Megan Johnson

Megan is originally from Atlanta but currently calls San Francisco home. When she’s not being an annoyingly obsessive sports fan (Go Falcons!), you can find her hiding under expertly-made blanket forts with her dog, playing video games, or holding highly exclusive (and potentially deafening) in-car concerts. Although her educational background is in psychology research, Megan fell in love with writing and creating stories to both entertain and help people so has turned that into her full-time gig. You can check out some of what she writes at her website,

Megan is one half of Sunday Brunch with Megan and Chris, and might pop into some other Secret Stage projects now and again!

Best way to contact Megan? Twitter. And if you’re not busy, be sure to check out the weekly Twitter chat that she hosts using the #TipsyChat hashtag.