Secret Stage Top Fives: Songs While Driving

With all of us living in the Midwest, driving is our primary form of transportation. When getting from place to place, music is a great way to pass the time. Music can remind us of memories of the past, and fill us with positive vibes. Here are our favorite songs to listen to while driving. (P.S. Nick cheated but I let it slide. ^-^)


5. Chimes (Hudson Mohawke) - "With the surround sound in my car, I just always think this song sounds amazing and it always makes it into my road-trip playlists."

4. Arabella (The Arctic Monkeys) - "I just really think it has a really good groove to drive to."

3. Sail (AWOLNATION) - "Here, again, I just think this song sounds really good in my car and I love all the varying levels of energy to it."

2. Paranoid (Black Sabbath) - "I grew up listening to a lot of classic metal because of my mom, and Black Sabbath was always a favorite of mine. So this song always takes me back to my childhood."

1. Stairway to Heaven (Led Zeppelin) - "This song was always on the mixed CDs that my mom would make for our family road trips. Every time I hear this, I just remember being a kid with my family, and all of the family vacations that we've had."


5. Drive My Car (The Beatles) - "If you're not honking your horn while listening to this song, you're doing it wrong."

4. Panama (Van Halen) - "Seeing a theme here? Yet another 'car' song, but this one is a doozy. From the get-go, the two Van Halen brothers create a heart-pumping sound, and David Lee Roth just has a 'Drive-Fast-And-Make-Bad-Decisions' kind of voice.

3. Radar Love (Golden Earring) - "The pounding beat and build-up in this song is perfect for getting amped while on the road. It's long without droning on, and if it doesn't get you scream-singing in your car, I don't know what will."

2. Highway Star (Deep Purple) - "Hell, 'highway' is right in the title! Again, this song builds up quickly and really gets you moving. That iconic wail at the very beginning has echoed through my car hundreds of times. Try keeping the speed limit while this is on. Go ahead, I dare you."

1. Bohemian Rhapsody (Queen) - "Who hasn't attempted to recreate the scene in Wayne's World where the cast goes wild jamming this song in their car? You're lying if you've said no. Go out, get some friends together, and rock this one out."


5. Pompeii (Bastille) - "A lot of the music I like I attribute to times in my life when I remember feeling emotion of some sorts. Bastille's album All This Bad Blood was one of the albums that I remember listening to over and over when I was going through a rough time in school. Pompeii always manages to pick me up when I am feeling overwhelmed when driving to school, especially when I do not want to be there that day."

4. Mind Over Matter (Young the Giant) - "When I think of Young the Giant, I remember the times when one of my close friends and I would hang out in his dorm playing Smash Bros and watching Parks & Rec. He was supposed to have a room-mate, but the student never showed up, leaving him with an extra bed to himself. He would have me stay the night and hang out all night, and then drive me to my classes in the morning (we went to different universities). Every time he drove me, he would be playing Young the Giant's album Mind Over Matter, and the titular song reminds me of those good times."

3. Style (Taylor Swift) - When the album 1989 came out, I was going through a rough time with depression. I remember thinking, "Jared, you've loved every Taylor Swift album, but you've fallen out of love with her music." I for some reason ended up buying the deluxe version of her album and fell in love with this song, I would blast it through the speakers of my car, without a care in the world. It makes me think of windows down, coffee in hand, and taking in the Fall breeze as I drove to work/school."

2. Non-Stop (Hamilton Soundtrack) - "I frickin love Hamilton. When I listen to Hamilton, I usually find myself listening to the 3-hour album from start to finish, but something about this song gets me pumped. It has something to do with Alexander Hamilton being a writer, working hard to accomplish what he believes in, and striving to get what he wants that makes me feel inspired while driving. Especially since I hate driving."

1. New Americana (Halsey) - "New Americana is one of my favorite songs in the past few years. There is something about having a Summer song and album that you listen to while driving with windows down that gets me pumped. Bro-tanks on, wind in your hair, and a song about America is always something to be excited about. It's synth beats and heavenly vocals always bring me to bliss, even when I hate the Summer heat."


5. Last Long Continent (La Dispute) - "This band is one of my favorites. It can be very chill, but there is some up heat in there too. Plus, they are from Michigan! This song is just one of my favorites from them, and it over 12 minutes, so it's a good jam session."

4. Pardon Me (Incubus) - "As many know, Incubus is my favorite band of all time, so they had to make the list. As much as I love their mellow songs, not as much for driving to. This song is up beat, and I can't help but sing along."

3. Hood Go Crazy (Tech N9ne) - "I had to have some gangster rap in on here. This song just gets me hype. The third verse is my favorite to belt along."

2. Girl Crush (Little Big Town) - "To show my country side of course. This one, I can picture as I sing, and I do always sing when it's on. And as someone who has been on all sides of a cheat, I connect with the song."

1. King of Amarillo (Issues) - "Jordan is the one who showed me this band. And this was the first song he showed me. It jams! A great mixture of bass drops, mellow periods, good lyrics, and just a good sound!"


5. Way Back When (Kodaline) - "This song is most memorable when I'm on vacation. Real good summertime jams."

4. Miserable Failure (Iron Reagan) - "I don't really have an explanation for this one, I just fucking love this song."

3. Jackie And Wilson (Hozier) - "This is predominantly a summertime jam, but it does good for the feels if you're down."

2. A Day At The Races (Jurassic 5) - "Another good cruising song for the nice days. Tricky thing about this list is that mine change dramatically by the season."

1. A to G (Blackalicious) - "This is a song I generally enjoy skateboarding to, but it's an awesome driving song for a nice day."


5. Time and Time Again (Chronic Future) - “I only know this song because of Burnout 3: Takedown. I have all the songs on a flash drive somewhere as well as on my old iPod touch. But this one is my favorite. I have to say, driving while listening to a song from game where you drive as fast as possible until you crash might not be the safest thing in the world, but I do it anyways. What’s the worst that could happen?”

4. Demon Days [Album] (Gorillaz) - “This, along with several of their other albums, is actually in the CD changer in the trunk of my car right now. Any time I’m on a road trip and I don’t feel like plugging in my phone/iPod, I’ll go to the CD’s and that’s the first one in there.”

3. (All Led Zeppelin albums) - “This is usually the first thing I put on when I do decide to plug my iPod in. I start with Led Zeppelin I and work my way through them all. Usually ending with Presence. It’s a good way to pass the time when you have a 10-hour road trip ahead of you.”

2. Free Bird (Lynyrd Skynyrd) - “This also comes from a video game that involved a lot of driving. In GTA San Andreas, this song was on the radio station KDST. I have the entire station as an MP3 file, complete with the little snippets from the DJ in between songs. Since I spent so much time just driving around in that game with that station on, I’ll put it on in my car since it just seems fitting.”

1. Paradise City (Guns N’ Roses) - “This is pretty much just like #5. When you start up Burnout Paradise this is the first song that plays. And honestly it’s the only really good song in the game in my opinion. By the time the tempo increases towards the end of the song you are usually flying down the road at break-neck speeds. Again, probably not the safest thing to drive to, but good none the less.”