Nintendo Switch Wishlist

With the Nintendo Switch Presentation airing later tonight, I thought it would be fun to make a wishlist of plausible features I hope the Switch will have. While some of these may seem far-fetched or strange, these are the things that would make me literally jump for joy if they were featured on Nintendo’s newest console.


GameCube Adapter Support for Virtual Console.

Remember those adapters we all bought for Super Smash Bros Wii U which allowed us to play the game with GameCube Controllers? With a rumored Virtual Console featuring GameCube games, this would be the perfect opportunity to expand the capabilities of the adapter itself. The GameCube adapter connects through USB, which leaves the possibility of using it in future Nintendo hardware open. If rumors are true and Super Smash Bros. Melee is released via virtual console, Nintendo could garner some goodwill within the fighting game community if they could use the controllers made for the game. Being able to use the controllers would also fix any issues with games needing analog button features.


Wii U Gamepad Support for Backwards Compatibility

This is one of the crazier and least likely features I'd like to see. With the Nintendo Switch being a single screen experience, this leaves many games from the Nintendo DS and Wii U generations unable to be played. If Nintendo made it possible to sync your current Wii U Gamepad to your Nintendo Switch to play digital versions of Wii U and DS games, this would fix any issues with backwards compatibility. While this is unlikely, I wouldn't see this out of the realm of possibility. Nintendo has taken large steps to make sure their back catalog of games can be played in future generations, and the ability to sync a Gamepad to their new system would fix any issues surrounding that goal.


Unified Account System

If you're like me, you're tired of buying the same Virtual Console games again and again. If Nintendo were to implement a unified account system between all platforms, this would open up the opportunity to make purchases available on all your connected platforms despite where you purchased them. Not only would purchases benefit from being unified, but your account data could also take advantage of this as well. Unified friends lists between all platforms would make playing games with friends much more fluid and raise the feeling of connectivity. Nintendo has seemingly already laid the groundwork for this with My Nintendo, and I hope that a more connected Nintendo account system is on the horizon.



Arguably the most unique and most social feature introduced with the 3DS, StreetPass was my favorite part about owning the handheld. I often found myself encouraged to bring my 3DS places and and at times I normally wouldn't, and that's really special. If Nintendo wants to make the Switch as often played and carried around as the 3DS was, StreetPass is a must. While Nintendo has come out and said that the Switch is a “home console first,” encouraging players to take their games on the go seems to be a focal point of the system’s design. If I can StreetPass other Switch-Owners while taking this on the go, you can bet I will take advantage of that feature every chance I get.


NES and SNES Virtual Console with Pixel Perfect Mode

I'm just gonna say it. The emulation of NES and SNES games on the Wii U is pretty bad. The colors are washed out and the resolution is bad. When Nintendo first announced Pixel Perfect Mode would be a feature with SNES games on New Nintendo 3DS, I was so happy. What made me even happier was when the NES Classic Edition was announced with Pixel Perfect Mode. Both the respective SNES and NES emulation on these systems implies a greater effort towards the preservation and presentation of these older games, and I hope this trend continues with the Switch. Yes, adding this feature to every game may cause a slower trickle of Virtual Console releases, but the overall benefit from putting the effort into these games will help make them the best they can be.

That was my crazy Nintendo Switch wishlist! I know some of these things are much more likely than others, but it doesn't hurt to dream! Nintendo has surprised us in the past, so I wouldn't put it past them to introduce some crazy features. Fingers crossed I get what I wished for!

Jared Schuh is the Lead Writer of Secret Stage's written content. Follow @quesobros for opinions, news, and more!