Secret Stage Top Fives: Apps

It's 2016, and we all carry pocket sized supercomputers with us wherever we go. There is so much that you can do on a smartphone. From games and social networks, to music and apps that help our day-to-day, we all have our favorites. Here are the top five apps that the Secret Stage Team uses.


5. Pocket Casts - "I'm relatively new to Pocket Casts, but I'm in love. As the only app on my list not available for free ($3.99), it certainly proves its worth. Your personal collection of shows is presented beautifully, discovery is deep and intuitive, and there is a boatload of options to customize your listening experience."

4. Google Translate - "We live in a global society, and occasionally I need to translate something for my own interpretation, or to convey something to someone that doesn't speak English. On top of that, the live-translating via the camera is total future tech."

3. Hearthstone - "I don't play a lot of games on my phone, but Hearthstone holds a special place in my heart. The collectible card game is deep and addicting, net-play with PC and tablet users works well, and it's an experience that doesn't sacrifice much from the other versions."

2. Untapped - "As an avid craft beer drinker, Untapped is a necessity. You can track your beers, rate and review them, and post pictures and location data to help others find whatever you drank. In recent years, they've added more functionality to help track down specific beer near you. Oh, and it's got achievements."

1. MyPlate - "On my quest to maintain a healthier lifestyle, nothing has helped me more than MyPlate. Tracking caloric intake can be helpful, but means nothing without also tracking the calories you're burning, the nutrients you're taking in, and the amount of water you're drinking. MyPlate ports exercise data right from your phone's Health app, and keeps your honest. It's done wonders for me in the few short months I've been using it!"


5. Timehop – “This is a nice little app that reminds me of all the things I did years ago. Sure it makes me feel a bit lazy, but at least I know I haven’t changed that much when I see a post from 7 years ago simply saying “I’m so booooored.””

4. Facebook – “Although I spend most of my time on my phone browsing Facebook, I also browse it on the computer. I could simply use the mobile version of the website and it would work just the same.”

3. Shazam – “I wanted to put this one higher on my list, but I decided against it simply because I don’t use it very often. When I do it works great, but I think I’ve only used it a handful of times over the last few years.”

2. Torque Pro – “I wouldn’t be surprised if no one has heard of this app. It pairs via Bluetooth with a sending unit that you plug into the OBDII port on your car. It then can display any and all information about your car in real time. Things like speed, engine RPM, oil pressure, throttle position, what gear the transmission is in, etc. It can also scan and tell you what has cause the “check engine” light to come on. It is very useful especially with a car that could possibly blow itself up if something went wrong with the tune.”

1. Spotify – “What I said about using Facebook might not have been true just because I don’t know how much time I spend listening to music. At work, while driving, cleaning my room, while guests are over, I use it all the time. And since I have the premium version it is like simply having an enormous library of songs I never knew existed.”


5. Untapped - "This is every beer lover’s dream. I love to try new beer, and this makes it so I don't have to collect bottle caps. (Even though I do anyway) I also get to review the beer in my own words. So if I'm not sure if I've had a beer before, I can see that I have, and how it tastes to me."

4. Waze - "I was so stoked when a tattoo artist of mine told me about this traffic app. Any time I feel the "need for speed" I bust this app out. And thus far, I have had no issues with false information or run into unreported cops."

3. My Bank App - "It's just so convenient! It makes it easy to control my money, move it around, and pay any bills I have. I moved to a city for a couple years, there were none of my banks branches accessible, so without the app, I would have been screwed. Or at least had to switch banks, which I don't want, because I've been a member for 13 years."

2. Tumblr - "This one makes the list, cause it's the ultimate time passer for me. Once I've burned through the other social media apps that I feel the need to check daily, there is this one. And I like it because, for me, it's more endless. I won't get to the last spot of the feed that I saw last time I was on."

1. Instagram - "Other than messages, email, and apps such as that, this is the one I check the most. I find it to be the least annoying common place social media app. Snapchat, I just tap through 98% of stuff, Facebook is all memes, videos, and complaints, and Twitter is super sporadic. I don't feel any of that toward Instagram, I like 80% of what goes on there, except when people feel the need to spam out an event or just I general post a bit too frequently. I just wish I decided to post on there more often."


5. Genius Scan - "This app has saved my life on multiple occasions. I use it to scan documents for work. If I need somebody to fill something out for me, just scan it, send as a .PDF, they fill it out, and scan it back to me. Deliciously awesome. Fuck yeah."

4. PicPlayPost - "Another thing I love to do; I love making little video montages. Whether it's a more serious toned one like when I'm on vacation and it's my family and I having fun, or a montage of somebody I'm with grocery shopping to 80's music."

3. MemeCreator - "I fucking love making my friends into memes. Because I fucking love memes."

2. Timehop - "Weirdly enough, my favorite morning ritual (on my phone) is checking my Timehop! It's funny to see what happened last year, especially if there was a funny tweet or quote that I had forgotten about."

1. Podcasts - "I spend a lot of time in my car, because my drive to work is a lengthy one. Believe it or not, I've actually grown tired of listening to music all the time, so I spend most of my time listening to various podcasts!"


5. Starbucks – “As someone who drinks like, a lot of coffee, it’s always good to have a Starbucks near where you work. Being able to refill my Starbucks Gold card with a tap of my finger is really helpful, especially when I’m running late for work.”

4. Spotify – “Spotify is one of the best music platforms I have ever used. I have the premium membership, so being able to pick any song I listen to at a moment’s notice, and save it to my phone is so convenient.”

3. Facebook Messenger – ‘While I may not be the biggest Facebook user, Facebook Messenger is one of my main forms of communication with my friends. It’s much easier than group texts, and it keeps everything in a nice and tidy format. It’s even the way that we here at Secret Stage keep a group chat.”

2. Twitter – “I love Twitter! It is my favorite form of social media. The quick way you can scroll through so many news stories and updates makes it my modern version of a newspaper. Right when things happen, you can count on learning what is happening more in depth by jumping into a twitter feed.”

1. Podcasts – “If you see me with headphones on, I am probably listening to a podcast. I listen to a loooot of podcasts, and it was this little obsession that lead me to Secret Stage in the first place. There is something special about listening to people have an engaging conversation while going throughout your day. Plus, it helps me keep up with game news and opinions when I don’t have time to read articles.”