Sunday Brunch #30 - Chicken Couscous & Sonic

On this week’s episode of #SundayBrunchPod, we don’t need to see the body to know they’re dead! (Trust me, you’ll get it when you listen.) We also discuss other topics including: one-season tv shows; British TV; how we really feel about media reviews; Chris briefly serenades us with an odd song choice; we wonder what happened to the kids from Nickelodeon; Rex Ryan’s feet video; non-vulgar name calling; leaving previous jobs; the epitome of Summer; and body hair. 

We also dive into our usual segments including: Chris’s media of the week (where we get distracted for the 100th time talking about music in movies); Megan’s new unnamed mega-segment; would you rather?; OJ Simpson checkup; Ghostbusters updates; and shoutouts to things worth shouting out. 

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