Nintendo Switch Reactions

Holy crap guys!

Nintendo has finally announced the Nintendo Switch, the official name for the code-named console NX. Man, I am so flustered and happy from what I am seeing.

Confirming what rumors have been speculating for months, the Nintendo Switch allows players to play a game on a television, but also allows you to pick up a screen from the unit itself to take the games on the go. This, alongside the ability to detach controllers to play multiplayer games on the go, makes this system something revolutionary.

Okay, so I want to list off facts that have been revealed in the announcement trailer, and official sources. First watch the trailer if you have not seen it.

Watch it? Good. Let's go over the things we can confirm.


  • Console/Handheld Hybrid
  • Removable controllers
  • Nvidia processor
  • Third Party Support
  • Uses Cartridges

Woah! Did I say third party support? That's right. Here is a list of partners Nintendo has announced.

In the trailer, we see Skyrim, we see an NBA game, and we see new Nintendo games! Holy crap!

The fact that Nintendo has such a unique looking device that has a strong support from third party says that the system is something to look forward to. Not only does Nintendo believe in this system, but the people who make some of the greatest games in the industry are supporting this thing. This is big news, as Nintendo's broken relationships with third parties are often seen as the reason to the lack of success of the Wii U.

The trailer shows off REAL CONTROLLERS as well as two removable controllers that can be used as a full sized control scheme when attached to the system, as well as two small controllers for multiplayer games. The removable controllers can also be used to pop on to handles to make them a separate controller on their own.

Nvidia has confirmed on their blog post that they are providing a custom made Tegra processor for the system. For those who don't know, this is a powerful processor that is used in gaming throughout the industry. Not going into the technical details, this is a very good sign that the Nintendo Switch will be able to render games with capable graphics and processing speed.

Last but not least, we got a confirmation that the system will be released in March of 2017. Soon!

So what do we think and how do we feel about the Nintendo Switch? You can go and listen to Podcasting With Power where Jordan and Zachary have discussed their thoughts. I asked them to give me short statements on what they thought.

Zachary“The Nintendo Switch is a stab at what Nintendo already does best: vibrant, unique games; a strong local multiplayer component, and portable gaming. I think uniting the home experience with a handheld is a great move and ensure a steady stream of first-party games from each of Nintendo’s studios. I’m sold on the hardware; Nintendo’s task now is keep me on the hook with a solid launch lineup, clear messaging, and a decent price tag.”

Jordan"The fact that Nintendo was showcasing competitive gamers says a lot about what they intend the Nintendo Switch experience should be"

What do I think? I am so excited for this thing! Not only does this make Nintendo focus on one system and focus on making games for it, the idea of the system sounds amazing. if it can deliver the promises shown in the announcement trailer, this could be the system that changes the way we look at Nintendo. Again!

Make sure you listen to Podcasting With Power for more reactions, as well as a regularly scheduled episode where we will be discussing the announcement more in-depth. 

Are you excited about the Nintendo Switch? Do you have doubts? Let us know in the comments below!