Enjoying Fall Gaming

When the autumn leaves start turning a multitude of colors here in the midwest, the whole area starts to get chillier. School starts for some, others have a normal work schedule, but those of us who like games find time in between the busy season to play some wonderful games.

Fall and Winter are traditionally seasons where new games get released, and when gamers start playing the games they have patiently been anticipating. Spending chilly nights covered in blankets playing games can be quite an experience.

But what makes a good Fall game? Is it the big blockbusters that take our focus the most, or do games that have previously been played make a great and relaxing time to play during busy seasons?

When looking at fall games, most people look forward to games that they can pick up and put down in small increments of time. Call of Duty games are traditionally released in November, when most people are at their busiest getting ready for the upcoming holidays. Multiplayer games are a great example of games that can be played in small chunks, and put down when there are other things that occupy out time. Destiny expansions have been released early in the Fall as well, taking a release spot right before the big rush of releases come out. Another multiplayer-focused game, it shows that people want to play games with their friends when they are spending more time inside. And who can blame them?

Maybe you like to play a game to relax in the nice weather? I know I sure like playing Animal Crossing games in the Fall, as it is a great way to spend time playing games, while not being something that can be extremely time consuming. I even end up playing my New 3DS outside, as the smells of the season accompany

Then there are the big guns! The big story based games that are meant to take up many hours in your day. Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain and Fallout 4 were big culprits when it came to stealing away gamers from their lives last fall. I know I personally spent over 70 hours playing Metal Gear, wanting to play more the further I progressed. When you want to get lost in a story, having a cup of a hot drink, keeping warm, and getting lost in a world that is different than your own can be an exceptional experience.

No matter what kind of games you play, Fall is a great season to do so. If you are looking to play Pokemon Go, you won't melt if you try to go out on an adventure. If you like the inside, the comfort of having a world you can experience can make for a great time. There is a Fall gaming experience for everyone, and I hope everyone finds their favorite way to play.

What are your favorite games to play in the Fall? Leave a comment below letting us know!