Secret Stage Top Fives: Dream Jobs

It's not a secret that you should love what you do; people have a knack for being productive when they're passionate about their work. These days, human ingenuity finds a way to market nearly any skill or idea. Those of us at Secret Stage can't help but daydream now and then about what we'd like to be doing someday. Here are our top picks:


5. Famous Musician - "This is something I’ve wanted to do since I was young. The logistics of pursuing this career, however, have prevented me from taking it too seriously. It would be nice not to have to worry about money and have tons of fans who love you, but at the same time, not having much privacy and being scrutinized for every decision would get old."

4. Brewmaster - "Not a glamorous position or one that is considered often when kids are asked what they want to be when they grow up, but there are so many different possibilities for different beer and such a dedicated consumer base that it would be fun to mess around and try new things and get people’s responses."

3. School Administrator - "I think with some more teaching experience, I could be successful as a school administrator. You often hear about the band director turned principal, and there’s a reason for that. A lot of what we do as music teachers is administrative work to ensure the success and growth of our program. I would enjoy supporting a team of teachers and figuring out what I need to do to ensure their success."

2. Small Business Owner - "In another life, I could see myself owning a place serves good food and beer, much like Clubhouse BFD in Rochester. It’s a place that has frequently rotating taps (and a daily tap list), and has really good food. I would love the chance to work with customers to create an experience that would keep them coming back, not to mention working with local brewmasters and chefs to sample and promote their products."

1. Music Teacher - "I know it’s lame to put your actual career as your dream career, but it really is my dream career. I have a lot of insight into this career and it’s something I really love doing. I love working with students, solving problems, and figuring out what I need to do to help students be successful not just in the music program, but as learners in general. It’s a growing, changing field and I’m excited to be a part of it." 


5. Producer - "All but one of my "dream jobs" are in the rock industry because this is my love AND my life now. But if I could navigate a console and help steer bands towards writing killer records, that'd be pretty neat."

4. Rock Radio Jock - "I felt I had to include my current job somewhere because at the end of the day, it is pretty cool and I worked my ass off to get where I am."

3. Tour Manager - "This is a job that intrigues me because you get to tour with bands on a more personal level and see the quote on quote "rockstar life" without the pressure of being a rockstar. For an introverted and anxious person, that's pretty ideal."

2. Astronaut - "If I had the smarts to be shot into space, I most certainly would. This is a dream job list after all!"

1. Touring Musician - "Again if I were skilled enough to not just be in the music industry from the side I'm on and could actually go out on huge stages to play my own songs... well I can't think of anything that could top that for me."


5. Any Other 3-D Modeling Job - "It is what I know so I can't imagine doing anything else. I am honestly lucky that I got picked up by the people that I did, because I know I wouldn't have been as happy designing components for coffee makers or something for years."

4. Foreign Auto Makers - "I have nothing against the other companies. I think all of them have at least one car I could see myself driving. But 'murica."

3. Big 3 American Auto Makers - "I like the cars that my company produces more than any of the other "American" companies."

2. 3-D Modeling Automotive Parts (Where he's at now) - "The only thing that would make it better would be if it were for combat vehicles instead of civilian."

1. Making Military Hardware - "Whether it is General Dynamics working on the M1 Abrams, or... Well, it turns out they also make the LAV-25, so I guess working for General Dynamics us number one.


5. Professional Critic - "For example, writing reviews for restaurant, or golf courses. You get to travel, you get paid to eat, or to golf, or whatever you may be reviewing. Things that people often pay to do themselves."

4. Lawyer - "One of the main reasons this didn't happen is the amount of schooling involved. But I love to argue, and like most of those that are the same, I feel in pretty good at it. The pay is good, and it's something my mom would tell you I was born to do."

3. Secret Stage Personality - "This isn't a plug! The more I think about it, I know the goals, and ideas we have. I enjoy the stuff we do, and I would really love to make a living out of this, and be able to put all my time and effort towards this. Writing my own schedule, making our ideas come to reality, and work with like minded friends."

2. Professional Snowboarder - "I really enjoy the winter and snowboarding is a major passion of mine and being paid for something you're passionate about is always the goal right? I would get to travel, and not just normal travel but go to places very few get to go."

1. Driver - "Hands down, if I could get paid to drive fast, whether it was regular racing, drifting, street race, transporter type stuff, test track for cars, that would be the best. And nascar is not on that list for a reason. I love to drive, and anyone who has been in a car with me, knows I'm an aggressive driver. So if I got paid to do it, I couldn't ask for more."


5. Video Game Journalist - "While it's very different that general journalism, covering and reviewing video games would be pretty rad, especially with how deeply involved I am in that space as is."

4. Psychiatry - "As far as medicine is concerned, I consider psychiatry to be an outlier, but I find it the most compelling. The idea of helping people with otherwise overwhelming issues would make me feel like I'm doing something fairly significant for people on an individual basis.

3. Geneticist - "Of all of the the terrestrial branches of biology, genetics interests me more than than anything else. It's the basis for everything we do, and have ever done. It's absolutely fascinating."

2. Astrobiologist - "Studying life is cool. Studying life as it could exist elsewhere in the universe is even cooler. 

1. Producer/ Writer/ Director - "I'd love to keep producing podcasts, but also also expanding that into live productions, web video, and film. Definitely a hard nut to crack, but it'd absolutely be worth all of the work put in to it to get my creative works out there. The day I can work on that sort of stuff during the standard work day will be a great day."