection whenever possible. This includes games across many consoles, obscure accessories like R.O.B. the Robot, and the 40+ amiibo sitting on the shelf behind me."