Podcasting With Power #31 - Nintendo's 2016 Report Card

This week, Zachary Davis and Jordan Carlson kick off 2017 with the latest in the world of Nintendo! Do the new Nintendo Switch hardware rumors indicate some unannounced features? What's going on with that Mario/Raving Rabbids RPG we've heard about, and what big name might be attached to it? Will Resident Evil 7 and other VR projects make it to the Switch? What fan project is the latest to get the axe from Nintendo?

This show's main topic is a reflection of Nintendo's year. As Nintendo transitioned following Mr. Iwata's passing in 2015 and leading up to the Nintendo Switch this year, Nintendo treated its platforms very differently than in the past, and we've given each a grade! Don't miss our Retro Pick of the Week and Nintendo 20 Questions towards the end of the show!

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