Sunday Brunch #16 - Double Double & Sausage Pizza

On this week’s episode, we find out just what it is that makes us manly. We also discuss topics such as Super Bowl LI, best fast food, the time Chris ate 250 chicken nuggets, why mom-made sandwiches are superior, punching people in the mouth, Canadian prostitutes (and whether they actually exist), airline preferences, the friend zone, and prom/dating memories. As always, we tackle your favorite segments by diving into Chris’s media of the week, Ask-A-Megan, Ghostbusters/OJ Simpson check-ins, and shoutouts.

Megan Johnson from Tipsy Writer and Chris Hernandez from the Casting For Two podcast have joined forced with Secret Stage Productions to give you a new weekly podcast called Sunday Brunch with Megan and Chris! Every week, Megan and Chris sit down in front of the computer have a meal together with a side of thoughtful conversations! Catch it on Sundays on iTunesGoogle Play MusicYouTube, and Stitcher, where your subscription and reviews help make the show better!