Jordan Carlson

As the manager of a popular skate shop, Jordan is known for staying fresh and current while often wearing the nostalgia for his childhood on his sleeve, which he's probably had on for several days. Just ask his collection of Play It Loud Gameboys. Jo can often be found playing guitar, skateboarding, or replaying one of his favorite Zelda games. The Spectacular Spider-Fan gets really absorbed in the things he likes, and it usually won't take anything less than a bowl of spicy ramen to get him off of his butt.

Jordan's job at Secret Stage is to help develop ideas and add a little bit of that unique flair that might not occur to the rest of us. That's the kind of out-of-the-box thinking he's all about. Jordan is involved in a lot of our projects, but you can almost always catch him on The Secret Stage Show, and as the co-host on Podcasting With Power, Secret Stage's Nintendo podcast!