Secret Stage Top Fives: Fears

"...the only thing to fear is fear itself." - President Franklin D. Roosevelt

Fear can be crippling. It can keep us from doing the things we love, but like anything else, we must overcome them and prevail. Even the toughest people in the world have something they fear most. We certainly aren't free from that at Secret Stage, so here are our top fears:


5. Car Accidents - "This one isn't as relevant as it was a few years ago. Back when I was still going to Michigan Tech, I used to like to start the road trip there or back a day early so I could have a day to relax, but also at some ungodly hour in the morning. I did that so I wouldn't have to deal with traffic. But there were times when I was in the upper peninsula in the early morning, the roads were covered in snow, and I wouldn't see a car for hours. The thought would cross my mind that if I got in a big wreck and ended up upside-down in a snow bank unconscious, I might die simply because no one would find me. But now all the driving I do is to or from work and there are plenty of other cars. I still worry about crashing my car, but that is only because I don't want to have to fix it."

4. Heights - "This one isn't quite as straight forward as it might be for other people. Yeah, I get uneasy when I'm looking down over a cliff like a lot of people do, but there is more. Whenever I'm near a ledge that has no kind of railing, a tiny, psychotic part of my brain goes, 'what would it be like if I jumped?' And my brain plays what falling to my death would look like. Maybe there's something wrong with me, I don't know. But I stay pretty far back from unprotected ledges."

3. People/Things Looking Through My Window - "So this is one I've had since I was a kid. It used to be simply a fear of the dark. But it turned into a fear of what could be in the dark. And at night, even with all the lights on in the house, the one thing that is still dark is the window. So I am always terrified that I will look at the window and something/someone will be looking back at me. Because of this for years I had the blinds closed and curtains drawn in my room, and I even put up a curtain around my bunk bed so that I couldn't even see the windows at all. Now I have the projector screen in front of one window, and the other mostly bocked to keep the light off the screen. We talked about it a little on the podcast once, but back when Slenderman was more relevant the guys joked that they would put on a mask and go stand outside my window. I told them if I ever see something standing outside my window I would probably shoot it. And that sounds a little extreme, but from the outside of the house the windows are about 9 feet off the ground, so it's not going to be just skne dude peaking in the window. I'm not that paranoid anymore, I'm not going to start shooting out the window. But I might come outside and "confront" whatever/whoever thought it would be funny to scare me."

2. The Thought of Nothingness - "This thought came to me when I was watching a show on the science channel a long time ago talking about one of the tribes that first grasped the concept of zero. And it made me think of what nothing would be like. It terrifies me to think of there being nothing. I guess that's why space creeps me out a little bit because you could travel for millions of miles and not see much more than a few stray atoms. But at least you would have your ship, and your suit, and yourself. Now take all that away."

1. Knowing When I'll Die - "This one is more recent, and it comes from a stupid place. I was watching the movie "Knowing" with Nicolas Cage, and *spoilers* near the end he finds out that everyone is going to die, and he knows when. I can't deal with that idea. I'm not really afraid of death, if I get hit by a bus tomorrow so be it. I just don't want to know that in a year I'm going to die and there is nothing I can do about it. I think I would try and find a way to make myself forget. Heavy drinking, hypnotism, a hammer, whatever. I just can't deal with knowing."


5. Being Struck by Lightening - "I love thunder storms more than most things in my life, but being in an open field gets my heart moving for sure."

4. Leeches - "Listen. They're blobs that suck your blood. In the water."

3. Dropping Things From Far Up - "Whenever I'm standing on something really tall I feel like I have to clench whatever is in my hands even though the probability of dropping it isn't any different."

2. Large Amount of Blood - "More so just blood spurting out of things. One time a nurse was taking my blood and a thin line of blood shot from my arm."

1. Deep Water - "I absolutely can't stand the thought of floating in the middle of an ocean. I just picture floating above a huge empty canyon and imagining what could be under me."


HM. Darkness - "I'm not as bad about the dark anymore. Well. I say that, but I totally have night lights scattered around my house and being outdoors at night still gives me the spooks. But I swear, it used to be MUCH worse."

5. Spiders -"Most bugs in general, really. But ESPECIALLY spiders. They're ugly, they're capable of inflicting varying amounts of pain, and they're always there when you least expect them. Nope."

4. Deep Water - "Being eaten by a huge sea creature, drowning, having to tread water after a wreck leaves you stranded... I can go on and on with reasons why I hate deep water, but I'll spare you."

