Secret Stage Weekly Update (11/13/16) - Introducing Pokemon Week!

Hello Secret Stage fans! We have an amazing week planned for you guys! In honor of the release of Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon, we have declared this week Pokemon Week! What is Pokemon Week you ask? Throughout the week we will be delivering Pokemon themed versions of Podcasting With Power and The Secret Stage Gaming Podcast, as well as a written article every day up to the release of the game on Friday. We hope that you guys come and celebrate Pokemon with us!

In Case You Missed It

Sunday Brunch #6 - Chicken Mushroom Alfredo & Tomato Pizza

Megan and Chris are back for Brunch, and ready to discuss Chris's brain breaking, leftovers, food delivery, tomatoes, Rashida Jones, penguin and kids in movies, R-rated movies, the new James Bond, car girls, the Scholastic Book Club, toys, X-Men, scripts, celebrity names trending and Megan's new name! As always, stick around until the end for Ask-A-Megan and Chris' Media of the Week!

Animal Crossing New Leaf Update Review

Animal Crossing New Leaf is one of my favorite games, and it just got better! Jared Reviews the latest Animal Crossing New Leaf has to offer.

Podcasting With Power #27 - Wii U, Postmortem

This week, Zachary Davis and Jordan Carlson discuss the political affiliations of several key Nintendo characters, the major Animal Crossing New Leaf update that hit last week, Generation II monsters hitting Pokemon GO, the upcoming NES Classic, and the Black Friday New 3DS deal. The guys then dissect the lifespan of the Wii U one last time, a console we love but never really took off. After putting together a loose list of our Top 15 Wii U games, Zachary selects Dr. Mario (NES) for our Retro Pick of the Week!

Zach and Hales Make a Podcast #33 - Flannel Panel

This week, Zach and Hales discuss Haleigh's lack of pants, try to figure out what happened to Zach in the past two weeks, National Sandwich Day, and ramble on one last time about the 2016 US Presidential Election! At the end of the show, the best friends take a personality quiz and figure out with presidential primary candidate they're most like!

Secret Stage Gaming Podcast #44 - We "Like" Call of Duty

This week Keenan Piche, the Legendary Nick Samo, and Pat Jackson, come together once again to talk about this week for video games.  Touching base on everything from a new game mode in GTA 5 that puts you in the driver's seat of a Tron inspired Light Cycle, to the reaches of Andromeda, with a discussion about the new Mass Effect Andromeda trailer.  The team also delves into the timing of video game production; whether it is better for a company to be prolific and release new games yearly, or if players appreciate a longer life span and maybe some free DLC.

Casting For Two #163 - Calliope Musicals

From the band Calliope Musicals, Chris, Josh, Carrie and Jerry stop by to chat with Chris Hernandez! Topics for Episode #163 include calculators, Jerico, getting the music bug, the origin of Jerry The Confetti Guy, forming the band, and writing their music!

Casting For Two #164 - Brian Bell

Talented musician Brian Bell from the band Weezer and The Relationship drops in to chat with Chris. Recorded live at the Sound on Sound Music Festival.  Topics for Episode #164 include: playing the festival, turkey legs, the music bug, hands on instruments, writing music and Brian's new project with the band The Relationship!

The Top 10 Games on the NES Classic Edition

Today, Nintendo triumphantly burst into the plug-and-play console scene with the release of the NES Classic Edition in North America. The device includes 30 games originally released for the Nintendo Entertainment System in the eighties and early-nineties, outputs via HDMI, and includes a replica controller. The emulation engine, developed by NERD (Nintendo European Research & Development), is vastly superior in visual and audio quality compared to that of the Wii U Virtual Console and features multiple saves state slots for the classic library. The 30 games included are a Who's Who of the NES catalog, but given my love for lists, here are the top 10 games I recommend that you play first when you plug in your new NES Classic!