Podcasting With Power #28 - A Brief History of Pokemon (featuring the SSGP Crew!)

This week, Zachary Davis brings you a condensed episode detailing the history of the Pokemon franchise as Pokemon Week continues at Secret Stage! Rather than attempting to do so by himself, Zach enlisted the help of Keenan Piche, the Legendary Nick Samo, and Pat Jackson, creating the first crossover topic between Podcasting With Power and the Secret Stage Gaming Podcast

A couple of notes for this episode: 1) With Jordan and Zach being extremely busy this week, this episode just features a quick intro and our topic of the show (History of Pokemon). We'll both be back next week with a few guests for a full episode packed with news, a Retro Pick of the Week, and our complete opinions on Pokemon Sun and Moon on Tuesday! 2) The segment featuring the SSGP crew is just one part of this week's Pokemon-themed Secret Stage Gaming Podcast, so be sure to check that out for more content from that team!