Secret Stage Top Fives: Oh, the Places We Will Go

Getting out and exploring the world is important to all of us at Secret Stage, and we all have different aspirations for travel. Traveling can lead to some unforgettable experiences, and everybody has their own set of sights to see and attractions to visit. This week, the Secret Stage team discusses the spots they'd most like to visit.

Chris Kevin

5. Australia – “From what I can tell, there is a lot to do in the Sydney area. I would suffer through a couple long plane rides to be able to visit someday.”

4. New York, New York – “I’ve always enjoyed big cities, and New York is definitely one I’d like to go to. Any time you have a large number of people in one area, there’s opportunity for diversity in culture and a lot of interesting things to do.”

3. Washington D.C. “I’ve never been to the capitol and I would like to. I’d do some sight-seeing and see important historical buildings and other things that helped shape American history.”

2. England – “I’ve been there once for a school function and did all of the touristy things, but I would love to go back without having such a busy schedule.”

1. Germany – “I took German in high school, and it’s a place I’ve always wanted to go. I’m interested in the history and culture of the country and it would be a fun place to visit. Also, German beer.”

Nick Samo

5. Grand Canyon/Monument Valley – “I’ve already been to these places. However, they were both just one day stops on a weeklong trip. I’d like to go back and stay they several days each. There were off road trails that we couldn’t take because we didn’t have an off-road vehicle at Monument Valley. And maybe I’ll even hike across the Grand Canyon.”

4. New York – “This one I might actually do this summer. The biggest city I’ve ever been in is Detroit, and it’s not very big. I would never want to live in a big city, I know I wouldn’t like it, but I would like to spend a few days there just to see what it’s like.”

3. Bonneville Salt Flats – “If you’ve been paying attention at all you’ll know that I like cars. However, I’m not a skilled racing driver. So going to a track would be a little bit of a waste for me. But I can put the peddle to the floor and drive in a straight line for a long time. So going to the place where the fastest things on wheels are driven would be fun.”

2. Redwood Forest – “Every time I see a picture of the trees there I just can’t wrap my head around it. Some of the trees there have been standing since before America existed. And they are HUGE! I don’t know if that one with the road going through it is still there, but if it is I’d like to drive through it if I can.”

1. New Zealand – “To be honest, I don’t know much about New Zealand. What I do know is that The Lord of the Rings was filmed there, and also no matter where you look it is beautiful. So I could go there and just pick a direction and I’m sure I’ll see something good.”

Jordan Carlson

5. Australia - "Even though I dread the flight, and all the scary things that definitely live there, I would love to see it and experience life there."

4. Tokyo - "I very much enjoy the culture, and even more, the food. Someday I will go to Japan. The architecture would be breathtaking."

3. New York City - "I travel a lot, and have never been here. I've only seen it on TV, and even though people say it's a let down to see Time Square in person, I would love to see it."

2. Machu Picchu - "I can't say this out loud and not hear it in Nigel Thornberry's voice, but I remember in Spanish my teacher always talked about how beautiful it is and showed us pictures. I would love to see it for myself."

1. Sweden - "Seeing as how I have family in Sweden, it would be cool to go out there."


5. America's Coast Lines - "This one is lower on my list simply because they're the closest and most likely out of any of these. I really want to visit Washington, Oregon, and California because of the forests, mountains, weather, and lifestyle. But then you have the east coast which is a crazy shift from North to South. The goal is to eventually road trip my way down both."

4. Brazil - "There is something about Brazil that makes it stand out when I think of South America. The people, the music, the beaches, the rain forest. It seems like it would be a lively, colorful, and exhilarating trip."

3. Japan - "Japan is both futuristic and historic at the same time. The cities are full of hustle and bustle, but then when you're visiting the temples it's so serene and full of culture. I also love the childish wonder you see in Japan with toy stores, cat cafes etc."

2. New Zealand - " I wouldn't be against going to Australia, but something about New Zealand has that extra bit of appeal for me. Better scenery, less crowded, and LotR. Duh."

1. Europe - "This is a bit of a cop out because there are so many countries in Europe, but I seriously want to see as many of them as I can. I've been to Ireland but I want to go back, but there's also England, Scotland, France, Italy, Spain, Germany, Greece, the Scandinavian countries.... There's so much history and beauty out there and I hope one day, I'll get to see it."

Zachary Davis

5. Africa - "I'd very much like to see where modern humanity got its start. I think it's helpful to observe and learn from all walks of life, and I think it'd be great to journey there in the near future."

4. Scotland - "My family has a lot of roots in Scotland, and I've always enjoyed the landscape and ancient architecture."

3. Peru - "It was hard to pick a specific country in Central or South America, but as Jordan pointed out, Machu Picchu would be fantastic to see in person."

2. Japan - "I love major cities, and Tokyo remains the one I'd like to experience most. I've grown up worshipping Japanese culture, and I need to experience it firsthand."

1. Italy - "I mean, come on. Italy is rich in culture, craftsmanship, and cuisine. There simply isn't anywhere else I want to visit as much as I'd like Italy."

Dan Fortin

5. Scotland - "I'll be frank, I really want to buy an authentic kilt from Scotland. Plus my cousin/best friend is Scottish, so I would love to go with him, and experience it together, and learn more about his heritage."

4. Any Island Paradise! - "I've never seen a bad photo from an island paradise. As much as I dislike the ocean, I would love to be surrounded by water, on the beach, with a tiki bar not too far away. No cell service, and not a worry in the world."

3. Aspen, Colorado - "I feel like for American snow resorts, this is probably one of the most coveted ones. I love snowboarding, and over by the Rockies is the best place to go. Plus this is one of the more realistic places on here."

2. New Zealand - "Another great place to snowboard. Plus it very similar to my number one, but neither place would ever admit that. The sad part, is I don't know what else to expect when going there, other than snowboard potential, and the Lord of the Rings thing. Ha."

1. Australia - "This has been the main place I've wanted to travel for a long time. Probably one of my favorite accents to hear, I want to see wild kangaroos (I know that may not be realistic) and for some reason I've always put this place on a pedestal. Just not looking for to any potential wolf spiders."

Keenan Piche

5. Washington – “I have always wanted to visit the west coast. Washington to me is the most beautiful place to visit out there. The mountains and the forest make it a perfect destination for me.”

4. Thailand – “I would love to visit a lot of Asia. I have always been a huge fan of Thai food. I have always found that Thailand is one of the most beautiful Asian countries.”

3. Alaska – “I am a huge fan of the outdoors and hunting. Alaska to me is one place I would love to visit. I would love to go on a month long adventure into the wilderness of Alaska, one of my dreams.”

2. Ireland – “Being Irish I have always wanted to visit Ireland. The coast line and the mountains have always been a huge goal of mine to visit. I have wanted to try true Irish food.”

1. Japan – “This is my one dream destinations. Eating the food and seeing the culture would be amazing. I have always dreamed about visiting collector stores over there to see the REAL video game related collections.”