3. Heights - "I am alright in planes, tall buildings, roller coasters, etc. It's when I'm up high and there is no boundary between me and falling to my death that freaks me the fuck out."

2. Failure - "Whether it's living an unfulfilled life or just failing a test, I hate it. I put so much into avoiding failure because facing it is something I will never enjoy. Plus, trying to better yourself is never a bad thing."

1. Death - "Not so much me dying as people I love dying. Multiple members of my family have chronic illnesses and my biggest fear is honestly inevitable. One day, they will die and I'll be left behind. Unless I die first, in which case, they're stuck dealing with the same thing. You can't win and that, to me, is terrifying."


5. Spiders - " I normally don't get bothered by insects. Spiders however take the cake. They scare me even more if they surprise me."

4. Uncontrollable Debt - " This is something that had always scared me because I have seen what it can do to your life. Staying on top of bills is one of the biggest commitments I have in life."

3. The Pitch Black - " As a child the dark always bugged me. However when it is pitch black and you can see NOTHING that is what really scares me. The feeling of not knowing what is around you is terrifying."

2. Very Deep Water - " This kind of goes hand in hand with my darkness fear but the feeling of swimming in very deep water has always freaked me out. The thought of something swimming under you is overwhelming for me."

1. Drowning in a Car - " This has been a huge fear of mine, I even have a reason why. When I was a child I drove my step dad's blazer right into a swamp. We all had to bail out of the car and it has terrified me ever since. It's the combination of drowning and being trapped"


5. Public Speaking - "Probably a strange first pick for someone who does this sort of stuff every day, but I really don't enjoy being in front of people. Gives me a lot of anxiety. But I can get past it pretty easily when necessary."

4. Failure - "No one likes to lose, but it's easy to get caught up in that before it even happens sometimes. Even when the odds seem to be in my favor, there's always part of me that thinks it all might go wrong."

3. Heights - "This one is pretty rational, I think. Falling off something really high would be bad. Especially given that it would take a little bit of time to do so, and I'd be dreading it the whole time."

2. The Absence of Logic - "Life is full of logic puzzles for us to solve, and I enjoy doing that. A little bit of randomization is always good, but I think knowing that there's a way to solve a problem."

1. People With a Lack of Reasoning - "Tying in with the last one, people who don't think things through can be very, very dangerous when given the right amount of power. You simply can't make them see sense."


5. Heights -"I like to say I'm not afraid of heights but I am. Whenever I'm by the window at the airport it freaks me out and makes me super anxious.  Ladders are fine and so are bunk beds but other than that I get the weird feels and I don't like it."

4. Car Accidents -"I feel like everyone is supposed to get into some kind of a car accident in their life. So every time I drive I'm always worried that I'm going to get in one."

3.  Being at a Party and Not Knowing Anyone -"I hate being around people I don't know. It makes me feel sick to my stomach. When I know that I'm going to have to be around a bunch of people, my whole day is ruined and I have this dumb scared feeling."

2. Ticks -"I'm really afraid of getting a tick. Which is why I don't like going in the woods. Like having to burn them out or whatever. It's weird and gross and would hurt a lot. And getting a disease. Ew/ouch."

1. Murderers -"When I was little, my mom was always reading true crime books and watching documentaries on murderers and it scared me. I was always worried that someone was going to break into our house and kill everyone. It's still something I think about kind of often."


5. Being Completely Helpless - "This hits in two ways. Being unable to control the outcome of situations, or my future is a scary concept to me. But the other side being a situation where I am stranded some where alone, with no contact to anyone else, and unable to change that scenario."

4. Rejection - "This has always caused me to take entirely too much time procuring the outcome I wanted. Whether it was making sure the proper "ground was laid" before asking a girl out. Or making sure it was an undeniable situation, before asking a favor. It's less of an issue than it has been in the past. I contribute that to a lift in confidence."

3. Not Succeeding - "I have many goals, and lots of material things I wish to attain. Success is a part of achieving those. Not to mention, how much my father has been able to help our family and I, I want to be in a position to do the same for my family one day."

2. Being a Bad Dad - "I find this one so hard to overcome. It's hard with not knowing the right amount of involvement. Too much swaddling or too much freedom. I think for me, failing as a parent is the ultimate failure, so it terrifies me a bit."

1. Being Covered in Bugs - "This is just gross. The thought, makes me squirm. And it really doesn't matter what type of bug, all equally gross.