Sunday Brunch #13 - Chicken and Dumplings & Chicken Taquitos

On our first episode of the new year, at least one of us gets Taquito drunk! We also talk about Red-Foo and fam, pickled caesars, what movies we watched over our break, Ryan Gosling’s band, whether D-box seats suck or not, the proper way to construct an Icee, high school reunions, Nintendo DS games, Old school YouTube, Spectacles, how to spend $60, drug-use safe spaces, New Year’s Resolutions + Traditions, and as always we Ask-A-Megan, check in on OJ Simpson and Ghostbusters, as well as try out something we will refer to as Chris-Pitches-A-Movie.

Megan Johnson from Tipsy Writer and Chris Hernandez from the Casting For Two podcast have joined forced with Secret Stage Productions to give you a new weekly podcast called Sunday Brunch with Megan and Chris! Every week, Megan and Chris sit down in front of the computer have a meal together with a side of thoughtful conversations! Catch it on Sundays on iTunesGoogle Play MusicYouTube, and Stitcher, where your subscription and reviews help make the show better!