Secret Stage Weekly Update - 3/26/17

Hey guys! I haven't done one of these in quite a while. In fact, I've been way behind on a lot in regards to Secret Stage, and that hasn't been fair to this amazing audience. You guys have gotten regular episodes of Casting For Two, Sunday Brunch, and Al Pals (which, incidentally, I don't produce myself), but my own projects have been far less consistent, and I take full responsibility for that.


This week marks a bit of a reset for Secret Stage, at least for me personally. Secret Stage is a very different animal than it was when we started back in 2015, with new shows, shows with new names and new formats, and old shows making way for that progress. But the largest change? You guys. This year is about making the content even more enjoyable for you. Let's dive in, shall we?

The Secret Stage Podcast is Going LIVE, Permanently

A few weeks ago, we decided to experiment with doing our original podcast live on Twitch. We had some technical difficulties, as you'd expect, but it was fun and introduced a new dynamic into our recording process. So that's the plan going forward. We tried one live on location a year ago, and we tried it with #70 three weeks. Beginning tomorrow, you can expect the Secret Stage Podcast every Monday at 8PM Eastern on YouTube. For your convenience, we've also set up a Live page for that program and more. We'd love to have you guys drop by and interact with us while we do the show. For those that can't make it, rest assured that we're still putting the show out on the website and podcasting services everywhere. In fact, the episodes are going to be more timely, releasing the following Wednesday each week.

The New Schedule

As mentioned, the release schedule has been a bit sporadic, to say the least. Going forward, episodes are going to come out consistently, and if something comes up, you're going to know about it. Currently, here's what you can expect on a weekly basis:

Sunday - Sunday Brunch with Megan and Chris

Monday - Secret Stage Podcast LIVE on YouTube

Tuesday - Podcasting With Power and Al Pals

Wednesday Secret Stage Podcast

Thursday Oops, I Just Game

Friday - Casting For Two

Outside of Podcasting

Last week, Jordan Carlson put out a vlog titled Day in the Life, featuring a typical day in his shoes that also features Allison Dunbar and myself. It's a fun departure from the audio content we typically produce, and there's already more where that came from. I think you can expect to see another video in the same vein later this week, and we'll be working on another over the weekend. On top of that, Allison and Allison Adams have also dabbled in video content supplementing Al Pals, which you will also see this week, so stay tuned!

That's All, For Today

At the end of the week, we'll be at Gamers for Giving 2017, and we'll announce our plans for the event and how you can contribute to the cause tomorrow. I'm also working on making our website a more interactive place for you to directly communicate with us, which will be rolling out this week. Looking a little further ahead, I'm looking to build an archive for older content, like Zach and Hales Make a Podcast, Spoiler Stage, and classic episodes of Casting For Two. That sound be ready by the end of April. Thanks for checking in this week, and know that we look forward to what we can put out for you!