Secret Stage Top Fives: Autumn Activites

Fall is here, and while the weather isn't necessarily cooperating all over the world, the season has a special vibe to it that is absent 9 months out of the year. The crisp air, warm drinks, and various festivities bring out a lot of happy experiences, and autumn is justifiably many people's favorite time of year. Here is what we at Secret Stage love about the fall:

Hales (Fall Baby Numbah 1)

5. Fall Beverages - "I say beverages because on top of your typical Oktoberfest or PSL, there is a variety of fall beers/ciders, cold and hot apple cider, hot toddys and hot cocoa. Yum!"

4. Pumpkin/Apple Picking - "I love driving out into the rural areas to find a farm that offers this. You can stock up on all your fall fruits/vegetables/gourds and feel even better about having picked them all yourself!"

3. Cider Mills - "This is more of a MI thing from what I've seen, but a nice cup of cider with a fresh bag of cinnamon sugar donuts is delicious."

2. Halloween Activities - "This could be a haunted house/maze/hayride, a halloween party or even just carving pumpkins on the holiday itself. Halloween is awesome and should be celebrated multiple times throughout autumn."

1. Hiking/Reading Outside - "There is nothing more relaxing to me than being in the woods. It's even better when I can snuggle up in a hoodie, look at all the colorful trees, breathe in the fresh crisp air and just appreciate my favorite season with a good book smile emoticon"


5. Cider mill and Cute Dates - "They're pretty cool. I like eating donuts and walking around in my cool sweaters. Dates are always fun but I like them more in the fall because I get those cozy vibes. And fall calls for all the snugs."

4. Perfect Temperature - "It's not too hot or too cold for almost anything."

3. Leaves Changing - ""I like when the leaves change and there are dead leaves everywhere because they make crunchy sounds when you step on them."

2. Sweater Weather - "Sweater weather is bomb. I have a zillion sweaters. There cozy and warm."

1. The Clothes - "My fall wardrobe is my favorite. I like being able to layer up."


5. Nostalgia - "The last time I really spent a lot of time with all of my friends before the all moved away or got too busy was in the fall a few years ago. So whenever it starts getting close to this time of year I remember all the fun we had."

4. The Reminder That I Don't Have to Go to School Anymore - "I see the high school parking lot full and just feel relieved that I don't have to do that any more."

3. Apple Cider - "I know I can technically get it whenever, but somehow it seems better in the fall."

2. Leaves Changing Color - "This was almost my number one, but I bumped it down since it is only temporary. And as soon as they finish changing, I have to pick them up off the ground. Still very nice to look at while it lasts."

1. Cool Weather - "By the time the start of fall rolls around, I am tired of the heat. And the reason this beats the leaves is because once the cold comes, it sticks around for a while."


5. Carving Pumpkins - "Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. With the pumpkin carving and the scaring people."

4. Apple Picking - "I love being with family and friends and going to pick apples! Then using these apple to make actual apple pie!"

3. Hunting - "The fall is the time for hunting and boy do I love to hunt! Sitting in a tree all to myself and watching nature! It's the best."

2. Making Apple Pie Moonshine - "This has to be one of my top 2 favorite drinks for the fall time. Apple juice, apple cider and grain alcohol! What could be better!"

1. Wearing Hoodies - "Fall is my favorite time of the year because it starts to get cold out and the leaves start to change! Love keeping warm in a nice hoodie."

Zachary (Fall Baby Numbah 2)

5. Thanksgiving/Black Friday - "I was born on a Black Friday, and the thrill of deal-seeking has never left me. As a tech-guy, it's usually a big day for me and my wallet. I also like to eat potatoes, so it's kind of a no brainer."

4. Haunted Stuff - "I actually enjoy haunted mazes and things like that. I like figuring out the puzzle and pathways while also avoiding peeing my pants."

3. Apples - "Apple stuff usually makes me have to poop. But it's worth it. Apple pie, cider, and caramel apples are my jam all season long."

2. The Games - "Fall is usually a fantastic time for video game releases. You usually get the Zeldas, Grand Theft Autos, and Warcrafts in the months of autumn. This year, I'm looking forward to playing Halo 5, Fallout 4, and Star Wars: Battlefront."

1. Football - "While a lot of people don't realize that football is actually played more than just the first weekend of February, I love watching the season throughout, following my favorite teams and players through the up and downs. Go Hawks."


5. Vacations - "I tend to slip in a couple little trips away in the fall. For my work it's my little window between back to school and holiday season."

4. Weather - "I'm not a real big fan of summer, it's far too hot. Fall is good. No shitty winter drivers, and I'm not sweating my butt off every time I leave the house."

3. Pumpkin Stuff - "Between the lattes, the pumpkin patches, jack o' lanterns and the pie, you can't go wrong."

2. Halloween - "The holiday is prime, gotta love the costumes, decorations and the movies. Plus Halloweekends at Cedar Point is the JAM."

1. The Clothes - "I'm big on flannels and jackets. This is the perfect time to wear these. Plus, fall colors are the best, I'm into neutral tones."

 Chris (Fall Baby Numbah 3)

HM to Märzen style beers.

5. Football – “I haven’t been following too much this year, but I always enjoy the beginning of football season.”

4. Hockey – “Football means that hockey is right around the corner.”

3. Weather – “It’s not as hot, but still not too cold.”

2. School – “I’m a nerd and I love teaching and learning, and this season means the start of a new school year.”

1. Calling it “Fall” – “Here in the Midwest, we’re simple people. We see a leaf fall, we call the season ‘Fall’. No need to over-complicate things.”