The YouTuber That Changed My Outlook on Content Creation

About a year ago, I discovered a video on YouTube called Boundary Break: Wind Waker, from a YouTuber called Shesez, and I've been hooked ever since. Essentially, Shesez manipulates the camera in various video games to explore the areas developers never intended you to see. The results are often fascinating. Today, the Boundary Break series celebrates its first anniversary (which is totally coincidental with the timing of this writing), and it's been an incredible ride so far! Shesez, if you're reading this, I can't wait to see what content you have in the pipeline, and I hope you continue to see success.

I could go on and on about why these videos are so cool, but that's not really the point of this editorial. No, the reason this channel is so special to me goes beyond the secrets it reveals about my favorite games. Simply put, Shesez' more recents videos (including his Real Talk series where he discusses his process and motivations) have fundamentally changed the way I look at content creation. I spent the weekend marathoning his videos, and I'm left envious of just how passionate he is about what he's doing. From the beginning, he asks "Have you asked yourself, what is beyond that invisible wall? What is above that cliff? I see that castle in the distance; what is over there?", and that curiosity have held up all the way through his most recent episodes. 

Don't get me wrong; from just a technical standpoint, it's very impressive to see these games dissected the way that they are. He's providing a service that the majority of people are probably unaware is even possible, but it's more than that. With some education, practice, and the correct tools, I bet I could figure it out. But there's an ingredient that myself and others could never emulate. Shesez' curiosity is what makes it all possible.

And it's incredibly genuine. At the beginning of the series, the viewer is asked to join Shesez on a journey and, for the first time in my experience on YouTube, I truly feel we're in something together. As time goes on, he's picked up new skills to make the exploration even more interesting, and has even taken the time to go back to games he's done to out those new abilities to work. The games for almost every video are selected by viewer vote. You can often catch livestreams of his sessions capturing footage from some of the games, well before they're cut together for the next video. And you want to know what he did when his channel saw a huge increase in views (and ad revenue)?

He ordered shirts and gave them away to the fans that made his success possible.

This is the kind of guy that should be making YouTube content. He's humble, he's learning and improving as he goes along, and he doesn't demand your support. He genuinely wants you to enjoy watching the videos, and you can tell that's his priority. I legitimately get an uplifting feeling after every new episode, and I hope any potential viewers out there will feel the same way after checking out his channel. From what I understand, we both would love to create full time, but Shesez' method has informed my new outlook on making that happen. Enjoy what you do and never stop learning. I'm confident that if the passion is there, the audience will surely follow. Good luck and best wishes, Shesez. We're pulling for you!