Poochy & Yoshi's Woolly World Review

Poochy & Yoshi’s Wooly World isn’t a complete reinvention of the 2015 Wii U release, but there is enough new content to please previous players and newcomers alike. Due to the majority of this game being a port of the 2015 game, I’m mainly going to be talking about the new features and differences this version has to offer.

Making its jump from console to handheld, you think that something would be lost in the transition. The fact is, nothing is lost, but many new things have been added. By tapping the included (and adorable) Yarn Poochy Amiibo, you can summon Poochy to help you find hidden secrets, as well as ride him for speedy travel and attacking. Some stages in the Wii U version featured Poochy in a similar way, but this updated version allows you to pop your little pupper pal into any level.

While adding Poochy to each level changes the dynamic of the game, changes to the menu layout are a much more welcome addition. The world layout of the Wii U version was more akin to that of Super Mario 3D World, letting you freely move any way you want to before choosing a level. This version, however, streamlines the process entirely. All you need to do to go to the next level is move Yoshi to the right, similar to the menus in Super Mario 3D Land. I enjoy the new menus more, as it makes progressing through each level a lot simpler.

There’s an entirely new mode introduced in this version where you take control of Poochy and play through automatic runner levels. These levels have multiple objectives that encourage you to replay them to see how many of the objectives you can achieve. These levels remind me a lot of Super Mario Run, as you’re constantly propelled forward and want to find the best way to go throughout the levels. I’d be lying if I said I haven’t spent a lot of time in this mode. It’s just so addicting!

Those were some of the bigger new features, but there are a lot of smaller additions as well. More extensive Amiibo support allows many Amiibo released between both versions to be used for Yoshi designs based on the figure’s character. You now have the ability to create your own yarn designs, as the new Animal Crossing style design maker lets you doodle your own patterns to make a custom playable Yoshi. You then have the ability to save a pattern and distribute and receive new ones via StreetPass.

Besides cosmetic changes, this handheld version includes 31 new stop-motion animation short films, featuring Yoshi and Poochy. While all of them are not unlocked right from the start, one is unlocked every day, giving you a reason to check back. These are cute and fun, so it’s definitely a welcome addition!

It is also worth noting that the game features enhanced performance when playing on a New Nintendo 3DS or a New Nintendo 3DS XL. When played on those systems, the game runs at 60 frames per second, compared to the 30 it runs on regular 3DS and 2DS systems.

Overall, Poochy & Yoshi’s Woolly World is an amazing enhanced port of the already fun Wii U version. There are tons of new goodies to unlock, and many of new reasons to pick this game up. If you haven’t played the Wii U version, I recommend picking up this definitive version of this game.