Secret Stage Weekly Update (10/2/16)

What's up, everybody? It's been a while, hasn't it? Over the summer, we had made a lot of changes within Secret Stage both publicly and privately, which led to a lot of shakeups when it came to producing and releasing our shows. Today, we can announce several of these key changes and why it will only benefit the Secret Stage community and lead to fun, yet inventive, new content!

Website Changes

Without going into the boring details, we're happy to declare that the website has become easier to navigate as a whole! All of our content gets filtered through the new home page, with new episodes of our shows featured at the top! Zachary has gone back through our posts to make our past content easily searchable, and set u guidelines to keep future content just as easy to stumble across. Additionally, each member of the team (more on them in a second!) has received an overhaul to their profile on the site so that you can always see the latest content your favorite Secret Stage personalities have been a part of! These are just the first of a series of updates we're making behind the scenes, and we'd appreciate your feedback to make the site better for our audience!

New and Returning Team Members

We've made passing mention to some additions to the team in recent weeks, but we'd like to formally introduce you to the new creative minds working for you! 

Pat Jackson is a student of video/film, and an avid player of video games. You've actually heard Pat before on episode 60 and 61 of The Secret Stage Show, as well as episode 38 of the Secret Stage Gaming Podcast! Pat will be joining the Gaming Podcast team permanently, helping run our new gaming-focused Twitter account, as well as helping development some other unannounced projects!

Chris Hernandez is name that we hope our listeners have heard before. Chris was among our first partnerships earlier this, with Zachary appearing on his podcast, Casting For Two. Since then, the two indie-podcasting titans have traded ideas back and forth (Chris most recently appeared on Podcasting With Power #19!), and it ultimately became time to unite. Casting For Two is joining the Secret Stage family of shows (as seen in the navigation bar up top), and will continue to deliver fun interviews with interesting people around the web. On top of that, Chris will be directly involved with some brand new content, including a new podcast launching today.

Megan Johnson is the other half of that new podcast (but more on that in a second). Megan is the mind behind, a site full of interesting reads of varying length and topics covered. Every Tuesday, she leads #TipsyChat on Twitter, a fun community event that a few of us at Secret Stage have gotten hooked on!

Keenan Piche returns after some time off to resume his reign as host of the Secret Stage Gaming Podcast. You folks know what to expect with this one. He's loud, he's crass, but he knows games and he make you laugh. He makes us laugh too. Keenan will be around in a bigger capacity than he once was, including an appearance tomorrow morning on The Secret Stage Show!

Sunday Brunch

We've finally reached the biggest news of all! If you haven't noticed by the social media push, the banner when you arrive at the site, or the mentions of it on every show we do, today marks the first episode of Sunday Brunch with Megan and Chris! Sunday Brunch is exactly what it sounds like; two witty, comedically-inclined friends sit down every week to chat over a meal consisting of foods usually regulated to either breakfast or lunch menus. These two have wonderful chemistry, and you never quite know where things will go next! The first episode, Egg Grits & Pita Pit, is available right now. Like all of our shows, Sunday Brunch can also be found on iTunes, YouTube, Google Play Music, and Stitcher! Please like, comment, and subscribe and let us know what you think!

New Schedule

We're back to firing on all cylinders, churning out content with consistency. So with two news shows and an old favorite back in the mix, you can enjoy new Secret Stage content on the following days:

Sunday: Sunday Brunch with Megan and Chris

Monday: The Secret Stage Show

Tuesday: Podcasting With Power

Thursday: Secret Stage Gaming Podcast

Friday: Casting For Two

In Case You Missed It

The Secret Stage Show #62 -Care For a Spot of Brunch?

This week, Zachary Davis welcomes two very special guests: Chris Hernandez from the Casting For Two podcast, and Megan Johnson from! For those that don't know, both Chris and Megan will be joining the Secret Stage family, and have begun producing a new show called Sunday Brunch with Megan and Chris, premiering this Sunday (October 2nd)! In addition to introducing the newbies, Chris inquires about our internal theme music, Zachary discusses internet friendship, and Megan asks about how we describe what we do and what we'd like to be doing creatively if given free reign!

Enjoying Fall Gaming

Fall gaming season is here, and it is time to see what makes it so special.

Secret Stage Gaming Podcast #39 - WE'RE BACK

This week, the Secret Stage Gaming Podcast returns as Keenan Piche makes his triumphant comeback to the Secret Stage team. As always, the legendary Nick Samo is around to act as his sidekick, and the guys invite Secret Stage GM Zachary Davis to join in on the conversation. The gang catches up on what they've been playing since the long hiatus, and then dive into a discussion about the Playstation 4 Pro, their favorite weapons in video games, and the games of late 2016/early 2017 that they're the most hyped for!

Famicom Mini VS NES Classic Edition Comparison

The Famicom Mini was just announced, and we look at how it differs from the NES Classic Edition.

Casting For Two #156 - Villa Avenue

Stopping by to chat with Chris for Episode 156 are the guys from the band Villa Avenue!! Topics covered are The Mask, toddler talk, finding music, forming the band,coming up with the sound, playing instruments, Illinois living and gig stories. This episode also includes a special intro from Secret Stage Production's own Zachary Davis!