Secret Stage Top Fives: Video Game Weapons

Here at Secret Stage, we play a lot of video games. Even as seasoned veterans, occasionally we're faced with enemies that need to be taken care of quickly and efficiently. To do this, we've picked up unique and innovative weapons to get the job done. Here are our favorites.


5. Experimental MIRV (Fallout 3) - "I'll be honest, I have never used this weapon in a combat situation. But it is so over the top and ridiculous that it earns a spot on my list."

4. DMR (Halo Reach) - "Everyone loves the Battle Rifle, but I don't like the thought of missing some of my shots. I could go into real gun reasons, but I'll just leave it at, I like the way it handles better than the BR."

3. M224-A3 (Killzone) - "AKA the big gun from Killzone. This was always the weapon I would go out of my way to find. Imagine a machine gun the doesn't need to reload, it only overheats, and it has a rocket launcher built in. That is what it was. There were a lot of cool weapons in that game, but i used this one the most."

2. Icebreaker (Destiny) - "Even though my exotic slot is usually filled by Gjallarhorn, if it isn't a big boss battle icebreaker is my go to. Never running out of ammo is kind of a big deal to me."

1. Gravity Gun (Half-Life 2) - "If you are careful, you will never run out of ammo. Very versatile and quite unique. And when it turns blue you know it isn't fucking around."


5. Hammer (Super Smash Bros. series) - "Every time this weapon dropped, everyone fought for it. It was like anyone who wielded this weapon was invincible."

4. Lancer (Gears of War series) - "This weapon was both an amazing assault rifle and a badass chainsaw. Kills with this weapon were both gruesome and fulfilling."

3. Needler (Halo series) - "It was hard to narrow down my favorite Halo weapon. The Needler is both powerful and kinda cheap. Useful for PvE or PvP. It's kind of a shoot and forget weapon. Unload a full clip and your guaranteed a kill!"

2. Hatchet (Grand Theft Auto V) - "This weapon is pretty self explanatory. You don't use it much but when you hit a random pedestrian with it or a random player (Nick), it turns out to be very personal."

1. Ray Gun (Call of Duty: World at War/Black Ops series) - "This gun was looked at as a rare drop and a devastating weapon towards zombies. Just be carful not to point it at your feet."


5. Horse Cannon (Borderlands 2) - "'Motherfucker got a magazine of magazines'."

4. Fierce Deity Mask (The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask) - "I was debating on this being classified as a weapon, but based on that it directly effects your ability to fight Majora's Mask, I said 'Why not?'"

3. The [Fucking] Line Gun (Dead Space 2) - "This was my jam, blasting necromorphs to the top shelf with a nice 'fuck you' electric shock always left me with great satisfaction."

2. Gravity Hammer (Halo 3) - "Nothing is more infuriating that being royally fucked across the map."

1. The Master Sword (The Legend of Zelda series) - "It's the most iconic weapon in video game history, and nothing is more exciting to me than getting it."


HM. Plasmids (Bioshock series) - "They aren't technically a weapon, but a unique and powerful concept no less."

5. Omni Tool (Mass Effect series) - "When I can't get the shot off that I need, my Omni Blade is always there for the (generally) one shot kill that just decimates enemies."

4. Gravity Hammer (Halo 3) - "It was a tough choice between this and the Energy Sword, but I love playing Team Slayer with Grav Hammers and watching people fly through the air as the kill counts soar."

3. Master Sword (The Legend Of Zelda series) - "This is THE weapon that you can spout it off about to gamers and non gamers alike and they'll know what it is. The franchise revolves in part around this weapon and it's beautiful so, obviously, it's high on my list."

2. Portal Gun (Portal series) - "Do I even need a reason for this being so high on my list? YOU MAKE PORTALS WITH IT. That's dope as hell."

1. Gravity Gun (Half Life 2) - "Most of the weapons on my list are melee because of their sheer power, but this thing is a beast and is crucial to your completion of the game. Plus, have you ever shot a sawblade at a Headcrab? It's incredibly satisfying."


HM. Gjallerhorn (Destiny) - "Picture a rocket launcher that fires at a high velocity, tracks you, and then splits into extra tracking rounds for bonus damage. There's a reason that everybody and their mother is trying to get a Gjallerhorn before the next [Destiny] expansion."

5. Mega Buster (Mega Man series) - "I'm kind of cheating here, but think about Mega Man's arm cannon and how versatile it is. There's a solution for EVERYTHING."

4. Fire Flower (Super Mario series) - "There have been a lot of cool Mario powerups over the years, but I will always fall back on the Fire Flower. I feel so powerful bouncing around with levels with that thing by my side."

3. Master Sword (The Legend of Zelda series) - "The thing shoots lasers out of the tip. And traps evil. It's the most elegant weapon on this list."

2. Hidden Blades (Assassin's Creed series) - "Few weapons feel like they can pop out anywhere and end you like just like that. Sneaking up on targets and slicing their throats is satisfying 100% of the time."

1. Battle Rifle (Halo series) - "The weapons in Halo are one of my favorite aspects of the game. The iconic Sniper Rifle, the Needler, the Rocket Launcher...but none are more versatile and deadly than the BR. I will stop at nothing to make sure I have one of these whether I'm playing through the campaign or multiplayer."