Nintendo Direct 9-1-16 Impressions


When Nintendo announced that they were having a Nintendo Direct focused on 3DS this week, I had no idea what to expect. With not too much shown at E3 this year, I was left curious what they would have shown in this Direct.  

After watching today's direct, I am now so excited for the upcoming months. New game announcements, new features being added to current games I own, and new amiibo for Zachary and I to burn our wallets on. 

Let's take a look at what was announced. 

The Direct started out with a little look at one of my most anticipated game coming this holiday; or should I say games?

Pokemon Sun Version and Pokemon Moon version have had a lot of announcements surrounding them lately. While not a huge announcement, the Pokemon Rattata (you know, the one you can't stop seeing in Pokemon Go) will be getting a new regional variant in the new region Alola. It's a dark type-normal type hybrid, and it's nice to see new versions of Pokemon that I have known all my life. 

Early adopters of the new games will also be given the Pokemon Munchlax, who when evolved into Snorlax gets a new move exclusive to those who buy it early.

It's weird that pre-order bonuses and a new version of the most common Pokemon get me so excited. 

Next up, we had the announcement that a version of Super Mario Maker for 3DS will be coming out on December 2. While this version takes away amiibo support and course codes, it is nice to see that the people who do not own a Wii U will have the chance to play arguably one of Nintendo's best games last year. 

Do you play Animal Crossing New Leaf? Well, after the Japanese announcement a while back that the game would be getting amiibo support, it is finally announced to be coming to North America. With the update, players will be able to use Animal Crossing amiibo cards and figures, alongside many other amiibo to receive special villagers, items, and events in the game.  

I am so excited for this, mainly because my Animal Crossing amiibo figures and cards have not been well implemented in the last few Animal Crossing spin-offs, and I get to jump back into my town that I haven't visited in a while. I hope that my villagers still remember me. 

With an announcement that I did not expect, five new Mii Plaza StreetPass games were announced, and are available now. The new games are Slot Car Rivals, Market Crashers, Feed Mii, Mii Trek, and Ninja Launcher. You will be able to download either Slot Car Rivals or Market Crashers for free, with a discounted price for buying the rest.  

As someone who goes to college and StreetPasses a bunch of nerds frequently, I am excited. I have bought every single StreetPass mini game, and I cannot wait to go home and download them. I need all of the puzzle pieces guys! Carry your 3DS! 

 A new Picross game was announced called Picross 3D: Round 2. It is available now on the e-shop with a demo to try before you buy. 

While my experience with Picross has mainly been with the 2D grid-style versions, I have heard plenty of praise for the Picross 3D series. Also, It has amiibo support for exclusive puzzles, so I gotta try it out. 


What happens when World of Tanks meets Splatoon meets a hero shooter? You get the new original game from Nintendo called Tank Troopers. 

A multiplayer focused game, Tank Troopers lets players go head-to-head in a crazy and colorful game filled with unique looking characters. Different characters have different abilities for their tanks, so there will be a variety of ways to play this fun looking tank-shooter with your friends. 

I'm not a huge fan of World of Tanks, but give me some fun looking characters that can shoot ice out of their tanks, and you may have just won me over. 

There was also a Mario Party game announced for the 3DS called Mario Party Star Rush. This game seems to be going back to the regular structure of a board game seen in Mario Party games pre-Mario Party 9, while also adding a bunch of new features and modes, as well as new amiibo support. 

Only time will tell if this is worth playing. After Mario Party 10, my hope's aren't that high. 


If you haven't gotten sick of new amiibo announcements you're in luck! To celebrate the 30th anniversary of The Legend of Zelda, Nintendo will be releasing a series of amiibo, based on popular games in the franchise.  

8-bit Link, Adult Link from Ocarina of Time, and a two-pack featuring Link and Zelda from Wind Waker will be released on December 2. They will have special functionality in the upcoming Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild as well, with no further details given.  

A new art book for the Zelda series was also announced, featuring art from throughout the franchise. It is now available to pre-order on Amazon.  

I'm running out of room on my shelves already, so it may be time for me to make room for more amiibo and books..... 

One of the weirdest, but one of my favorite Zelda games, The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword, will also be available starting today on the Wii U e-shop. Reggie referred to it as the "Original Version" of the game; so maybe that is a hint towards a future HD remaster? Only time will tell! 

Hyrule Warriors Legends also will be receiving a new DLC pack featuring Toon Link from Spirit Tracks, Toon Zelda in her armor from Spirit Tracks, and a new adventure mode map. It is available today. 

I am going to skip over the 3rd Party section, mainly because they are all games that were previously announced. 

Poochy & Yoshi's Wooly World will be coming to 3DS with new Poochie exclusive levels. A yarn amiibo version of Poochy will be released alongside the game, on February 3 2017.  

More yarn amiibo? Sign me up! 

A new game called Mario Sports Superstars was also announced. Collecting a variety of sports (including horse racing?), the game lets you play with your friends both locally and online. It's coming out in 2017, and already looks ten times better than Mario Tennis Ultra Smash. 

A new Pikmin game has been announced, but it may not be the game the game you expect. This untitled game is a side-scrolling Pikmin adventure starring Olimar. Keeping the core mechanic of collecting Pikmin and using them to explore throughout your environment, the game looks actually pretty cool. It will be available in 2017. 

That is all! I know I left a few games out, but these were the announcements I wanted to focus on. There were so many things that came out of this Nintendo Direct that I did not expect. People who own a 3DS will not be short of anything to play come this holiday season, and I am so excited.  

For more impressions on this Nintendo Direct, make sure to listen to Podcasting With Power this week!