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Welcome to Retro-Spective; a series of articles analyzing the games of days past, while reflecting on the impact they have now and the future of gaming. In this series, not only will we analyzing a game similarly to a review, but we will also dig into its history and cultural relevance as well.

Games are something that have impacted us in many ways throughout our lives. As the ever evolving medium video games are, it is easy to forget where ideas and concepts come from. By playing games of the past, we can see the influence they have on games we adore today in a different light. Not all games are perfect the first time around, and sometimes later iterations can complicate what makes the original game special, but playing them can be eye-opening to what makes one of our favorite mediums so special.

As someone who has not had the privilege of growing up with every game throughout the well-regarded history of games, I wanted to create this series to allow myself an opportunity to experience these games in a different way. Being informed on the history of things you enjoy can be fun, and I hope you enjoy reading this series as much as I enjoy writing it.

The first of these articles, Retro-Spective: Super Metroid, will premiere here on Secret Stage Productions this Saturday, January 14.

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