Secret Stage Top Fives: Restaurants

There is no denying that we all love food. Food is what makes the world go 'round. So this week, we decided to list off our favorite restaurants. From fast-food, to culinary delights, our taste in food is quite everywhere.


5. Outback Steakhouse - "My mom worked here when I was younger, so I would hang out there with her a lot. The Mac N Cheese is one of my favorites to get, and has been since I was young. Plus as far as I know they were the first to have the Bloomin' Onion or anything like it, and that's another favorite of mine. Good food, well priced, can't beat it."

4. Rioz - "This is a Brazilian steak house I first visited in South Carolina with my family. They walk different cuts of meat around, and you can opt to have some or pass for the next that comes along. It's some of the best cuts of meat I've had. It's where I discovered I like lamb."

3. Soho - "This is a Korean restaurant in Rochester Hills, Mi. All I have ever had here, is sushi, but it's the best sushi I have ever had. This is literally what I compare all other sushi places to, and not seems to compare thus far. My go to is the Sunday Morning roll."

2. Grumpy Monk - "This is a good place in South Carolina. I love this place because it serves a rotating tap list, great bar food, and sushi. I don't know many places you can get all that at the same place. Also in Wednesday's, when you buy beer, you get to keep the glass. Safe to say I have a few."

1. Clubhouse BFD - "Another great place in Rochester Hills, Mi. So the "BFD" stands for Beer Food Drink, which doesn't quite have the same ring to it. This place has one of THE best rotating tap lists I've seen, and on Sunday's, most Michigan beers are half off. Plus, the food is just as good, I find myself craving the sweet potato tots."


5. Dibellas - "Another fast place to eat, but I love sandwiches. It's such a step-up from Subway (even though sometimes I have weird cravings for Subway) Dibellas is just a nice upgrade when you're feeling a quick delicious sandwich."

4. Chipotle - "I'm not usually into Mexican style food, and it's far from authentic, but I love Chipotle. The culture of their company is also very admirable."

3. Chadds Bistro - "Another local place here in Rochester, they get fresh ingredients every morning. I would compare it most to a Jewish Deli, serving reubens and delicious sandwiches. It's a must-try if you ever come to the area."

2. SOHO - "Allison and I probably go here a few times a week for sushi. (Most of us here at Secret Stage have a sushi problem.) SOHO is predominately a Korean restaurant, but they have a lot to offer. Personally I think it's the best place around to get sushi."

1. Rams Horn - "A.K.A Rams Hole! My absolute favorite place to either get a cup of coffee, or some delicious breakfast. It's a 24-hour diner here in Michigan and has been my personal hangout place for years."


5. Jack in the Box (Nationwide, except where it counts) - “I like a lot of fast food, but the real victor in that space is Jack in the Box. THERE ARE SO MANY OPTIONS. You ever want a big cheeseburger and some tacos? Me too. Maybe throw some curly fries on that burger? How about some pancakes? Done. It’s a mad house. The only downside? We’ve got none of them in Michigan.”

4. Hunter House (Birmingham, Michigan) - “I like a good, greasy burger now and then. In the Detroit Metro area, Hunter House is tops. It’s a tiny little place right off M1, and have a simple, classic feel to it. If you’re ever in town, get yourself a burger, some cheesy fries, and a shake and love your life.”

3. Dirty Frank's Hot Dog Palace (Columbus, Ohio) - “While chili dogs are one of my favorite foods, I’ve never been one for traditional hot dogs. HOWEVER, Dirty Frank’s doesn’t just do traditional. 40 well-crafted creations, which can be further customized with all sorts of options (including vegetarian, vegan, low-carb, and so on). Pair all of that up a ton of delicious sides, and you’ve got a winner.”

2. Which Wich (Nationwide) - “I’ve only recently discovered Which Wich, but I’ve since been there more than the previous 3 entries on this list. I was enticed by the tagline “Superior Sandwiches”, for I like a good sandwich. I walk in, and I see a series of bags, each representing a different sandwich category. From there, you select one of five variations, and then pick all of your fixings. Holy cow, you can do so many things. My personal favorite? Surf & Turf (Crab Salad and Roast Beef) with Pepper jack and Spicy Mayo. Tastes like a big sushi roll.”

1. Lipuma’s Coney Island (Rochester, Michigan) - “The hometown hero. As mentioned, chili dogs are one of my all-time favorite foods. And I have never been to a place that does a coney and chili-cheese fries more my style than Lipuma’s. There’s nothing better than pigging out on sloppy foods next to the water like you can downtown.”


5. Chipotle – “You can’t go wrong with Chipotle. My favorite thing to do is to ask for an exorbitant amount of food, and watch as like, three employees struggle to close a burrito. I also love those Coke Freestyle machines that let you drink like, any Coke product in any way you want.”

4. Taco Bell – “I don’t know why I keep going back to Taco Bell. The food is only okay and my stomach always hurts afterwards. I think it is because they make the most ridiculous food that draws me in. Who else would have thought to put a burrito in a quesadilla?”

3. The Garlic Press Café – “This is a small little local restaurant over in Normal Illinois. My favorite thing to do is go and buy comic books across the street and come over the The Garlic Press and read and drink coffee. So much bliss.”

2. The Rock Restaurant – “This is another small restaurant, but I think that it may have the best fries in the world! They are perfectly deep fried to perfection! I can’t even describe how good they are you just need to try them.”

1. Portillo’s – “Best hot-dogs. Best Italian Beef. Best atmosphere. A chocolate cake that has a slice of chocolate cake in it. This is culinary perfection.”


5. Smash Burger – "I figured I should have at least one place on my list that was something close to fast food. One of these places just opened up down the road from my house so I think I’ll be eating there more often. I like their burgers, I like their fries, and I like their shake/malts."

4. The Library Restaurant and Brew Pup, Houghton, MI – "This would be much higher on my list if I was still up at Michigan Tech. When I was a freshman they had a hot sandwich that was 3 or 4 different meats, cheese, and a pub sauce on ciabatta bread. It was fantastic. It was also there where I learned how good stouts and porters were. By the time I had graduated they had changed their menu and they no longer offered that sandwich, but they did have a spicy burger that was delicious. I will no doubt eat there when I eventually go back up for a visit."

3. Studio Pizza, Hancock, MI – "Another great one from up north. Studio Pizza is actually built in an old theatre. The first time I went it was in bad shape, but they were in the process of restoring it. Before I graduated, I went and watched a student jazz group perform on stage while eating their delicious pizza. The pizza itself is interesting. They use a frozen crust, but the toppings more than make up for it. The one I always got there was simply layers of meat and cheese. This is another place I will visit when I go back up north someday."

2. Alibi of Troy, MI – "Although they have other things on their menu, I have only ever gotten their pizza. The reason being is it is the best pizza I’ve ever had. The toppings are fantastic, and the crust is so good I could eat it on its own. It is always a real treat when we get that for dinner."

1. Pop’s For Italian, Ferndale, MI – "I have only been here once, but it left such a good impression that I am absolutely going back. It just so happened that we went on their opening day, but if the waitress hadn’t told us we would have never known. I ordered a simple fettuccine alfredo since I wasn’t looking to get anything fancy that day. It was by far the best alfredo I have ever had in my life. Couple that with an extensive wine list and a beer list that isn’t too shabby either and it is a great place to eat."