Secret Stage Top Fives: Extracurricular Activites

Day to day, many of us are working hard to make the most out of our careers and our education. Like anything else, a break is needed now and then. These are Secret Stage's favorite activities relating to school and work:


5. Culinary - "As most people close to me know, my food palate is very limited. So I would like to have taken more culinary opportunities, so not only would I be a better cook, but I hopefully would have broadened my food horizons."

4. Football - "I think this is a classic, and for a reason. I know that my high school took it very seriously, and we had a healthy rivalry, that I still to this day, give my friends that went to the opposing school, a hard time about. I enjoy the game, I've definitely played my fair share with buddies, and I'm not bad at it. Plus you get to hit people, and it's not frowned upon."

3. Debate - "Nobody will deny this point, I love to argue. I'm good at it, I've had multiple people acknowledge that I will argue til my point is proven. Even if at some point I realize I was wrong, if I convince you I was right, I still win. My mom even said all throughout my child hood, that I should have been a lawyer. I think if maybe I did participate in debate, who knows, maybe I would have taken the lawyer route, and things would be totally different for me."

2. Auto Shop - "As it's made painfully aware, I am into cars, and I like driving fast. So I think being in auto body, would have maybe struck the passion in a way, that could have encouraged a car based career. Some schools even have where it's like auto body, but you get to race the cars. I would be super into that! 

1. Boarder Cross - "I absolutely love snowboarding, and had a season pass to my local hill throughout my high school career. I think it would have been productive to put that passion to use, whoops some ass on the hill, and get recognition for it. Ha."


5. Laser Tag - "Sometimes for work we will all go out and throw down, it's really nice after Black Friday or Christmas when we are all at our worst."

4. Pokémon Club - "This was a thing when I was in high school and when it started there were tons of people on the first day, and I was so excited because I finally had somewhere to go and bring my gameboy and I could battle people, or trade cards/play cards. Unfortunately the club died down, and to my dismay I no longer had an outlet to showcase my massive original gameboy collection where people might appreciate it."

3. Ultimate Frisbee Team - "When I was in High School I joined our team alongside Zach, and the part that was the coolest was that it was managed and run by students because it was so important and fun to them. We would drive to other schools to play their teams."

2. FIRST Robotics - "Probably one of the greatest things I've been a part of alongside Nick and Haleigh, where we would create a robot that would compete in a game [there were different games every year] the amount of pride we took in our work and team was immeasurable. Traveling with them and the team to different competitions across the nation will always be among my favorite memories."

1. Marching Band - "Something else I shared with Nick and Haleigh, I aspired to be a part of marching band since I was very young and my older sister was in it, I always looked up to her and thought she was so cool for doing it. I even followed in her footsteps and played flute like she did. [ended up playing piccolo for 3/4 years that I was in it. I was the only male in the section. I was told later on that I inspired other males to take up the flute as well, and that made me feel really good.] most definitely one of the most character building experiences that I will ever have been through in my life not only professionally within leadership, but also self-discipline."


5. Competition Rifle Team - "The rifles that we used were very cool, same style they use in the Olympics."

4. Marching Band - "Band practice itself sucked. But everything I did with all of my friends in band was great. From staying up till 3 playing Halo at band camp or having a bonfire at a drum line party, good times were had."

3. Society of Audio Engineers - "I'll be honest. Most of the stuff that was talked about in the meetings was way over my head. But I did get to help build a giant wall of speakers out of snow for Winter Carnival."

2. FIRST Robotics - "I got to do a lot of building with my hands. It also looked good on my resume according to my boss."

1. MTU Pistol Club - "Although it lacked the structure that all of the other ones on my list had, this was by far the most fun school sponsored thing I did."


5. Closed-Circuit News Broadcasting - "I did this for two years in elementary school. It was really simplified but definitely sparked an interest of broadcasting at a very young age."

4. Web Design - "This was an intramural in middle school that taught us how to the basics of both visually designing an appealing webpage, and creating an easy to use experience for the end-user."

3. Chess Club - "I really enjoy competition, and I really enjoy strategy. Joining the club was just a no-brainer. My only regret is that I didn't spend more time with it."

2. Ultimate Frisbee - "Ultimate frisbee was a great collaborative leadership experience. We kind of got an inter-high school league going and coordinated games. Definitely a ton of fun."

1. Soccer - "I've been playing soccer was the vast majority of my life. No matter what level, I love getting out there with the team and putting everything I've got into the game."