Gamers For Giving 2017!

As mentioned on this week's podcast, several members of our team will be attending a charity gaming event called Gamers For Giving this weekend! Founded in 2008, Gamers for Giving is a competitive gaming tournament and LAN party that helps generate resources for the initiatives of Gamers Outreach. Hosted in Michigan, the event has become one of the largest independent LAN parties in the United States. Funds raised during the event help support Gamers Outreach charity programs, such as building portable gaming carts for children in hospitals. 

If you'd like to contribute to the cause, consider donating directly to Gamers Outreach here.

The event begins today, and runs straight through to 10PM on Sunday. For 36 hours, it'll be a non-stop video game festival. This year, we've got Zachary Davis, Nick Samo, Dan Fortin, Jordan Carlson, Jared Schuh, and Allison Dunbar here representing Secret Stage. Throughout the weekend, we'll be streaming on Twitch, posting photos from the event on Instagram, and active on Twitter. Follow each of these to get in on the action and spend some quality game time with your friends at Secret Stage!