Secret Stage Top Fives: Trends and Fads of the 90's

Surprise, surprise: each member of the Secret Stage team came into the world during the 1990's. Like any decade, ours was full of iconic clothing, music, and so much more. So step back in time as we recall our top five trends and fads of the 90's!

Dan Fortin

5. Graphic Button Ups - "So I had a lack of style at one point, we I wore these. They had maybe flames, skulls, dragons etc, and were very gaudy. Ha. And like most who wore them, they were never actually buttoned. I'm glad I don't make those clothing decisions anymore."

4. JNCO Jeans - "Very intwined with the last one, and still very poor style. These embroidered loose fitting bottoms, practically came with their own chain wallet. Another one I'm glad I grew out of quickly."

3. Yo-Yo - "It's not like these don't exist now a days, but they definitely aren't as prominent as in the 90's. I know I had a few, and would practice with my step brother all the time, inter changing different pieces, and trying to do different tricks. And I always think of one of my favorite episodes of Recess, where Gretchen partake a in a Yo-Yo competition. Good times indeed."

2. Scooters - " I know these are still a thing and they are everywhere, but not like back in the day. I remember extreme scootering and people going pro, and taking scooters to a whole new level. I was never that advanced with them, but still had a couple throughout my childhood."

1. Tech Decks - "These were a big part of school for me, I always had one on me during middle school. They were constantly being taken away, and I'd just show up with another one. I had many of the ramps, and rail sets. For some reason, I just don't feel like these are as popular as they were back then. It's a shame."

Zachary Davis

HM. McDonald's - "So McDonald's is even more relevant today than it used to be, but I felt like I could not give them a shoutout. They were hittin' home runs back then. The Happy Meal toys (McNugget buddies!), the animated features, collectibles, and the general disregard for human health really take me back."

5. That Jazz Solo Cup Pattern - "You know what it is. I can't see the thing without instantly being swept back in time. I love it so much, I made it the thumbnail for this post."

4. Power Rangers - "My story arc through the 90's was ran pretty parallel with the first few runs of the Power Rangers. The Mighty Morphin variety remains my favorite to this day, and I'm so stoked for the new reboot!"

3. Nickelodeon - "Nick was another brand that was hitting it out of the park during that decade. The Rugrats, Hey Arnold, even Spongebob were killing it, and you had shows like Legends of the Hidden Temple, All That, and GUTS to round out the line up. So good."

2. Pokemon - "I've talked about Pokemon plenty, but I couldn't leave it off a list like this. Pokemon really launched a trend in my life of gaming and collecting, which sticks with me to this day. Today, it easily remains my favorite brand from back then."

1. Grunge - "To be fair, my love for grunge is still with me. Nirvana, Pearl Jam, and Alice in Chains really sum up music from the 90's for me, and the transition away from 80's rock. I don't usually go very long without listening to some grunge."

Jordan Carlson

5. Jump Roping - "Maybe it's lost in the 90s for me because that's when I was a child, but everyone used to do this. I remember doing Jump Rope for Heart and having a whole gym segment for it."

4. Tomagotchi - "Duuuuuuuuuude. It was your first responsibility, remember! I would actually love to have another one."

3. Pogs - "As a child, I feel like I didn't even know how to play, but I collected them and would bring my tube to school to trade my friends. I remember always getting sweet metal slammers."

2. Zebra Gum - "Super flavorful fruit gum that came with tattoos on the wrapper. The label on the pack always would catch my eye in the line to cash out. Too bad the flavor only lasted for like 30 seconds."

1. Rollerblades - "I still remember when I got mine. We were at Dunhams for like, 2 hours while I tried different pairs on. When we got home I went out to skate with my sisters. It was how we would get everywhere. Come on guys, tell me you remember the movie Brink!"


HM. Lisa Frank - "From folders to pencils, trapper keepers and backpacks. Lisa Frank WAS the 90's. If you didn't have one of those rainbow animals on your school supplies, you were doomed."

5. HitClips - "Before I even got my own CD player, I had hitclips. Looking back on this idea, it's pretty dumb. But at the time, collecting these snippits of popular songs was super fun. You weren't cool unless you had Britney Spears or NSYNC HitClips."

4. Weird Food/Drink - "Hear me out on this one. If you look back on the 90's, it was one of the zaniest times for all things food and beverage. Wonder Balls, Crystal Pepsi, French Toast Crunch, Surge, Gushers. As a kid in the 90's, it was a great time to be alive."

3. Chokers - "These have made a comeback for a reason. I wore one of these 24/7 back in the 90's. These cheap, swirly pieces of plastic can add instant edge to any outfit! Plus, I'm allergic to metal. So plastic jewelry that's actually fashionable is an instant win for me."

2. Cartoons - "It was a big deal to watch cartoons in the 90's because there were so many great shows. Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, and Disney definitely hit their prime in this decade."

1. Flannel Shirts - "These things come in a plethora of colors and patterns, so it's an easy addition to any outfit. It's also great for transition months when it's too hot for a full on coat and too cold for just a tank. Tie one of these bad boys around your waste and you're good to go!"

Nick Samo

5. Beanie Babies - "I didn't have very many, and to me they were just stuffed animals filled with beans instead of fluff. But even I know not to take to tag off. I was always shocked when other people cut them off because they didn't care."

4. Tamagotchi - "I'm not even sure if I had one of these for myself. I know my sister had a couple, but they might have even been some off brand. But all I remember is forgetting about it for a while and finding it dead and never wanting to play with it again."

3. Bop It - "I know I had one of these because it is still on my shelf. I might have lost the battery cover and I think some batteries corroded in it a long time ago, so it may not be worth anything anymore. I do remember cheating with it though. I would do the pull and twist with my hands, but I would hold the bop it against my forehead so I could just push it with my head. Kind of made it boring though."

2. Push Pops - "There was a lot of crazy candy back in the day. Fruit by the Foot, Bubble Tape, Bottle Pops, etc. But in the commercials for them they always showed the kids eating a tremendous amount all at once. Bubble Tape in particular, they would cram like a foot of gum in their mouth all at once. But it was always such a treat to get them that I always tried to make them last. One time I licked a push pop like twice, then put the cap back on and left it till the next day. It got stuck inside and I couldn't lick it anymore and eventually threw it away."

1. Toonami - "So at the time I never thought that much of Toonami. I mean it was cool, but I didn't watch it that much because when it was on was when my dad would have control of the TV. But I do remember DBZ and Big O among others. And it eventually turned into Adult Swim, so that's cool. But I think without Toonami I might not have any interest in anime today."

Keenan Piche

5. Pogs – “I recently came across my pog collection and man did it take me back. I used to play pogs with my sister and always had such a blast collecting them.”

4. Tamagotchi – “I always loved having one of these, feeding it, watching it poop. I remember in kindergarten I heard a noise from the coat room, I went running in there because it was the sound they make when they die, I was very sad.”

3.Nintendo 64 – “I feel like everyone that loved video games had one of these. I had all the cool games, and played the crap out of it. I still own the same one I bought when they came out.”

2. Nintendo Gameboy – “My first game boy was a green Gameboy pocket. I remember playing Pokemon and all sorts of other games. I still own multiple different versions of a Gameboy and still play them to this day.”

1.Pokemon – “ I LOVE Pokémon! This is something that has been through my whole childhood and my adult life! I have most of the Pokémon games and have played through all of them. Ijust bought the first 3 movies and 2 seasons of the show. I will always enjoy Pokémon and I am super pumped for the new mobile game Pokémon GO!”