Secret Stage Weekly Update: 10/9/16

Hello, Secret Stage fans! Let me start by thanking all of you for making our newest show, Sunday Brunch with Megan and Chris, the biggest launch Secret Stage has had yet! Megan and Chris have put together an extremely entertaining show that, in addition to Chris' show Casting For Two, fits in to our current lineup of content quite nicely! As we continue to put out a steady stream of content, we're internally taking a look at how to better interact with our community. The first of such initiatives will be discussed on this week's Secret Stage Gaming Podcast, so gamers, stay tuned!

In Case You Missed It

Sunday Brunch #1 - Egg Grits & Pita Pit

Megan Johnson and Chris Hernandez welcome you to the first ever episode of Sunday Brunch with Megan and Chris! Every week from here on out, Megan and Chris will sit down in front of the computer, and have a meal together with a side of thoughtful conversations!

Topics covered this week: Nike, podcast origins, nick names, who owns what, manners, accurate vs entertaining, energy drinks, electric cars, Chris's Media of the Week, Ask a Megan, and pet peeves!

The Secret Stage Show #63 - Keenan Returns to Secret Stage!

Keenan Piche is back at Secret Stage! Zachary Davis hosts this week as Allison Dunbar asks about our #3FictionalCharacters, Jordan Carlson leads a talk on our snacking habits, Nick Samo discusses his recent experience in an Escape Room, and Keenan inquires about some embarrassing stories from the gang.

Podcasting With Power #22 - 20 Years of the Nintendo 64!

This week, Zachary Davis and Jordan Carlson are joined by Jared Schuh and Chris Hernandez of the Secret Stage team to discuss the Famicom Mini, potential Pokemon games on the NX, and a new Super Mario 64 ROM hack! The guys then dive deep into memory lane to talk all about the Nintendo 64, which just celebrated its 20th Anniversary in the United States on September 29th! The show ends with our Retro Pick of the Week, in which Jared selects Pokemon Gold and Silver (Gameboy Color)!

Secret Stage Gaming Podcast #40 - The Destiny Episode

This week, Keenan Piche and the Legendary Nick Samo are joined by Zachary Davis to talk about the Twitch Prime, rising digital sales, and the developer Digital Homicide. Keenan then asks us about how we prioritize games, and since Nick didn't prepare a topic, Zach starts a long talk about Destiny, Bungie's Non-MMO MMO.

Casting For Two #157 - Ken Urban

Joining Chris for Episode 157 is Ken Urban from the band "Occurrence"! Topics covered in this episode are wi-fi problems, finding music, records, playing instruments, embracing the synth side, starting the band and the new album "The Past Will Last Forever".