Secret Stage Top Fives: Pokémon

Pokemon a phenomenon that many of us at Secret Stage have loved for years. Some of us are just learning about Pokemon with the craze that is Pokemon GO, but all the same, we wanted to share what our favorites are. Here are our top five Pokemon.


5. Marowak - "Really I just like the way he looks. Kinda badass with the whole skull on the head, and the bone to beat some ass."

4. Snorlax - "Well I think most people have that part of them that likes being fat and lazy. With that said, I can relate to Snorlax then, cause that's practically my favorite hobby. Despite that though, he is a very powerful Pokémon too, and resistant to attacks from most Pokémon types."

3. Hitmonlee - "Aside from the fact that he kind of looks like a potato with legs, I like his fighting style. It's very Bruce Lee-esk, with all those kicks."

2. Jolteon - "It's going to seem a bit contradicting. I chose team valor for Pokémon Go, but the electric types are my favorite. So of course man’s best friend mixed with lightning, what's cooler than that? Only one thing if you ask me."

1. Blastoise - "Undoubtedly has always been my favorite! A giant badass turtle with cannons on his back! CANNONS! I even had a little eraser topper Blastoise when I was younger."


5. Haunter - "I always liked how dark the descriptions of the ghost type Pokémon were, and Haunter is my favorite of them."

4. Scyther - "I don't have any real reason why I like Scyther other than he just looks bad ass."

3. Blastoise - "My reasoning for liking Blastoise is admittedly pretty dumb. When I was a kid I loved everything related to guns. So here's this giant turtle with canons sticking out of its shell. Yeah they're water cannons, but that's still a cannon haha."

2. Charizard - "Facts be damned, Charizard is a dragon. A winged, fire breathing, bad ass dragon. And even if he was a pain in the ass, I always loved Ash's Charizard from the series."

1. Pikachu - "Do I really need a reason to have Pikachu as my favorite? I have more Pikachu merchandise than any other Pokémon thing. I mean my N64 is a Pikachu! Plus, Pikachu was one of three characters I would play as in Smash Bros 64."


5. Torterra - "What can I say, I like turtles! This Grass/Ground hybrid was so fun to play through Gen IV with. Plus, he's got a freaking tree on his back."

4. Lugia - "The legendary Pokémon in Red and Blue were certainly cool, but the Pokémon Silver mascot remains my favorite thus far. It saves the day in Pokémon 2000, was a huge challenge in Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness, and is an absolute powerhouse in Gen II."

3. Tyranitar- "Of the pseudo-legendaries that come with each generation of new Pokémon, the Larvitar family takes the top spot. Tyranitar is the ultimate badass. Strong typing (Rock/Dark), high Attack and Defense stats, and the Sand Stream ability make this a must-have."

2. Slowking - "I don't typically base my opinions of Pokémon on their appearance in the anime, but Slowking in Pokémon 2000 is too funny to ignore. On top of that, he's actually got some decent Special stats and his hidden ability has made him a staple on my competition teams for several years."

1. Squirtle - "My first Pokémon. The Tinyturtle Pokemon has been my favorite since I discovered the series so many years ago. While not the best at anything in particular, Squirtle and its evolutions can always hold their own. Any game that brings it back gets bonus points from me from the word go."


5. Swirly Guy (Poliwhirl) – “He has some cool gloves and big cute eyes. He looks like a boxer and a bullseye kind of.”

4. Nidorian (Nidoran) – “He kind of looks like a baby rhino pupper. He's little and cute. I like it.”

3. Little Fox (Vulpix) – “Kind of looks like a pupper which makes it super adorable. Even when it evolves it's still cute.”

2. Beansprouts (Bellsprout) – “He kind of makes me think of egg rolls just because there are little bean sprouts in egg rolls. I also think he's really cute because he has a little face.”

1. Pikachu – “Because he is cute and tiny and I love when he talks. I want my own Pikachu.”


5. Zapdos - "My first favorite legendary, I remember the day I opened a pack of Pokémon cards and got him and I was so excited."

4. Onix - "He's so huge and awesome! When I was younger and would play outside, I would always pretend to have an Onix and ride on top of him to travel around. He's just a cool Pokémon."

3. Pikachu - "He's just iconic! When I think back to the late 90s and early 2000s, and of course, Pokémon, Pikachu always comes to mind."

2. Golbat - "I feel like you're reading this wondering why I like these Pokémon. Even though Zubat and Golbat are just bats, I've just always thought they were cool."

1. Haunter - "When I was younger, my favorite episode of Pokémon was Abra and the Psychic Showdown, and I just thought Haunter was the coolest. That episode was so different than the others, I guess it just stuck."


5. Treecko – "I frickin love Treecko. Treecko became one of my favorite Pokémon because around the time I got my hands on Pokemon Sapphire, I had a pet gecko." (Her name was Yoshi)

4. Rayquaza – "So Rayquaza is one of my favorite Pokémon because you can take him anywhere. I taught my Rayquaza fly, surf, waterfall, and Outrage, so I can beat anything and go anywhere. It’s a Pokémon that has gone with me through multiple generations of Pokémon games, and I can’t imagine not having the one I caught in Sapphire Version."

3. Blastoise – "Squirtle was my first Pokémon I remember choosing in Pokemon Red When I got him to evolve into a super cool tank turtle, I was so excited."

2. Togetic – "So in Pokémon Gold, I hatched a togepi and kept leveling it up until it evolved into the cute little Togetic. Togepi does not evolve until it loves you enough, so I was super happy when it loved me enough to evolve."

1. Feraligatr – "Feraligatr was the first Pokémon that I ever trained to level 100. I dedicated so much time training him in Pokémon Gold that I found a love for that big ol’ gator."