Sunday Brunch #22 - Mac and Cheese & Doritos

On this week’s episode of Sunday Brunch, we solve the mystery of fruit cake and then immediately banish it’s existence (you can thank us later!) Other topics we cover include foods that are too disgusting to even try, weird non-sexual googling, uses for expired milk, “old people cereal,” the time Megan went through a drive through and ordered ABSOLUTELY NOTHING, gas station milkshakes, our dream chip flavors, childhood beliefs that now seem silly, age differences in dating, old wives tales (and whether we believe they’re true or not,) appropriate concert behavior, Bomberman for Nintendo Switch, jokes we tell when put on the spot, and Chris talks about his ventriloquist days (you really, REALLY can’t miss this.) 

As always, we also answer your listener questions in Ask-A-Megan, Chris shares what he’s loving in Media of the Week, we play a game of Would-You-Rather, check in on Ghostbusters (fake news?) and OJ Simpson (with special looks at Casey Anthony + George Zimmerman), and make special Shoutouts to that which we are living for this week. 

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