Podcasting With Power #30 - The Tonight Show Starring Super Mario

This week, Zachary Davis and Jordan Carlson return to discuss the latest Nintendo news! What new monsters have joined Pokémon GO, and where can you get an official Pokémon-themed drink to go with it? What wonderful thing did some Best Buy employees for a loyal Smash Bros fan? Is Kanye West planning a Nintendo-themed album? What do we know about Nintendo's presence at Universal Studios Japan? And what about those rumors about Gamecube Virtual Console on the Nintendo Switch?

The guys then recap the great Nintendo showing on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon last week, from Reggie's demo of Super Mario Run, to Miyamoto playing guitar on stage with The Roots, to the surprise demonstration of the Nintendo Switch live for the first time!

Finally, the show closes with a Retro Pick of the Week by Zach from the Wii era, and another, smoother attempt at Nintendo 20 Questions!

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