Secret Stage Top Fives: Disney Animated Films

The magic of Disney animation has impacted many generations of children and adults alike. From the beautiful animations, to the memorable characters and songs, the guys have their favorite films from the acclaimed animation studio. Here are the Secret Stage Top Five Disney Animated Films.


5. Mulan - "I remember going to see this in the theatre up in Petoskey, another golden soundtrack.”

4. The Little Mermaid - "I feel like the reason I enjoy this film more because of its nostalgic value. My sisters always watched this when we were up north."

3. Hercules - "I love this movie, but I've always hated the songs in it. I remember having like, so many plastic plates in the kitchen with all the characters on them."

2. Aladdin - "Forever among my favorite Disney movies, everything is stellar, from the soundtrack to the film."

1. The Emperor's New Groove - "Fucking GOLD. Kronk kills it. I've seen this movie so many times and never get tired of it."


5. Meet the Robinsons - "The part that made the movie for me was when the T. rex said "I have a big head, and little arms". The frogs were pretty cool too."

4. The Emperor's New Groove - "I thought this was a pretty cute movie I don't know why I like little models of things so much but I do, and the little model of the town the emperor made was so cute."

3. The Great Mouse Detective - "I don't really remember this movie very well but I do remember how much I loved it. I used to watch it with my dad when I was really little. He always got a crumb cake whenever we would watch it."

2. Lilo and Stitch - "I used to watch this all the time. It was my favorite for quite a while. This movie is the reason I love Elvis so much."

1. Big Hero 6 - "I love this movie sooooooooo much. Baymax is the cutest. I actually have a stuffed baymax, fun fact. My favorite part is when his battery is low and he pets the cat and says hairy baby."


5. Pinocchio - "The oldest film on my list, Pinocchio has always held a special spot in my heart. Of the classic Disney films, this one stands the test of time the best in my mind. Everything is on point, from the character development to the animation itself."

4. Hercules - "Probably not a popular choice, but I find this interpretation of Greek Mythology to be deep enough to enjoy as an adult, but also fun enough and full of action for me to enjoy when I first saw it at age 6. And let's be real, James Woods as Hades is perfect."

3. Wreck-It Ralph - "As the newest film on my list, Wreck-It Ralph clearly had a lot of competition for such a high spot. But I was absolutely blown away when I first saw it, and it's held up every time since. The story is inventive and the the film is full of cameos for video game history. Absolutely can not wait for a sequel to this one."

2. The Lion King - "What is there to say about The Lion King that hasn't already been said? The opening sequence is among one of the most beautiful in cinema, set to the wonderful music of Sir Elton John and Tim Rice. As an adaption of Hamlet, it balances humor and drama flawlessly, and still permeates culture today."

1. Aladdin - "There simply is no movie I've seen more times in my life than Disney's Aladdin. When I was a child, I'd insist on having my mom or dad rewind the film and immediately start it over each time I was finished with it. Everything, from Alan Menken's songwriting to the gorgeous visual set pieces all the way down to the incredible vocal performance from Robin Williams, comes together to create one of the the most memorable animated films to date."


5. Treasure Planet - "First off, I really wanted that sweet rocket board that he had. I just liked the story-line, and it was one of the only movies options I had at my dads, so I've seen it almost too many times."

4. Hercules - "This one is classic. I remember I busted my mom as the Easter bunny, and one of the gifts I was going to get was Hercules on VHS. We sat up and watched it that night. Also, I still have ( and use) the collectible plates."

3. The Lion King - "I still get so mad when I watch the scene where Scar betrays Mufasa. And as a kid, you loved Pumba and Timon."

2. Mulan - "I actually really enjoyed the fight scenes. Also, I though the humor was pretty good, especially the adult humor that I picked up on later."

1. Oliver and Company - "The music was so on point with this one! I like how the dogs took Oliver in, and made him one of the pack. Tito was probably the funniest though.


5. Fantasia – "No list of animated Disney movies would be complete without Fantasia. I haven’t seen it since I was a kid, and admittedly the out of control brooms scared the hell out of me when I watched it, but it is a classic."

4. Lion King – "I feel that this also belongs on every animated Disney movie list. Many people would put it higher on theirs, I just wish it had less singing."

3. Mulan – "I haven’t seen this movie since it came out, but I remember liking it. I don’t want to get all political and talk about gender roles and what-not, but I enjoyed it. Also could use less singing though…"

2. Lilo & Stitch – "I went back and watched this not too long ago, and it holds up well. Very cute and very funny. Plus, there’s no singing!"

1. Big Hero 6 – "I really enjoyed this movie. I need to go back and watch it again since I haven’t seen it since shortly after it came out. Looking past the impossibility of how easily the main character manufactured everything, I did enjoy that they had a lot of real technology in the movie."