Podcasting With Power #4 - Not Hardcore Unless You Play Hardcore

This week, Zach and Jordan hardcore gaming vs. casual gaming, and where Nintendo fits into the mix. Is Nintendo too kid-friendly to appeal to gamers like us anymore? Should Nintendo court games like Destiny and Call of Duty for the NX? Was Endless Ocean actually any fun? Find out on Podcasting With Power #4!

Podcasting With Power is a passion project hosted by two lifelong Nintendo fanatics, Secret Stage's Zachary Davis and Jordan Carlson. Every Friday at 11AM Eastern, you can expect the latest in Nintendo news, in-depth discussion and insight on the Big N, and throwbacks reaching back to the days of the NES, Gameboy, SNES, and more! Discover the show as an audio podcast right here on secretstageproductions.comiTunes, Stitcher, and YouTube!

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