Secret Stage Top Fives: Midnight Snacks

You know the feeling: your favorite late-night talkshow is about to wrap up, and you get a rumbling in your tummy. You rummage through the fridge, and usually whip something together based on what you have. These are our favorite midnight snacks:


5. Cereal – “I rarely eat breakfast. Whenever I have cereal it’s at night after I’ve already had dinner.”

4. Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich – “This is easy enough for a late-night snack. I usually have something laying around that I can make a sandwich with, but peanut butter and jelly is a go-to for me.”

3. Bagel and Cream Cheese – “It’s just the right amount of food when you’re looking for something late at night.”

2. Crackers and Cheese – “This is something I’ve only done more recently because my girlfriends likes it, but it’s easy and we almost always have crackers and cheese in the house.”

1. Sour Cream and Onion Chips – “I’ve liked these since I was a kid, and it’s one of those that you can just snack on until you’re done and then leave them.”


5. Leftovers - "This could be Chinese food, pasta, a home-cooked meal you made for dinner etc. It's easy to grab a few forkfuls right out of the Tupperware before heading off to bed."

4. Chips and Salsa - "When chips aren't enough and I need just a little something extra, I go for the salsa. Keeps the calorie intake relatively low while taking care of midnight hunger pangs."

3. Cookies - "While I haven't had a cookie in months due to healthier eating habits, this will always be a favorite. Oreos or chocolate chip cookies and milk is good, but even better when it's satisfying that late night sweet tooth!"

2. Cereal - "Sometimes you want something hearty, but it's late so you don't want to make a full meal. This is a happy medium for that and if you portion it correctly, still pretty light on calories."

1. Popcorn - "This is my favorite snack overall, and even better at night time because it's satisfyingly low on calories. Plus, I've started popping corn on the stove and I'm not sure I could ever go back to bagged. So much fresher and way healthier for you!"


5. Dark Chocolate - " I really love dark chocolate. It's a healthy choice is chocolate is one of your cheat snacks."

4. Celery with Peanut Butter - " I have always loved this snack. It's a very healthy choice for someone that loves peanut butter."

3. Coconut Brownies - " I have always been a sucker for brownies. This is a low carb version that tastes better then regular brownies."

2. Coconut Chocolate Chip Cookies - " Like the brownies, this is a healthy alternative to regular cookies, one of my favorites. "

1. Yogurt with Cinnamon - " This is my favorite snack. Regular fat yogurt with cinnamon to add flavor. This is a healthy lo carb snack that is so delicious. "


5. Wheat Thins and Cream Cheese - "I couldn't tell you what it is exactly, but I'm a big fan of cream cheese. Bagels are my go to breakfast food, probably due to the cream cheese. But I discover it's also good on crackers and such, so I'll just have some with Wheat Thins. Plain or flavored are fine, but Zesty, and Tomato with Basil are some of my favorites."

4. Ice Cream - "This is one I sadly haven't indulged in too much lately. I am one of those weird people that like ice cream or milkshakes all year round. I really prefer Moose Tracks, but am always down for Mint Chocolate Chip, or Ben and Jerry's Coffee Coffee Coffee Buzz Buzz Buzz."

3. White Castle Sliders - "This is almost nostalgic for me now. Some of the Secret Stage guys will get these on occasion, and I think it's something will think of anytime I get White Castle. It's a nice treat, and I eat way too many sliders. But we always have a good night when sliders are involved, and actually have a couple a good stories to tell about are trips to pick them up."

2. Doritos and Ranch Dip - "Now chips and dip isn't exactly a new concept. But for a while now, I've been mixing my own ranch dip packets with sour cream, I think it's better tasting than the pre-made kind. And the Doritos is a new thing, for the longest time is was just plain chips, but this definitely kicks the flavor level up. My favorite flavor as of late, Sweet Chili."

1. Chicken Nugget Burritos - "These are not my creation, but I have certainly made them a regular thing for myself. I could and would really put this on any food list of mine, cause I've had these for meals at any time of day. I think if you asked anyone in my daily routine, this would easily be the most mentioned item on, "what does Dan eat." Therefore it, had to take the top spot."


5. Spinach Dip and Veggie Straws - "Jordan and I always go to Ninos and get spinach dip. I was tired of using tortilla chips so I tried it with veggie straws and let me tell you, it's the bomb."

4. Chex Mix - "Jordan's mom makes homemade Chex mix and it is sooooo good. My favorite part is the little cashews and brown bread pieces. I used to hate Chex but his mom knows how to make it super good."

3. Corn on the Cob - "I only like it cut off into little strips. That's my favorite part of Having corn for dinner. Being able to eat the leftovers in the middle of the night."

2. Onion Dip and Chips - "I never really used to eat onion dip until Jordan and so started living together. He makes it all the time. I feel like that's something that I don't eat at any other time of the day."

1. Spaghetti - "I could eat spaghetti at any time of day but it's especially good in the middle of the night. Spaghetti is my favorite meal and snack. That's another thing meal that I'm excited for the leftovers at midnight."


5. Ramen - "I eat a lot of ramen. Hell, in the last week, I've eaten 10 packets of ramen. I enjoy it quick a bit, and it's super easy to do. All of the fixin' related to it (like eggs) are super easy, too."

4. Sandwiches - "Again, another easy choice. I can just slap together some lunchmeat, cheese, guac, veggies, and whatnot super quickly, and chow down even faster."

3. Berries and Frozen Yogurt - "One of the few frozen foods I enjoy. I don't do great with ice cream, but yogurt does okay in my system, and the berries add just the right flavor profile."

2. Chips and Guac - "Salsa is a little overrated. Guac is the freakin' best food. Deal with it. Bonus points if you use Doritos."

1. Taco Bell - "Ah. The Bell. When I'm out late and need a bite, I'm always thinking outside the bun. Doesn't even matter what I get. Nachos, Double Decker tacos, Crunchwrap; it's all delicious."


5. Egg Sandwiches - "The closest thing to a meal that I make as a snack late at night are egg sandwiches. Just because they're fast to make and fill you up, but still not too bad for you!"

4. Pretzels and Port Wine Cheese - "Another one of my favorites, at least something I come back to from time-to-time."

3. Peanut Butter and Honey Sandwiches - "I like to buy corn wraps and make the sandwiches in those. They're easy and fast to make. Great for a quick snack."

2. Veggie Straws with Ranch Dip - "I like to buy the stuff to mix ranch out of sour cream and snack on that. It's pretty satisfying."

1. Snack Tray - "I can't even begin to tell you how much I can get into some crackers, cheese and some pepperoni."