Secret Stage Top Fives: Being An Adult Blows

Being an adult can really sneak up on you sometimes. As younger adults, the Secret Stage team toes the line between our fun, childish demeanor and getting thwomped by responsibility. As we trudge through the most depressing time of the year, the worst aspect of adulting are fresh on the brain, and here are the top 5 things we think blow about being a grown-up:


HM. Cooking - "I actually like cooking, but having to monitor all my own meals rather than having them sorted for me sucks. I forget to eat all the time and trying to cook a meal that's half as good as my mom's is impossible. Also, all the tasty shit just makes you fat."

5. Cleaning - "I feel like I'm always cleaning. Laundry, vacuuming, dishes... it never ends. Just when you think your deep clean of the house worked, a few days pass and you're back in a land of filth."

4. Health - "Not only am I falling apart with back pain, headaches, lack of sleep etc. But NOW, I have to handle all of my own doctor's appointments and shit too. Luckily, I'm still on my parent's insurance until 26. But, even still, having to call and go over insurance/schedule appointments with multiple people blows."

3. Taxes - "This is my first year handling my own taxes and let me just say... um, WAT!? Why advanced math was required in high school, but not a basic finance class is beyond me. Being thrown into tax season with no idea where to being is terrifying."

2. Bills - "No matter how much money I save or what extra cash I acquire, I'm constantly breaking even. Now, I manage my money pretty damn well and my credit is outstanding. Yet bills continue to eat away at every last cent I have to my name. Just stahp."

1. Lack of Time - "The older you get, the more it seems time is running out. As a kid, you went to school and still had plenty of time to play before the street lights came on and you had to head home. As an adult, you just have a fuckton of errands to run, work a full time job, have to pencil in free time so you don't waste it... before you know it, months have gone by and you have no clue what happened. I know I'll look back when I'm over the hill and think "If only I'd had more time." It's depressing as hell and there's not a god damn thing you can do about it."


5. Doubt – “We’re all starting our careers and as they progress, everyone has that moment of ‘what if I don’t succeed? What if I were more successful had I chosen something else’. “

4. Financial Responsibilities – “This includes doing taxes, paying bills, paying off loans, building credit, and generally being self-supporting and responsible for your own well-being. It’s a lot of pressure, and I’m sure it’ll get even more fun when kids of my own become a part of the picture.”

3. Being Self-Sufficient – “With this one I’m intending mostly the non-financial aspect. This includes deciding what you want to do with your life, becoming skilled in a field of your interest, pursuing that interest and gaining employment in that field, and figuring out your role as a productive member of society. Although most people have family and friends on whom they can rely for support, no one is going to decide what you want to do with your life. It’s one of the great and terrifying things about being an adult.”

2. My Body Falling Apart – “You don’t think about this when you’re young, but as you get older, time can take a toll on the body. It’s annoying and expensive, even when you do your best to take care of your body, there are still ways it can fall apart.”

1. Losing Touch With Friends – “We all move on and do what we want to do with our lives. Often times that means moving away or being in a position that limits contact. We grow apart, make new friends, begin new lives, and often change as people. People you spent every day of your life with at one point suddenly you haven’t seen in years. When you’re a kid you don’t realize that this happens, but as an adult we all have friends we wish we were still closer with, despite limiting circumstances.”


5. Not Around Family as Much - "The weirdest part of growing up is not seeing your parents so much. I'm a sucker for family time, family is first to me, but I'm also a pretty busy guy, and when I'm off work, I love to relax! I often miss being able to sit in the living room with my parents and watch some mindless night time TV. As an adult, you just grow and do your own thing, and although it's healthy and I'm happy with where I'm at, I miss the old times sometimes."

4. The Law - "As I've become an adult, I've had random hiccups with collection agencies (which wasn't my fault, but that's the scary thing!) a simple miscommunication with our old apartment complex and their agency almost cost me a bunch of money! Just getting a taste of just how hard things can fall on you if you aren't responsible is rather unsettling. When you were a kid, it seemed things just happened around you but never concerned you."

3. Scheduling - "Growing up, my parents didn't smother me, they weren't always giving me money for really anything, but I was lucky enough that my mother would schedule my random dentist appointments or if I was sick, she would schedule me a doctor's appointment. That was always nice."

2. You're On Your Own When Sick - "When you're up throwing up with the flu, or just stay home from work because you're sick there's nobody around to make you soup or take care of you."

1. Bills, Bills, Bills - "My number one reason being an adult sucks. Money rules your life."


5. Public Perceptions - "You know how many looks I get when I try to play an arcade machine? Good grief. Same thing when I longboard around the park on afternoons off, and especially when I stop for a Gameboy break. Just let me be."

4. Technology - "I am very tech savvy. Which is cool. But even can't always find the time to get into new technologies when they emerge. What the hell is a Vine?"

3. Getting the Mail - "However, in 2016, why the hell do I still have to go outside to retrieve mail? We have email. I shouldn't need to go out there. But I have to, because there MIGHT be something important out in that stupid box."

2. Aches and Pains - "I've always had bad knees, but now I have to constantly take care of my body. I don't have time for vegetables. But unfortunately, if I don't, I'll deteriorate into nothing."

1. Cynicism - "I refuse to let the world's negativity get me down. But other people don't. And that makes things awful. Too many people just looking out for themselves. Drives me mad."


5. Having to Buy Stuff Yourself - "When I were a kid, if you needed a new shirt, my parents would buy you one. (Or give me a hand-me-down) Now, I have to do it myself. But it isn't all bad, since there were things that my parents wouldn't buy. Whether it was too expencive, or if was something they didn't want you to have. But now I can just say 'fuck it' and just buy it. Maybe I should buy myself one of those death machines known as a trampoline now..."

4. Hangovers - "one of the greatest things about being an adult is being able to drink alcohol, as much as you want. But the flip side of that is feeling like shit the next day. Taking it easy and drinking in moderation is the answer, but sometimes you forget that the beer you're drinking is 11% and you just drank three of them on an empty stomach. Oops..."

3. Getting Pulled Over/Getting a Ticket - "Another great thing about being an adult is owning your own car. And I mean really owning it. Having the title and insurance in your name. But sometimes I want to drive my car faster than the state of Michigan deems safe, and sometimes a cop sees me doing it. So now my hard earned money goes to the state because I was on a hurry."

2. Job Responsibilities - "Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining about this. It isn't a big deal. But as a kid all you had to do was get up, go to school, do your homework, repeat. If you were late, no big deal. But now if I'm late, it's a problem. If I slack off and screw sketching up it will be more than my grade on the line."

1. Bills/Taxes - "Again, right now it isn't a big deal. I'm still living at home to save for a house. And I'm not making payments on my car since it was made in 1999. But I am paying for insurance on said car, and I'm not bringing home anything close to my salary thanks to taxes. Yeah it is great to have a job and make money, but it sucks that only a small percentage makes it into my pocket."